I like to express myself in different ways: composing and recording music, writing articles and poetry, taking photographs, creating videos and setting up educational projects like a multimedia studio, English Corner and online creative writing workshop. This site serves as a portfolio of some of the creative work I have been doing during the last several years.

My original compositions: free background music for your videos and presentations, backing tracks, electronica, free instrumentals, collaborations
Landscapes, cityscapes, street art & graffiti, Hong Kong and China, digital toy cameras, lomography
Poetry, book reviews & blog posts (on topics like video editing, J-rock and social media)
educationEducational Projects
School-related video production, English corner, online writing forum, multimedia studio, websites, teaching resources, articles about education issues
videoVideo Production
Videos produced for work and articles about video editing and audio recording
This is an archived version of a site I used to run featuring poems and stories by young Asian writers. I am now in the process of uploading the work.


Featured video: Echoes & Fragments (Song No. 30) (a calm new-age soundtrack)


I also post articles on video editing, music and education. Longzijun is my Chinese name (龍梓駿). I use it for my web-based work as it is more distinctive and easier to search for than my actual name (Stephen Richards). You can contact me at zijun01@gmail.com

You can also find me on Google, on Flickr and on on YouTube.