Featured Artists

This is a list of bands I have introduced on this website with links to the pages in which they appear.

  1. The 5, 6, 7, 8’s: All-Female Punk and Avant-Garde Bands
  2. Aldious: All-Female Metal Bands
  3. Anarchy Stone: All-Female Metal Bands
  4. Aya Kamiki: Female Singer-Songwriters
  5. Band-Maid: All-Female Hard Rock Bands
  6. Blistar: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  7. Brats: All-Female Hard Rock Bands
  8. Bridear: All-Female Metal Bands
  9. Boom Boom Satellites: J-Rock Vol. 1
  10. Chatmonchy: All-Female Indie Bands
  11. Chelsy: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  12. Cyntia: All-Female Metal Bands
  13. Cocco: Female Singer-Songwriters
  14. Dialuck: All-Female Indie Bands
  15. Destrose: All-Female Metal Bands
  16. Dollsbox: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  17. Draft King: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  18. Drop’s: All-Female Hard Rock Bands
  19. Ellegarden: J-Rock Vol. 1
  20. Elfin Planet: All-Female Hard Rock Bands
  21. Eu Phoria: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  22. Fate Gear: All-Female Metal Bands
  23. Fern Planet: All-Female Hard Rock Bands
  24. Flower Flower: Female Singer-Songwriters
  25. Fly Sleep Fly: J-Rock Vol. 1
  26. Gacharic Spin: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  27. Garnet Crow: Indie Pop Vol. 1
  28. Girls Rock Band Kakumei: All-Female Metal Bands
  29. Go-Bangs: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  30. The Hiatus: J-Rock Vol. 1
  31. Hump Back: All-Female Indie Bands
  32. Lazygunsbrisky: All-Female Hard Rock Bands
  33. Lovebites: All-Female Metal Bands
  34. Lucie, Too: All-Female Indie Bands
  35. Mary’s Blood: All-Female Metal Bands
  36. Mass of the Fermenting Drags: All-Female Indie Bands
  37. Mayumi Kojima: Indie Pop Vol. 1
  38. Mescaline Drive: All-Female Punk and Avant-Garde Bands
  39. Mi: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  40. Miwa: Female Singer-Songwriters
  41. Moumoon: Indie Pop Vol. 1
  42. Mutant Monster: All-Female Hard Rock Bands
  43. Nakanomori Band: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  44. Nana Kitade: Female Singer-Songwriters
  45. Negoto: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  46. New Strike Zipper: All-Female Metal Bands
  47. Nothing’s Carved in Stone: J-Rock Vol. 1
  48. Ohashi Trio: Indie Pop Vol. 1
  49. The Peggies: All-Female Indie Bands
  50. The Pink Panda: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  51. Princess Princess: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  52. Real: All-Female Hard Rock Bands
  53. Regal Lily: All-Female Indie Bands
  54. Rick Rack: All-Female Hard Rock Bands
  55. Rie a.k.k Suzaku: All-Female Metal Bands
  56. Rika Shinohara: Female Singer-Songwriters
  57. Rivini: All-Female Metal Bands
  58. Scandal: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  59. Sekirara: All-Female Hard Rock Bands
  60. Shishamo: All-Female Indie Bands
  61. Shion Tsuji: Female Singer-Songwriters
  62. Shonen Knife: All-Female Indie Bands
  63. Silent Siren: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  64. Stereopony: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  65. Suttoko Dokkoi: All-Female Punk and Avant-Garde Bands
  66. Thug Murder: All-Female Punk and Avant-Garde Bands
  67. Tokyo Pinsalocks: All-Female Punk and Avant-Garde Bands
  68. Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re: All-Female Punk and Avant-Garde Bands
  69. Whiteberry: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands
  70. The Wisely Brothers: All-Female Indie Bands
  71. Yui: Female Singer-Songwriters
  72. Zone: All-Female Pop-Rock Bands


All-girl rock bands from Japan (BAND-MAID, SCANDAL, etc.)
J-Rock Vol. 1: Boom Boom Satellites, ELLEGARDEN , etc.
J-Pop Vol.1: Mayumi Kojima, Ohashi Trio, Garnet Crow, etc.
Girls & Guitars: Female Singer-Songwriters: Yui Miwa, etc.

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