Was Your YouTube Channel Suspended for No Reason? (A Guide to Community Guidelines-related Suspensions)

Update 24 May 2022: YouTube has become much more politicized during the last two years, so people are seeing a lot of channel suspensions for things like ‘medical disinformation’ or for being ‘Russian-affiliated media’. The medical disinformation suspension can even apply to channels that are debunking COVID-19 related disinformation (but that include that wrong information in their debunking videos). Therefore, if you are doing pandemic-related videos, you need to be extra careful. Recently, YouTube has also been taking down videos that contain personal information. This has even affected channels where people uploaded completely innocent things like audition videos. Channels suspended for that have been given the ‘hate speech or harassment’ notification.

Update 20 November 2020: There seem to be a larger number of channels getting suspended (i.e., terminated) these past few weeks. Quite a few channels are getting terminated for ‘hate speech or harassment’ and well as for ‘spam’. Terminations for ‘hate speech’ used to be very rare, so the current increase in suspensions is unusual. I am not sure what is going on here as there has been no official changes in policy, but it seems that YouTube is cracking down on commenting.

Two of the most common questions on YouTube’s help forum are

  • Why did my channel gets suspended for Community Guidelines or Terms of Use violations?
  • How do I get it back?

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of some of the more common situations that lead to YouTube channel suspensions and terminations, especially those that come as a surprise. Suspensions are not done for ‘no reason’, basically there are three reasons

  • There really was something wrong.
  • There was a misunderstanding and the suspension was incorrect (e.g., YouTube reviewers mistook a list of supplies in the video description for a list of tags).
  • The videos (or other channel content) are in a grey area where a judgement call needed to be made (e.g., Is a thumbnail sexy or obscene? Is this really harassment?) and that decision, rightly or wrongly, went against you.

1. Suspension Basics

This is information about channel suspensions in general.

1.1 Duration of the suspension

Unless YouTube notifies you that the channel will come go back online within a specific period (e.g,. after three months), the suspension is permanent (so it is a ‘termination’ really).

1.2 Effects on other YouTube channels

Not only is that channel terminated, but all other channels associated with a particular user are also permanently suspended. This is one common reason for a channel suspension—once you have one channel suspended any other channel or account you have (or open after) that will be terminated once YouTube establishes that both channels or accounts are owned by the same user. These other accounts may be terminated immediately, after a short time, after long time or (if they are never linked together by YouTube) never. The main point would be that if you have more than one channel, when one channel gets terminated, all the other channels turn into unexploded bombs.  At any moment they could go off.

1.3 Types of Suspension

There are two different kinds of account suspension:

  • Community Guidelines Strikes, Terms of Service Violations and Other Issues (e.g., trademarks, privacy)
  • Repeated Copyright Violations

The rules for these are very different and you need to take different actions in order to recover your channel (for suspensions related to copyright infringement, you would need to get the number of copyright strikes down to less than three, either by contesting the claim and strike via a DMCA counter-notification or by having the claimant retract the claim). This article focus on the first kind of suspension; I will discuss copyright-related violations in another article.

1.4 Private vs Public Videos

It doesn’t matter whether your videos were public, unlisted or private. The same guidelines and restrictions apply.

1.5 Community Guidelines & Terms of Service: Strike System

Unlike copyright-related suspensions, which strictly follow a three strike system, suspensions related to Community Guidelines and Terms of Service violations can occur after three strikes or can be given without warning after a single violation.

Update March 2019: YouTube has revamped its system of Community Guidelines suspensions. These new guidelines came into effect on 25 February 2019. There are two main differences:

  • There is now supposed to be a warning before the first strike is given (However, this is not always true in practice).
  • There are increased restrictions placed on the channel as strikes accumulate.
  • More information is given to the channel owner about the actual alleged violation.

These should be welcome changes. However, channels can still be suspended after a single violation (e.g., for very serious violations) and this is not made clear in the changes.

This video, from YouTube addresses some of the commonly asked question about the new system:

2.  Appealing a Channel Suspension

There are several ways to appeal suspensions related to to community guidelines or terms of services violations.

2.1 Use the Appeal Form

The normal approach is to submit an online appeal: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2802168 (click on the word ‘form’).

The appeal usually takes a few days, but you should receive a response within a week. It can take up to a month in some cases. If the suspension occurred during or after a holiday, the waiting time can be longer.

If the appeal fails, you will get a boilerplate reply. Of course, that is not good news, but you can try appealing again. You will have a much better chance of winning an appeal if you can directly address the problem you are suspected of having. Unfortunately, the notifications either sent to your email or posted on your channel page are usually very vague and could relate to any number of possible suspected problems. That can make it very difficult to guess what you are alleged to have done.

Contrary to what many people believe the decision to suspend a channel for community guidelines violations or terms of use violations is not automated. At some point, YouTube staff approved of the decision to suspend the channel. Therefore, if a channel is suspended, there is either a reason for it or there has been a misunderstanding. If there really was a problem, the appeal will unlikely succeed unless you can persuade YouTube that the problem wasn’t serious enough to warrant a termination. If there was a misunderstanding, if you can figure out what may have caused the misunderstanding and explain that, the appeal will likely be successful. This article also covers possible areas in which misunderstandings may have occurred.

