New additions to my main blog, my art blog (artjouer), YouTube channel, and Flickr account. For updates to my Instagram account—eternitygazing—you can follow that account.

14 April 2023 🎨 📷
Added 30 photos to a photo album showcasing the street art & graffiti on a ‘wall of fame’ in Mong Kok (Hong Kong). New pieces are added to this wall continuously and there are now around 360 photos in the album (Flickr album, Google Photos). For more information, check out my article: Hong Kong Street Art.

21 February 2023 🎹 🎓
Free Online Music Tools for Exploring Creativity and Free Music Loops & Hits: These two pages feature resources for creating music. If you are interested in exploring new ways to be creative, check out the first link in particular.

21 February 2023 🎹 🎓
Music Production for Beginners: I’ve started a new section related to an eight-session mini-course I’m offering to students at the secondary school where I teach.

21 July 2022 🎬 🎓
Attribution Theory in Education: I uploaded a video and article introducing a theory related to motivation.

Merida by Steve Pilcher: Brave concept art (Pixar 30 Years of Animation: Exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum)

12 April 2022 🎨
Pixar Animation Concept Art: This article—on my art blog—features photos of an exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

Mural by Taka, Street art in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

8 April 2022 🎨 📷
I added two new sections to my article Hong Kong Street Art. The sections focus on artwork in Sham Shui Po and Lei Yue Mun.

Misty Day, Lei Yue Mun, Hong Kong

7 April 2022 📷
I uploaded 15 photos of Lei Yue Mun to the album HK Views: (Seaside & Countryside: Flickr / Google Photos

Transformation (detail view), street art mural by Riitta Kuisma, Art Lane, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

4 April 2022 📷
Street Art in Art Lane, Central (Flickr Album): I took photos of the artwork around Art Lane in Central and created albums in Flickr and Google Photos. The photos are also included in my article Hong Kong Street Art.

Playing on the ice of Kunming Lake, Summer Palace (Beijing)

3 April 2022 🇨🇳
Is the Communist Party of China Popular? (Myths of Modern China: Part 1): An in-depth article about the level of support for the government among citizens in China.

MosaiCulture Gatineau 2018: Mother Earth, the Legend of Aataensic

28 February 2022 🎬
New YouTube video: Background Music 3—Jazz Vamp in D Minor. This is an old song, but it wasn’t on my main channel, so I added a video. The footage is of MosaiCulture Gatineau (blog article). The download page for the music is here: Free Background Music 3.

21 February 2022 📰
Advertising Lines of Appeal: A detailed article (with lots of examples) describing the different approaches advertisers use to try to persuade you to buy their products of services.

Phjoto of a reporter covering the Hong Kong protests on 2019.

11 September 2021 📰
15 Factors Affecting Newsworthiness: An in-depth look at why some events are considered newsworthy and other events are ignored by the media.

Portrait of Erato, music of love poetry, by Edward Poynter

14-28 August 2021 🎓
Creative Writing Materials: I updated the section for creative writing notes. The poetry section is finished and the short story section is now under construction. There are lots of explanations and examples of key ideas.

At the Nekobukuro Cat Playground at Tokyu Hands

1 August 2021 📷
Just Cats: Photos I’ve taken of cats!

Fabel @ Underground HK (Electronica 3)

1 August 2021 📷
Music Performance Photo Gallery: Photos I’ve taken of live music performances.

Hong Kong Ballet performs The Great Gatsby

1 August 2021 📷
Dance Performance Photo Gallery: Photos I’ve taken of live dance performances.

sunset in Wu Kai Sha

27 July 2021 📷
Sky Diary Part 1 (Wu Kai Sha): Beautiful photos of sunsets, twilight and sunrises taken at Wu Kai Sha (Hong Kong), where I lived for a few years.

Reporter at the 2014 Hong Kong protests

8 April 2021 📰
Roles of the News Media: What are the roles of the news media according to different mass media models? How well is the media performing these roles?

Hermione figurine: English Corner renovations and redecoration

18 May 2021 🙋‍♀️
Renovating and Decorating a School English Corner: I recently refurbished the school English Corner. This article describes the whole process.

Architecture: Jockey Club Innovation Tower (designed by Zaha Hadid)

11 May 2021 🏛
Architecture: Jockey Club Innovation Tower (Zaha Hadid): This article—on my art blog—showcases an interesting building at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Diorama: Kiki's Delivery Service (Exhibition: The World of Studio Ghibli's Animation, Hong Kong)

9 May 2021 🎞
Visit to a Studio Ghibli Diorama Exhibition: This article—on my art blog—features photos of a visit to am exhibition featuring scenes from anime such as My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Takahiro Yamamoto: Untitled, from the series Aging, 2017-2018 (Oil on canvas, Art Central 2019, Masahiro Maki Gallery)

27 April 2021 🎨
Art Inspired by Vintage Photos: This article—on my art blog—features paintings and mixed-media art by Gavin Mitchell, Takahiro Yamamoto and Satoru Aoyama.

piano performance

16 February 2021 🎹
Untitled by Jessica Yip. This is a short 62-second piano instrumental by Jessica Yip. We recorded it a few years ago, but I just added it to the free background music series under ‘Short Instrumentals and Intro Themes’.

From the Dong of Memory by Jeanie Leung

16 February 2021 📖
Illustrated Book Report Examples: Two short book reports for illustrated books—The Song of Memory (by Jeanie Leung) & Best Bear Ever (by Liz Climo). These are examples for a student activity at the school where I teach.

Scene from the anime Weathering with You

31 October 2020🎞
Weathering with You: The Ending Explained. An analysis of the controversial ending of Makoto Shinkai’s anime. Did Hina and Hodaka do the right thing?

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