This pages serves as a portfolio of education projects I have worked on as well as my creative work in music, photography and writing.

Featured Video

Holly’s Theme (Background Music No. 37) is a video in the free background music series. This video is a collaborative effort with Kate Kwok (piano arrangement and performance) and dancers from Japan, the USA, the Czech Republic and Georgia.

Holly’s Theme (www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNgGpkFZ2f8)

This website features:

  • Music: Original compositions; free background music
  • Videos: Travel videos, videos about art, culture and movies
  • Photography: Travel and street photography
  • Writing: Poetry, reviews, Japanese music & blog posts
  • Teaching: School-related projects, resources and articles
  • artjouer (my blog for contemporary art and architecture)
  • AsianVoices: An archived version of a site I used to run featuring poems and stories by young Asian writers

Social Media Links

The WordPress blog serves as my main site, but I also have the following accounts:

Under Construction: I have started the following sites, but they are just in their embryonic stages at the moment:

  • Instagram: eachlifeconverges (new personal account: street photography, travel photos, culture, cute things)
  • Instagram: eternitygazing (new account for images of artwork I come across that focus on the theme of beauty).
  • Tumblr: artjouer (new) art and street art highlights
  • Soundcloud: artjouer (new) selected music tracks

I am a Canadian who is based in Hong Kong. Westerners are often given Chinese names when they come to Hong Kong, much as Hong Kong students adopt Western names. Mine is 龍梓駿. I use a variation on this name (longzijun) for my web-based work and creative projects as it is more distinctive and easier to search for than my actual name.

You can contact me at zijun01@gmail.com