2.2 Backdoor Methods

These methods are additional ways to get your case heard.

  • Several YouTubers have stated that they have gotten their channels reinstated because of interventions on their behalf from YouTube Trusted Flaggers on Reddit or Twitter. These include the Reddit/Twitter users known as TrustedFlagger Ben (now inactive), @Contributors_YT (now inactive) and LightCodeGaming. These people generally prefer to remain anonymous, but seem to have some influence over video strikes and channel terminations. The influencers I mentioned never actually explain how they can affect the review process and it is unknown how much influence they have, but many of them are quite happy to take credit for getting people’s channels restored. It seems they will become inactive after becoming well-known, so I suspect that whatever they are doing is not approved by YouTube. Still, if such backdoor methods exist, you can try to take advantage of them.
  • On the YouTube help forum, Andrew S. specializes in helping people deal with account terminations. He has helped several people get their channels restored. When posting on the forum mention ‘channel suspension’ and Andrew S. in the title.
  • You can try reaching out to YouTube via social media. For example, one YouTuber has claimed she was only able to get her channel reinstated by bringing her suspension up on YouTube’s Twitter account in India. More recently, the TeamYouTube account on Twitter has been quite active in dealing with these kinds of backdoor appeals.
  • If you are partnered with an MCN (multi-channel network), they may be able to contact YouTube on your behalf. As far as I know, however, MCNs won’t provide much assistance unless they consider your channel to be important.
  • If you are partnered with YouTube itself, you can try contacting partner support: support.google.com/youtube/answer/3545535. This would probably only be possible if you have already established a relation with partner support (n which case you could reply to the last email you received from them).

2.3 Scams

If someone asks for your log-in information (or other personal details) or asks you to pay a fee for help in getting your channel reinstated, that would be a scam.

3. The Most Common Reasons for Channel Suspensions

Aside from copyright infringement, channel suspensions mainly involve five areas:

  1. Going too far in attempts to attract views. This is generally related to the metadata (e.g., titles, descriptions, tags, comments, links and thumbnails).
  2. Going too far in attempts to influence metrics such as subscriptions, views, comments and likes. This often involves contests and promotions.
  3. Going too far in attempts to profit from the videos. This is often related to things like unrelated affiliate links, requests for money, trying to sign up YouTube viewers and pyramid schemes)
  4. Encouraging people to violate YouTube’s terms of service (e.g. linking to a YouTube downloader) or the terms of service of other social media platforms (e.g., demonstrating how to hack a Facebook account), software companies (e.g., providing links to cracked versions) or game publishers (e.g., posting videos showing game cheats or exploits) or to commit a crime, terrorist act or dangerous activity.
  5. Going into areas that YouTube wants to keep its site free from (e.g., pornography, fetishism, harrassment, hate speech, pedophila, etc.).

The first three areas are where most problems seem to occur. This is because YouTube encourages uploaders to make their videos search-engine friendly, build up a strong subscriber base and make money via their YouTube videos. When suspensions occur, it is often just a matter of the YouTuber going too far.

4. The Spam, Scams, Misleading Content Suspension

This particular suspension encompasses a lot of possible areas that are discussed at different points in the article. Such a suspension could be related to anything under points 6. 7, 8, 9, 11, 16. 18 and 20 as well as many of the issues under point 10,

5. Your Content

One common misunderstanding is that suspensions are only related to the actual video. However, suspensions may be related to:

  • The video content
  • Metadata (titles, tags, video descriptions)
  • Comments and messages
  • Playlists
  • Video features like captions, annotations and cards
  • Channel descriptions, channel art and profile pictures

The majority of suspensions would be for inappropriate video content or problems with the metadata. Suspensions related to other kinds of content, though not as common, still do occur

You may be wondering how a channel with only a playlist and no videos may have problems. Let’s look at one possible example. If someone assembles a playlist of young girls doing stretching exercises and names it “nubile cuties in leotards”, it is a kind of fetishistic content and can lead to a channel suspension even though the playlist itself is comprised of videos that are uploaded by other people and are perfectly in line with the community guidelines.

6. Attracting Views: Issues with the Metadata (Title, Tags, Descriptions)

YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine and is owned by Google, which runs the most popular one. Therefore, YouTube is very aggressive in dealing with attempts to unfairly manipulate search results. Most of the problems in this area are referred to by YouTube as ‘spam’ or “deceptive practices” and fall under this policy: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801973

6.1 Misleading titles

If the video doesn’t contain what the title says it should, that will cause problems. For example, if a video is entitled ‘five steps to happiness’ and it only contains someone saying “to find out the five steps to happiness, visit my website”, that would be considered a misleading title.

