Education Projects

Here are some of the education-related projects I’ve been involved with over the years. You can also find teaching resources and read articles about issues in education.

Featured Projects

These are some of the most interesting things I have been involved with: a multimedia studio, an English Corner and a creative Writing website. Click on the thumbnail images to view the pages.

School Multimedia Studio (2009-present)
School English Corner (2006-present)
AsianVoices: Creative Writing Website (1997-2004)

Creative Writing & Literature

I am now in the process of uploading online versions of notes on creative writing. The poetry section is nearly complete. You can find materials on techniques (rhyme, rhythm, figurative language, word choice, poetic devices related to sound), forms (diamond poems, sense poems, haiku, limericks, sonnets and free verse) and interpretations of several poems.

Go to: Creative Writing Materials

Ideas and Resources for Teachers and Students

I will start adding uploading my teaching materials and ideas here. You are free to use any of the materials for non-commercial purposes. Just add an acknowledgement that the materials were developed by longzijun (

Articles: Issues in Education

Online Learning

I’ve experimented with different kinds of software to produce promotional and educational material.

  • Online Writing Workshop (1999-2001, now offline): An online peer review system for a college creative writing course
  • Planning Web-based Teaching: A case study and guidelines. This is an academic research paper on the above online writing workshop
  • Asianvoices Website: One of the ‘Featured Projects’. This is an archived version of a website I developed that presented the creative writing of young Asian writers.
  • Tense Finder Grammar Website (2005-2006, now offline): An interactive tool for learning about verb tenses
  • MissionMaker Mini-games (2008-2010): First person adventure games made using the MissionMaker software


While working at City University’s Division of Language Studies, I was sometimes responsible for designing promotional materials.

poster design
Website and Poster Design


Academic and Professional Research: A short bibliography

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