My Beautiful Star (Mini-story)

I recently moved to a new apartment. The first night I was there, when I turned off the lights before going to bed, I noticed a star shining brightly in the window. “So pretty,” I thought. “This flat faces north by northeast, so is it the North Star?”

I stood there admiring it for several seconds, and then I realized it wasn’t a star at all. It was simply the reflection in the window of a tiny light on the air-conditioner high on the wall on the opposite side of the room.

Nevertheless, whenever I enter my darkened room at night and whenever I turn off the lights, I am momentarily delighted to see my lovely North Star shining in the window. “Oh, a star! So bright!” Every night, I forget what I had learned and mistake the reflection of the light on the air conditioner for a star.

How skillful I am at forgetting!

How skillful I am at self-deception!

How truly stupid I am!

Yet, every night, I can still have that brief moment of delight, that brief moment when I see my beautiful star.

A beautiful lie.

~by longzijun (2016)

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