6.2 Click-bait titles

Some YouTubers find themselves in a Catch 22 when they use click-bait titles like ‘Free Cracked Gears of War’ or ‘Leaked Sex Tape of Hollywood Star’ . If the video has what the title suggests, it will likely be a community guidelines violation (due to inappropriate content). If the video doesn’t have that and the title is “just a joke”, that is a community guidelines violation, too (because of the misleading metadata.

6.3 Parodies, pranks and joke titles: Titles and description

If you are doing a parody, it should be labeled as such in the title. Similarly if you are doing a kind of prank ‘advice’ video, there should be an indication somewhere in the description or video itself. Channel owners who use joke title often find themselves in a Catch-22 situation. If they post a video with the title ‘My Sex Tape’, for example, if the video is not an actual sex tape, that would result in a channel termination (for misleading metadata) and if the video is a sex tape, that would result in a channel termination (for sexual content). The would be no way to successfully appeal.

6.4. Unrelated or only marginally related tags (new policy: this should no longer lead to suspensions)

The tags should represent what the video is about. Having unrelated tags can result in a strike or channel take down. A more common problem occurs with people using tags that are only tangentially related to the video. If you include ‘Jennifer Lopez’ as a tag, she should be one of the main points of focus of your video, not just someone who was briefly mentioned in one sentence.It doesn’t matter if tags are related to others videos on your channel. Tags should refer only to what is in that specific video. A good rule of thumb is: if someone searching for that tag word or phrase will NOT consider your video to be what they are looking for, the tag is likely inappropriate.

Update: On 15 February 2017, YouTube initiated a new policy at the video level. Now videos with unrelated tags, will be set automatically to private and channel owners will have the opportunity to edit their tags and then appeal to have the videos made public again (without a loss of views). Only one appeal is allowed. If that is unsuccessful, channel owners would have to reupload the video to a new URL. No strikes will be given. Although channel suspensions were not mentioned, it would appear that the use of misleading tags will no longer result in such suspensions. However, this has not been confirmed by YouTube.

6.5 Tags in the description

Stuffing a description with list of tags is simply not allowed.

6.6 Lists in the description: Possible misunderstanding

There is nothing inherently wrong with lists, but sometimes lists of things—e.g., songs in a medley, art supplies needed to create a project—are mistaken for tags; therefore, it is better to avoid long lists. If you think this sort of misunderstanding may have caused a community guidelines strike, you can explain the situation in your appeal.

6.7 Irrelevant descriptions

The description should be related to the video content, channel and/or the production of the video (including information about the participants).

6.8 Same description in multiple videos: Possible misunderstanding

As the video description should describe the video, having the same description in multiple videos can lead YouTube to conclude that you are spammily uploading near identical videos. This sometimes happens when people use the same description for a long series of videos in order to save time.

6.9 No or minimal description: Possible misunderstanding

One of the purposes of the description is to put your video in context–to tell someone reviewing your video what it is about. If the description field is left empty, someone reviewing your video doesn’t have that context. For example, a video of you trying on shoes as part of a haul video could be be reported as a foot fetish video. When the YouTube reviewers take a look, and there is nothing in the description to provide any context, they may decide the report is correct and take the video down.

6.10 Overly-sensational title, descriptions or tags

This problem can occur if you are trying too hard to attract views. For example, if you make an educational video about breastfeeding and include things like “hot moms”, “sexy” and “big t***” in the description and tags, you are clearly presenting the video as a kind of fetish video and not at all as an educational video. As previously mentioned, one purpose of the metadata is to put the video into context for anyone reviewing.

6.11 Unrelated links in the description

Links are fine, provided they relate in some way to the video (and are not referral links or affiliate links).

7. Attracting Views: Thumbnails

There are two common problems (these fall under YouTube’s policy on spam and deceptive content: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801973

7.1 Unrelated thumbnails

If you are using misleading thumbnails as a kind of clickbait, that can be a violation as it would be viewed as an attempt to unfairly gain views.

7.2 Overly provocative thumbnails

The thumbnail should not only represent what is in the video, but should steer clear of nudity, fetishism and overly sexually provocative thumbnails. I came across a case recently in which the YouTuber had uploaded videos of females interacting with animals but had titled them and used thumbnails in such a way as to suggest the videos were really about bestiality. Clearly that would not be acceptable.

Also, together with titles and descriptions, thumbnails are another way in which you are telling viewers (and in the case of channel suspensions, YouTube reviewers) how they should interpret your video. Therefore, if your video contains sex or violence and you choose the sexiest or most violent shot to represent your video, you are in essence telling the viewer/reviewer what to expect and what your video is about. Therefore, if you video gets flagged for violence or nudity, an overly provocative thumbnail will harm your chances of getting a favorable decision.

8. Invalid Attempts to Influence Metrics

This would refer to schemes to boost thing like views, likes, comments and subscriptions. YouTube wants these metrics to reflect the viewer’s true wants. For example, YouTube wants people to subscribe to your channel because they are interested enough in your content to do so, and so that they can enter a giveaway

8.1 Giveaways and contests

If you force people to subscribe or comment on a video in order to be eligible to win, that would go against the guidelines on contests. A lot of channels do this, but that does not mean it is OK. Similarly, if it is found that you don’t follow any of the other guidelines on YouTube’s Policy on Contests (support.google.com/youtube/answer/1620498), that can also lead to suspensions.

