I started to learn video editing several years ago. I produce videos for the school I teach in, for my songs and also about topics I am interested in.

Videos about Film-making

Film Scene Analysis: Cinematography and Mise-en-scène in American Beauty
Fight Scene Editing and Cinematography: The Bourne Identity & Hero

Videos about Art, Culture & Music

The videos in this section are on my artjouer channel and most of them are introduced in articles on my art blog of the same name.

Installation by Korakrit Arunanondchai (artjouer)
Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018: Living Sculptures (artjouer)
Live Music at Freespace Happening, Hong Kong (Oct. 2018)
teamlab Planets (Tokyo): Interactive Art Installation (artjouer)
A Visit to the Ottawa Art Gallery
Drum Circle & Art: Culture Saves Lives (artjouer)
The Chinese Orchestra: A Video Introduction to Chinese Musical Instruments

Street Art Videos

When I visit different cities, I like to take photos of the street art there. Occasionally, I will produce videos showcasing the art.

Taipei Street Art (artjouer)
Seoul Street Art (artjouer)
Street art in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Travel Vlogs

In the past, I mainly concentrated on photography when travelling, but I have started shooting videos more recently.

Travel Diary: Hokkaido, Japan
Travel Diary: Our Mini-trip to Tokyo

Dance Videos

For some of my music videos, I have collaborated with dancers.

Holly’s Theme: Contemporary Dance
Broken: Ballet featuring Lee Chan
The Hidden Path: Contemporary Dance

School-related Videos

A lot of my video work is related to my job as a teacher in a Hong Kong secondary school. I set up a very small multimedia studio a few years ago (described here: In addition to supervising student work, I also use the equipment there to create videos for the school.

Student Music Videos
Anniversary Videos
School Orchestra & Band
Orchestra and Band Videos
Choral Speaking Videos
Dancing and Singing Shows
Sports Day Videos
Language Challenge Videos
Science Demonstration Video
promotional videos
Promotional Videos

Pet Videos

My Pomeranian, Ball Ball, as a Puppy
Nekobukuro Cat Playground at Tokyu Hands

Articles about Video Making

While producing videos, I learned a lot about things like YouTube, copyright, fair use, audio recording for video and Premiere Pro. I have written a series of articles on these topics. They can be found here: My Articles about YouTube, Copyright and Video Production.

Random Videos

Praying Mantis: Short video of an insect

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