Several years ago, I started to learn video editing. Most of the videos I have produced since then have been created for the school where I work. These videos are described in the Education Projects section. This section introduces the videos I have produced that reflect my own interests.

Videos about Filmmaking

Film Scene Analysis: Cinematography and Mise-en-scène in American Beauty

Fight Scene Editing and Cinematography: The Bourne Identity and Hero

Videos about Art, Culture & Music

Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018: Living Sculptures

Live Music at Freespace Happening (Oct. 2018)

teamlab Planets (Tokyo): Interactive Art

Travel Vlogs

Travel Diary: Hokkaido, Japan

Travel Diary: Our Mini-trip to Tokyo

Dance Videos

For some of my music videos, I have collaborated with dancers.

Holly’s Theme: Contemporary Dance

Broken: Ballet featuring Lee Chan

The Hidden Path: Contemporary Dance

Articles about Video Making

While producing videos, I learned a lot about things like YouTube, copyright, fair use, audio recording for video and Premiere Pro. I have written a series of articles on these topics. They can be found here: My Articles about YouTube, Copyright and Video Production.

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