8.2 Buying views, clicks or subscribers

It is against YouTube’s policy for channel owners to buy views (support.google.com/youtube/answer/3470104). This generally doesn’t lead to channel suspensions because it is next to impossible to prove. Usually, the only consequence are that bought views are rolled off, paid subscribers are cut away and monetization privileges are suspended. However, buying views, ad clicks or subscribers may still possibly lead to channel terminations.

8.3 Using viewbots, uploading bots or clickbots

The use of bots against YouTube’s terms of service. Of course, almost all third-party view providers will claim that they use real humans and not bots. However, if you use these services you are placing your trust in people running an unethical enterprise as well as they people they have contracted out to actually view the videos.

9. Money-related Issues

A lot of people look at the top YouTubers, who are able to bring in millions of dollars in every year, and want to use YouTube as major income stream. There is nothing wrong with that, but earning anything substantial from a YouTube channel is actually very rare, so sometimes people try too hard to squeeze whatever they can from their channels. This can lead to the following problems:

9.1 Affiliate links, referral links and ad.fly links in the description

Affiliate links are a grey area and Youtube has no clear official policy. According to YouTube’s terms of service, advertisements, which affiliate links are, are not allowed in YouTube content without permission. However, the general consensus is that one or two links are acceptable if:

  • They are directly related to the content of the video. For example, if you are reviewing a book, an affiliate link to the Amazon page for that book would be “related”. An affiliate link to the Amazon page for the shirt you were wearing in the video or the camera you shot the video with would not.
  • They are identified as affiliate links.
  • They are not shortened.
  • They are not at the very beginning of the description.
  • Adfly links and other kinds of commercial links are not used.

YouTube doesn’t like it if you are profiting by sending people off its site (which is why ad.fly links are frowned upon). If it feels the main reason for your video to exist is to earn money off of the links, your video may be taken down. For this reason, it is better not to start your description with an affiliate link (even if it is related) as it is sending a message to YouTube that this is the main thing you want people to see.

9.2 Links to non-approved fan funding and merchandise sites in the description (or video)

The list of approved sites, such as Patreon, is here: support.google.com/youtube/answer/6083754
If you request funding through some other means (e.g., via a bitcoin account), that can pose problems.

9.3 Cash for call-outs

Don’t ask people to send you money in exchange for a callout in a video. You are free to give call-outs to people who donate to your channel, but you are not allowed to state: give me a dollar and I will give your channel a call-out.

9.4 Videos that serve only as ads

Advertising is permitted on YouTube, but there should be some entertainment or informational value to the ad.

9.5 Videos that promote pyramid schemes and other kinds of scams

You should steer clear of any kind of scammy financial scheme as a video subject.

9.6 Links that send viewers to a sign-up or registration page

If you send viewers to your website, that is fine, but if the first thing the viewer sees is a pop-up window requesting them to sign up and leave their personal information, that may be construed as using YouTube as a means to harvest its users’ personal information.

9.7 Monetization without commercial rights

If you habitually monetize videos you don’t have the right to monetize, this can lead to a suspension of monetization abilities. Usually that is all that will happen, but there is the potential for a channel takedown of YouTube feels you are habitually abusing its monetization policies. Recently I have noticed several takedowns affecting channels with no obvious problems by all with the same profile: recent rapid growth, a large number of copyright infringing videos being uploaded and monetization of these videos.

9.8 Ad campaigns on your own monetized videos

This is kind of like paying YouTube to pay you. If you are going to run a campaign through YouTube to promote your videos, you should demonetize them first.

10. Encouragement to Violate YouTube’s Terms of Service, Violate the Terms of Service of Other Companies, Commit Crimes or Perform Dangerous Acts

10.1 YouTube Downloader links (or encouragement to use a downloader)

It is against YouTube’s terms of service to download videos without authorization. Therefore inviting viewers to download your video from YouTube (in the description, comments or video itself) via a third-party service would be encouraging viewers to violate YouTube’s terms of service. This falls under the policy on encouraging terms of service violations: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801981

10.2 Videos showing and links leading to software or game cracks, hacks, mods, cheats or exploits

YouTube does not want its services used to undermine other products. Videos involving cracks, cheats and hacks are never a good idea. Whether a video with mods is OK mainly depends on the policy of the game or software developer.

10.3 Hacking videos

YouTube is especially sensitive to hacking videos. Some people will argue that by posting the videos, they can help a company eliminate vulnerabilities. This is a disingenuous excuse. The best way to do that would be to reach out to the company directly and not disseminate hacking techniques on a worldwide video platform. Similarly, if you are showing people how to protect themselves from being hacked, is it really necessary to show in detail how to do the hack in the first place?

