Here you can find some of my poems as well as articles on things that interest or fascinate me me (e.g., social media, Japanese pop music, books, movies, lo-fi digital cameras) or that are related to my job (e.g., posts on education and school project). If I end up researching something, I will often write about what I found. Consequently, you will also find articles on technical things such as copyright law, video export settings and noise reduction techniques.

Original Poems

  • Field Exercises A short poem about the environment
  • Ghost Writing: A poem about mortality
  • A Fisherman: An epitaph. This poem was originally published in Outloud: An anthology of poetry from Outloud Readings, p. 111. (2002). XtraLoud Press: Hong Kong.
  • Just One: A short poem for a short life


Mini-stories and Creative Non-fiction

Essays and observations


About Books

These articles include 27 min-reviews and book introductions that were originally published in Ming Pao (Sept 2006 – June 2008), a newspaper in Hong Kong. They introduce of novels and non-fiction that are suitable for teens, especially those who are learning English as a second language.


J-Pop & J-Rock Articles

When I first heard Japanese pop music, I wasn’t particularly interested in it. This is because, living in Hong Kong, the little Japanese music that I had heard was mainly from pop idols, boy bands and girl groups. Later on, people introduced me to singers like Kahimi Karie (electronica), Kojima Mayumi (hard to categorize—jazz/folk/punk/pop maybe) and Nana Kitade (rock & gothic lolita frocks). I began to realize that the Japanese music scene was much more rich and diverse than I had imagined.

J-Pop Girls and Guitars: Female Singer-songwriters

Girls and Guitars: Female Singer-songwriters

Girls and Guitars: Female Singer-songwriters
YUI, miwa, Tsuji Shion, Rika Shinohara, Aya Kamiki, Cocco, Nana Kitade
J-Rock Mix (Volume 1): Introducing Five Bands:

J-Rock Mix (Volume 1): Introducing Five Bands:

J-Rock Mix Volume 1
ELLEGARDEN, Nothing’s Carved in Stone, the HIATUS, Boom Boom Satellites and fly sleep fly
Offbeat & Sophisticated J-Pop

Indie J-Pop

Indie J-Pop
Kojima Mayumi, GARNET CROW, ohashi Trio and moumoon
All-girl rock bands from Japan

All-girl rock bands from Japan

All-girl rock bands from Japan
LAZYgunsBRISKY, Scandal, Stereopony, New Strike Zipper, Zone and more


Other Music Articles


Film Reviews

Other Articles (Education, Photography and Cameras)

You can find articles on other topics in different areas of my website:
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