Free Background Music 5: Mime This

Mime This is the 5th song in the Free Background Music series. It is an alt-rock instrumental featuring electric guitar, bass, synthesizer, drums and percussion. The song is probably best known as the theme song of a popular Dota 2 gameplay channel.

Tempo: 140 bpm
Duration: 2:27

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Free Background Music 18: Rock Funk Beast

Rock Funk Beast is the 18th song in the Free Background Music series. I haven’t done a rock song or loop-based song for a while, so I did both for this track. Many of the drum, bass and guitar loops are from the Computer Music Magazine CD (issue #151). The guitar solo loops are from SoundPool and there are a couple of other loops from other collections. The loops were edited and assembled using Sonar Home Studio. 

Tempo: 95 bpm
Duration: 3:33

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