Hacking would generally fall under YouTube’s policy on circumvention of technological measures:support.google.com/youtube/answer/6156383

10.4 Hacking: possible misunderstanding

The word ‘hack’ alone simply being enough to raise a red flag even when used innocuously (e.g., top 10 life hacks) or in an educational context (How to keep your Facebook account safe from hacks). If you had the word ‘hack’ in your title or description in such contexts, you can explain your innocent use of the word in your appeal.

10.5 Dangerous activities: Challenge videos

People like watching dangerous things. In the past, however, TV shows and videos tended to include disclaimers like “These stunts were performed by trained professions. Do not try this at home.“ However, since the ice-bucket challenge proved popular, a lot of things that carry some minor risk are now being presented as a “Yeah, try this at home!” challenge The problem comes with challenge videos that by their nature encourage viewers (some of whom are young children) to do similar stunts. Some things look harmless, but have the potential to do harm, especially if done by young children. These include:

  • Cinnamon challenge (choking, asphyxiation, inflammation and scarring of the lungs)
  • Duct tape challenge could lead to suffocation if done by really young kids, could lead to head injuries if the ‘victim’ falls over (as they have no means to protect themselves from the falls)
  • Fire challenge (burns, obviously)
  • Alcohol challenge (alcohol poisoning)
  • Condom challenge (choking)
  • Cold water challenge (hypothermia and drowning)

Challenge videos are fall under YouTube’s policy on harmful or dangerous content (support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801964), though these guidelines do not specifically mention challenge videos.

10.6 Illegal activities and drug use

If you make a bomb-making video, don’t be surprised if it gets pulled. If you are teaching people how to make meth, that would also not be wise,Of course a lot of things are in a grey area. What about smoking marijuana and getting high on screen? Marijuana is legal in some places but not in others. How would that be handled? Is your video promoting illegal drug use or is simply educating people about the effects of a drug? Or what if the whole thing is an act and you aren’t really high at all? What if is just part of a short drama in which one of the characters gets high?

In any case, if you are shown to be getting high in your video, you may be forcing YouTube to make a judgement call. Scenes of drug use would be more acceptable in dramatic and educational contexts.

10.7 Links to inappropriate sites (e.g., pornography)

If you were to link to a pornography site, that could cause problems

10.8 Links to sites selling federally-regulated goods

It is advisable not to link to things like firearms retailers or websites selling pharmaceuticals, tobaccos or alcohol. Don’t link to sites selling cannabis and/or related paraphernalia.

10.9 Counterfeit and knock-off products

You should not promote counterfeit products. Even videos in which you are educating people about the differences between an authentic product and a counterfeit are risky as the trademark/patent owner of the existing product may not want a worldwide audience being informed that counterfeits of its products are available. The policy regarding counterfeits is here: support.google.com/youtube/answer/6154227

10.10 Dupes and alternative products: Possible misunderstanding

Another problem arises with YouTubers who make videos about legitimate products that can act as cheaper alternative to more expensive products. The problem occurs when the YouTubers themselves use ambiguous language (e.g., Dupes, which is a word derived from duplicate) or incorrect words (e.g., Knock-off, which implies a kind of patent infringement) to describe the products in their video. If you are presenting a cheaper alternative, just call it that.

10.11 Terrorism

Videos supporting and/or inciting terrorism are not allowed. This is covered in the policy on dangerous or graphic content (https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2802008)

10.12 Firearms and ammunition (certain restrictions apply

YouTube policies regarding firearms and ammunition are here. You are not allowed to upload videos showing things like how to modify and/or manufacture firearms, ammunition or peripheral equipment. You can’t link to sites selling firearms, ammunition or peripheral equipment. The policy page is here: Policies on content featuring firearms

11. Large Amounts of Repetitive, Unsolicited, Untargeted Content

YouTube refers to this as spam and it is under the policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams (support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801973)

One thing this policy would definitely refer to is copy-pasting comments and shamelessly promoting one’s own channel in comments sections, but this is usually dealt with by issuing a commenting ban.

Some channels simply upload things like photos of a product and an automated voice reading from a promotional brochure. Such a video would not offer any kind of value whatsoever and a channel full of them could be suspended.

Uploading different language versions of the same video would not be a problem. Uploading exactly the same video on another account would also not be a problem. Uploading the exact same video in several accounts, however, could be interpreted as spam.

12. Sexual Content, Nudity and Predatory Behaviour

YouTube’s Guidelines on Nudity and Sexual Content: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2802002

Three is a lot of misunderstanding about this. Of course, being a family-oriented site, YouTube does not allow porn. When reviewing videos flagged for nudity or sexual content YouTube is not only looking at how explicit the video is, but it is also considering the purpose. As the guidelines state: “If a video is intended to be sexually provocative, it is less likely to be acceptable for YouTube.”

There are allowances for nudity and sexual material for artistic and educational purposes, but simply slapping an artistic or educational label on something doesn’t make it so.

12.1 Pornography

Obviously, it is not allowed.

