Writing (Articles)

Here you can find some of my creative writing and articles on things that interest me or that are related to my work. If I have to research something, I will often write about what I found. Consequently, you will also find articles on technical things such as copyright law, video export settings and noise reduction techniques.

Movies & film techniques

This section includes essays about movies and about filmmaking techniques.

Weathering With You: The Ending Explained
Loss of Innocence in All About Lily Chou-Chou
Cinematography and Mise-en-scène in American Beauty
Fight Scene Editing and Cinematography: The Bourne Identity and Hero

The Mass Media

I am now working on a series of articles related to the mass media. These are intended to help secondary school students develop media literacy skills.

Advertising Lines of Appeal
The Roles of the News Media
15 Factors Affecting Newsworthiness
Kinds of News Articles

Politics (HK & China)

This section includes articles about Hong Kong’s political situation and new series about the some of the common misconceptions about China.

Photo Essay: Hong Kong Protests: The Umbrella Movement (2014)
The Hong Kong Protests of 2019-2020: An in-depth analysis
Is the Communist Party of China popular?

J-pop & J-rock

When I first listened to Japanese pop music, I wasn’t particularly interested in it as the little Japanese music that I had heard was mainly from pop idols. Later on, people introduced me to singers like Kahimi Karie (electronica), Kojima Mayumi (jazz/folk/punk/pop) and Nana Kitade (rock & gothic lolita frocks). I began to realize that the Japanese music scene was much more rich and diverse than I had imagined. For a list of the artists featured in the articles, go to: longzijun.wordpress.com/words/featured-artists

Girls & guitars: YUI, miwa, & more
All-girl bands: BAND-MAID, Scandal & more
J-Pop: moumoon, ohashiTrio & more
J-Rock 1: the HIATUS, ELLEGARDEN & more

Creative writing

  • Original Poems: Field Exercises (a short poem about the environment), Ghost Writing (a poem about mortality), A Fisherman (and epitaph) and Just One (a short poem for a short life).
  • Mini-stories (Creative Non-fiction): Just some short observations and musings about life in Hong Kong

About books

This section includes two articles featuring 27 mini-reviews and book introductions that were originally published in Ming Pao (Sept 2006 – June 2008), a newspaper in Hong Kong. It also includes a book comparison and sample book reports.

15 Books for Teens Who Hate Reading
12 Good Novels for Young Adults and Teens
An Interpretation of Jimmy Liao’s ‘The Blue Stone’
Illustrated Book Report Examples: The Song of Memory & Best Bear Ever

These articles mainly deal with YouTube policies.

A lot of my daily work touches upon copyright issues, so I’ve done quite a lot of research on the topic. I’ve written a few articles to share what I have learned.

Articles about audio recording & video production

Audio Recording in Video Production
This is a series of three articles on how to get the best sound recording on a budget.

Lo-fi Video

The Digital Harinezumi 2+
The Digital Harinezumi 2+

Video Editing & Exporting
These articles cover what I have learned about video formats, project settings and export settings (mainly related to Adobe Premiere Pro). I try to keep the information in these pages up-to-date.

Academic Writing

  • Teaching: This section of the website contains articles on academic topics like web-based teaching, plagiarism and social media

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