Here you can find some of my poems as well as articles on things that interest or fascinate me me (e.g., social media, Japanese pop music, books, movies, lo-fi digital cameras) or that are related to my job (e.g., posts on education and school project). If I end up researching something, I will often write about what I found. Consequently, you will also find articles on technical things such as copyright law, video export settings and noise reduction techniques.

J-Pop & J-Rock Articles

When I first heard Japanese pop music, I wasn’t particularly interested in it. This is because, living in Hong Kong, the little Japanese music that I had heard was mainly from pop idols, boy bands and girl groups. Later on, people introduced me to singers like Kahimi Karie (electronica), Kojima Mayumi (hard to categorize—jazz/folk/punk/pop maybe) and Nana Kitade (rock & gothic lolita frocks). I began to realize that the Japanese music scene was much more rich and diverse than I had imagined. For an alphabetical list of the artists featured so far (and the pages that they appear on), go to: longzijun.wordpress.com/words/featured-artists

J-Pop Girls and Guitars: Female Singer-songwriters
Girls & guitars: YUI, miwa, & more
J-Rock Mix (Volume 1): Introducing Five Bands
J-Rock 1: the HIATUS, ELLEGARDEN & more
All-girl rock bands from Japan
All-girl bands:  BAND-MAID, Scandal & more
Offbeat & Sophisticated J-Pop
J-Pop: moumoon, ohashiTrio & more

Other Music Articles

Creative Writing

  • Original Poems: Field Exercises (a short poem about the environment), Ghost Writing (a poem about mortality), A Fisherman (and epitaph) and Just One (a short poem for a short life).
  • Mini-stories (Creative Non-fiction): Just some short observations and musings about life in Hong Kong

Film Articles

Essays & Articles

About Books

These articles include 27 mini-reviews and book introductions that were originally published in Ming Pao (Sept 2006 – June 2008), a newspaper in Hong Kong. They introduce of novels and non-fiction that are suitable for teens, especially those who are learning English as a second language.

Articles about YouTube & Copyright

These articles mainly deal with YouTube policies.

A lot of my daily work touches upon copyright issues, so I’ve done quite a lot of research on the topic. I’ve written a few articles to share what I have learned.

Articles about Audio Recording & Video Production

Audio Recording in Video Production
This is a series of three articles on how to get the best sound recording on a budget.

Lo-fi Video

The Digital Harinezumi 2+
The Digital Harinezumi 2+

Video Editing & Exporting
These articles cover what I have learned about video formats, project settings and export settings (mainly related to Adobe Premiere Pro). I try to keep the information in these pages up-to-date.

Academic Work

  • Teaching: This section of the website contains articles on academic topics like web-based teaching, plagiarism and social media

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