12.2 Nudity

It is allowed to a certain extent depending on the purpose, though the video may be age restricted. For example, it may be allowed for educational or artistic purposes, but if the main reason for the video is sexually provocative for the sake of being sexually provocative, it may be removed and the channel associated with it punished

12.3 Fetish videos

A lot of people have turned to YouTube to explore their own fetishes or to earn money by exploiting the fetishes of others. Fetishes range from foot fetishes to emetophilia (sexual arousement via vomiting) to breastfeeding to beastiality. If the main purpose of the video appears to be to turn people on (sexually), it may violate the community guidelines related to sexual content though no nudity or sexual activity is shown. Some fetish videos are, such as foot fetish videos are not graphic at all, but would still be considered inappropriate.

12.4 Inadvertent fetish videos

These are videos that start off innocently enough, but attract a fetishistic audience. This becomes apparent in the content. For example, a guy may start of doing workout videos wearing only a pair of tight shorts in order to better show off his body. However, if the comments start becoming lewd (e.g. I love your package) and suggestive (e.g., “”Can you wear wet white cotton briefs next time?”), it can turn the video into a fetish video. The channel owner would have a choice: try to cool things off by disabling comments and wearing less provocative clothes or leave things be and and risk losing the channel.

12.5 Sexualization of minors

Children and young teens should not be presented in a sexually suggestive context. This would fall under YouTube’s policy on child endangerment (support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801999)

12.6 Inadvertent sexualization of minors

Similar to the above, a young teen running a channel may begin to pander to suggestive comments and requests not knowing they are sexual or fetishistic in nature and inadvertently create content that appeals to pedophiles.

12.7 Fetishistic playlists and playlists that sexualize minors

As mentioned earlier, it is possible for a channel to suspended based solely on playlists. If a girl uploads a video of her doing gymnastics in a leotard, that is just a gymnastics video.If someone comes along and then makes a playlist of such videos entitled “young girls stretching in leotards”, that is a lot creepier and a lot less innocent.

12.8 Predatory behaviour

This refers to adults trying to strike up relationships with minors online. This would be done via comments or messages. This would fall under YouTube’s policy on child endangerment (support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801999)

13. Violent or Graphic Content

YouTube’s Policy on Violent or Graphic Content: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2802008

This only rarely results in channel suspensions. YouTube has a high tolerance for violence provided there is some kind of context (e.g., you are reporting on people being attacked during a riot), though it is likely violent and graphic videos will be age-restricted and made ineligible for monetization. If the main purpose of the video however, is to shock people that could cause problems unless your video was clearly fictional

14. Hate Speech

YouTube’s Policy on Hate Speech: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801939

It is actually quite difficult to get a channel suspension for this (Edit 2022: This has changed. Hate speech terminations are now much more common). You have to be actively promoting violence against or hatred for a specific group based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation/gender identity.

YouTube’s policy regarding hate speech lies somewhere between the American legal system’s anything-goes free speech laws and the hate speech laws of countries like England. Thus, some American find YouTube too controlling while people in other countries may be surprised at what is allowed.

15. Harassment

YouTube’s Policy on Harassment: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2802268

YouTube is notorious for rude and ill-informed commenting. To a large extent this is allowed. There is a policy intended to protect users from harassment, but the action needs to be quite obvious and serious. If you upload a video of yourself, to a certain extent, you are pushing yourself into the public sphere and are open to the same kind of abusive comments that celebrities get. According you YouTube’s policy harassment MAY include:

  • Revealing someone’s personal information, such as their address, private email addresses, private phone numbers, passport number, or bank account information (Note: This does not include posting widely available public information, such as a public official’s office phone number)
  • Content that is deliberately posted in order to humiliate someone
  • Content that makes hurtful and negative personal comments/videos about another person
  • Content that incites others to harass or threaten individuals on or off YouTube
  • Content featuring non-consensual sex acts or unwanted sexualization
  • Content threatening specific individuals with physical harm or destruction of property
  • Content featuring abusive or threatening behavior directed at a minor
  • Sexualizing or degrading an individual who is engaged or present in an otherwise non-sexual context
  • Content claiming that specific victims of public violent incidents or their next of kin are actors, or that their experiences are false

Some of the points in the above list are meant to deter Doxxing and other forms of online attacks. It is OK to negatively comment on another channel, but if you instruct your own fans to interfere with someone else’s life and/or YouTube channel,that would be going too far.

Another form of harassment would include actual threats (YouTube’s Policy on Threats: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801947)

Blackmail is another kind of harassing behaviour and is included in YouTube’s policy on scams (support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801973)

16. Impersonation

YouTube’s Policy on Impersonation: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801947

If you impersonate another channel or user, YouTube may consider this a form of harassment and your channel may be suspended. Individuals can report impersonation to YouTube directly while businesses and organizations would need to submit a legal complaint.

