Video Making

A few years ago, I started to learn video editing. As I’ve been learning things along the way, I’ve been writing articles about things like social media and copyright, film technique, editing and exporting using Premiere Pro and audio-recording tips for video makers.

Film Techniques

Random Videos

This is a new series of videos that don’t belong in any specific category on this blog.

YouTube & Copyright Articles


A lot of my daily work touches upon copyright issues, so I’ve done quite a lot of research on the topic. I’ve written a few articles to share what I have learned.

Audio Recording in Video Production

This is a series of three articles on how to get the best sound recording on a budget.

Lo-fi Video

I sometimes use digital toy cameras. Here is an article about one of those.

Video Editing & Exporting

These articles cover what I have learned about video formats, project settings and export settings (mainly related to Adobe Premiere Pro). I try to kee the information in these pages as up-to-date as possible.

~by longzijun


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