I like to express myself in different ways: composing and recording music, writing articles and poetry, taking photographs, creating videos and setting up educational projects like a multimedia studio, English Corner and online creative writing workshop. This site serves as a portfolio of some of the creative work I have been doing during the last several years.

My original compositions: free background music for your videos and presentations, backing tracks, electronica, free instrumentals, collaborations
artjouer: artblog
My new blog of contemporary art and architecture. Each post briefly introduces an artist or a work of art.
Landscapes, cityscapes, street art & graffiti, Hong Kong and China, digital toy cameras, lomography
Poetry, book reviews, Japanese music & blog posts
educationEducational Projects
School-related video production, English corner, online writing forum, multimedia studio, websites, teaching resources, articles about education issues
videoVideo Making Articles
Articles about film techniques, YouTube, copyright, video editing & exporting and audio recording.
This is an archived version of a site I used to run featuring poems and stories by young Asian writers. I am now in the process of uploading the work.


Featured video: Echoes & Fragments (Song No. 30) (a calm new-age soundtrack)


Longzijun is my Chinese name (龍梓駿). I use it for my web-based work as it is more distinctive and easier to search for than my actual name (Stephen Richards). You can contact me at zijun01@gmail.com

You can also find me on Google, on Flickr and on on YouTube.