Academic & Professional Publications

I have only published a few articles. They are mainly based on papers I wrote while studying for my post-graduate diploma and master’s degree. I was mainly interested in motivation in language learning because as a teacher I recognize its vital role in education.

  • Richards, S. (2000). Planning web-based teaching. The 6th Hong Kong web symposium: Conference proceedings. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Web Consortium. This report featured a set of questions that teachers can consider when thinking about doing online teaching/learning activities (You can download the questions at  The  report also describe a successful online peer review activity created as part of a creative writing course (You can read the report at or find out more about this creative writing course at
  • Richards, S. &amp, Pannu, J. (1999). Hang Seng Bank language audit report. Hong Kong: Hang Seng Bank.
  • Richards, S. (1998). Learning English in Hong Kong: Making connections between motivation, language use and strategy choice, in M. Pennington (Ed.) Language In Hong Kong at Century’s End, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. You can read parts of this paper (some pages have been deleted) on Google Books ( This article is based on my MA thesis. You can see the abstract and table of contents of the thesis online at
  • Richards, S. (1994). Motives and methods: Motivation, strategy choice, and language use among secondary school students learning English in Hong Kong. Research Report No. 39. Hong Kong: City Polytechnic of Hong Kong. This is basically my MA thesis.
  • Richards, S.(1993). Motivation in second language learning: A Hong Kong persepective  Hong Kong. Research Report No. 32. Hong Kong: City Polytechnic of Hong Kong. This literature review of research related to motivation, attitudes and language learning was originally my dissertation for my PGD TESL.

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