17. Privacy

YouTube’s Policy on Privacy: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801895

If you receive a privacy complaint, this usually will not lead to an immediate taken down. Usually, you would be given the option to blur the faces of people in your video. For a privacy complaint to be accepted YouTube looks at how identifiable the person is as well as how public they are. For example, if someone uploads a video clip of themselves to YouTube and you use a screenshot of that video, they wouldn’t get very far making a privacy complaint.

Privacy complaints would generally only lead to a takedown if there was malicious intent as well as an invasion of privacy (and this would fall under the policy on harassment (“Maliciously recording someone without their consent.”)

18. Trademarks

Generally speaking, if you are doing a product review, you do have the right to show that product in the video (it is a kind of trademark-related fair use). The two main things to avoid would be:

  • Making your video appear to be an official or officially endorsed release. For example, ‘’Revlon’s New Lipstick Line” is potentially misleading, whereas “My Review of Revlon’s New Lipstick Line” would be a lot clearer. Also, you should avoid using trademarked logos and slogans more than necessary (e.g., don’t use the logo in the thumbnail).
  • Showing the trademarked item or logo in ways that could bring the brand into disrepute.

Trademark infringement problems are generally resolved by removing or asking you to remove problematic videos. If the trademark problem is compounded by problems related to counterfeiting (see Section 9.10), that can lead to channel suspensions.. YouTube’s trademark policy is here: support.google.com/youtube/answer/6154218

19. Abuse of Legal Processes

This kind of termination is becoming more common. It occurs when channels

  • make false copyright claims (i.e., the channel owners don’t actually own the copyright to everything they are claiming)
  • make bad-faith counter-notifications
  • make false trademark complaints
  • include false information when submitting a copyright takedown
  • include false information when submitting a counter-notification

20. TOS Section 4 Part H (outdated)

This is the part of the Terms of Service that deals with bots (used for mass uploading,viewing and/or subscribing) and also with harvesting user data. However, it used to be relatively common for YouTube to send this notification of violations unrelated to anything in that section.

21. Ineligible Channels

As mentioned earlier, channel suspensions are:

  1. given to the user
  2. are permanent
  3. affect all channels managed by that user

Thus, if you don’t resolve a channel suspension and instead keep making new channels, the very existence of the channels would be Community Guidelines/Terms of Service violations and could result in their termination.

22. Buying & Selling Channels

This would violate the terms of service.

23. Mass Flagging

By itself, a mass flagging campaign against your channel, will not work. This is because reports are reviewed before strikes and suspensions are dished out. The problem is that many channels have one or more of the many problems listed above and it only takes a few “correct” reports to bring a channel down.

24. Avoiding Channel Suspensions

Basically you just need to to do two things. The first is to ensure your channel has none of the problems listed on this page and that you closely adhere to YouTube’s terms of service and community guidelines. The second thing to do is to use the titles, description and thumbnails wisely so that if any videos of yours are flagged, the reviewer knows exactly what they are looking at and exactly what you intended.

~by longzijun


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278 thoughts on “Was Your YouTube Channel Suspended for No Reason? (A Guide to Community Guidelines-related Suspensions)

  1. I have no Strikes , no copyright , No violanted no break the policy
    I spend a lot of time , to create m recording with bandicam, editing with adobe premier pro cs 6, and uploading my videos , and get 65 subscribe .. My account suspended because no reason and i need it back because i didnt break the rules, if i did i will not talk enymore, but i didnt do anything oh my god youtube not good

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    • Since suspension [9th Jan 2021] the continuous Buffering of NO comments and recommendation section seems to be making the youtube screen flicker / move slightly from right to left every few seconds. Very annoying and hard on the eyes. Also the email from Youtube went to the Junk Email section !! Can’t be THAT trusted, can they ?

    • I got banned for commenting.
      My comments were not flaming, not hateful, nor bigoted.
      I debated using facts and common sense. I was verbally abused for my comments.

  2. I once have a youtube channel that got terminated/suspended. and youtube’s rules is once you get suspended/terminated you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts, and yeah they lived up to their rules, cause I created a youtube channel using my identity and got suspended for no reason, I guess I am really banned for life. my question is what if I create another youtube account using one of my family’s Identity? will they still suspend it? will they know it? or they will suspend all the accounts under the IP Address in our household?

    please answer. cause my sister really want to create a youtube account but I’m worried her account will just get suspend because of the IP Address.

    • I realize this is very late, however, I was reading and, well…
      “my question is what if I create another youtube account using one of my family’s Identity? will they still suspend it? will they know it?”
      “please answer. cause my sister really want to create a youtube account”

      So, you want to know if you can start another account using a family member’s identity, and that’s because your sister wants to create an account??

      If English is your native language, you can certainly do better than this because your question based on your reason is very childlike for anyone who has the ability to think and reason for themselves…

      • His English was perfectly fine and I understood his comment with ease. Your inability to read his comment has nothing to do with his ability to write in English.

    • I’m just commenting some stuff at you tube. Maybe I got into heated argument with some people. I may have insult someone at some point but I often censored some cuss word. Like Sh*t. Is it still merit a suspension. Jeez even commenting can have you be censored!.

      • Permanently suspended account for hate speech,, I am a disabled pensioner,,i have disagreed with people but not offered hate speech,, that’s not me, and they will not tell me what they think I have said that was hateful, how do I defend myself,,, talk about guilty without a trial,, England’s democratic society at its best,, what kind of person at you tube has this power to say I am guilty of hate speech??
        this is totally ridiculous in this day and age.

        • I totally agree Mr. Steve. Same here! I’ve posted my concerns throughout today. This just happened to my acct when they had their outage the other day. And after seeing posts? I’m beginning to think they were actually hacked and aren’t being truthful or concerned to do anything about it. If I don’t get answers soon from Google I’m filing a complaint with the ETC and if enough people do so we may be able to get YouTube investigated for unfair practices along with withholding breaches to our accts as a targeting mechanism to silence the masses. My humble question is how can we as viewers be held to this strict policy without the proof if infraction to any post? No warnings no proof and just permanently shutdown? Also IF you view videos of various firms they’re are alot of disrespectful, rude, notorious bullies to other Youtubers, celebrities , and other people blog via YouTube and they are even monetized and they along with Google getting paid millions and billions off their channels everyday! They can be as ugly, nasty, curse, harass other tubers, talk about others like A dog, give hate or opposition rhetoric and so on and they KEEP their channels? And we the viewer commenter get cancelled? REALLY? Theirs a law or laws being broken for sure if free speech is being revoked and selective targeting is the rule of their tax payed homeland! So again? I totally agree Mr. Steve and thank you for your service Sir. Bless you and yours and stay safe! One Love❤

        • You’re absolutely right. I am a pensioner myself and I enjoy reading other people’s comments and making comments myself. I, too, have just been banned for so called hate speech and harassment by YouTube but they offer no evidence or witnesses as to their alleged complaint. Apparently I appealed – well, I filled in a box that popped up in the e-mail that notified me that I’d been banned, and I didn’t gather my thoughts at the time. I have done now but you can’t apparently post a ‘second’ appeal. There is a massive imbalance of power here. Who do you complain to? Being accused of hate speech and harassment is a very serious matter and yet I have no power to confront my accusers. It’s wrong and I want redress and I won’t give up until I get it.

        • Steve,
          I totally agree. I too had just been permanently terminated for the same thing: hate speech, abusive and harassing comments. I’ve been on youtube for 13 years and nothing ever close to this has ever happened to me. Youtube is treating us like we’re criminals for having a brain to express our honest thoughts and opinions! Just fuckin ridiculous!

        • My account was suspended for now apparent reason with the so called accusation of hate speech which is not true on 12/25/2020# at 9:30 pm while I was listening to a music stream with my favorite Dj named Akira the Don.
          I’m an autistic person so I went to file a complaint with the people of YouTube about it so now I made a new account but it’s not the same I really miss my old one from 7 years ago now soon to be 8 years ago
          I pray and hope that my account will be restored back to how it was from before I started getting upset and I even cried I used it mostly to hear music and to study nothing else

        • Yep, so much for free speech on YT. It’s messed up how they let some say what ever the **ck they want, but drop the hammer on others when they try and do the same.

        • Yes, I do get a bit angry at some comments I read on YouTube. My ‘inappropriate’ comments are, I feel, a reaction to something far worse than ‘naughty words’ – they are aimed at folk who are not ‘mentally challenged’, but, far worse, are spiteful, nasty, people who glorify in their own ignorance. ‘Ignorance is bliss’ is too trite? I really could not care less about a person’s race/nationality/sexuality, so long as they have one iota of fundamental, human, decency – however defined. My greatest love is reading books. I can, easily, {with some regret} live without YouTube. I cannot fight a computer. Please allow me to quote, at some length, wonderful words written by a great American. I happen to be half-Scottish, and, half-German. So what? ‘Half-baked’ is OK. The great American is John Steinbeck, and, the book is ‘East of Eden’. “Sometimes a kind of glory lights up the mind of a man.” Big pause. “What must I fight for and what must I fight against?” Another pause. “I can understand why a system built on a pattern must try to destroy the free mind, for that is one thing which can by inspection destroy such a system.” Pause. “If the glory can be killed, we are lost.” Published in 1952. If interested, then see the first couple of pages of chapter 13. YouTube have provided a great service. I, genuinely, hope that they do not make complete fools of themselves by relying upon computer-based statistics. I will not let this rest. The United Kingdom is only a tiny country off the coast of Europe, but, it – and, its press/media – punches well over its weight. Please, YouTube, use some common sense – the least common of virtues. I’ve made about a thousand comments over the past {pandemic} year, and, I’m 99.99% certain that I can justify every single one. All the Best to All, including YouTube’s ‘senior executives’.

      • Yeah… I’ve never posted a video or abused anyone in the comments section. I’ve never even been suspended in 10 years. The first mystery offense and my channel was terminated. I never submitted an appeal, yet my appeal was “denied”, and I couldn’t even email them to ask why!

      • Me too but I’m not threatening nor have I ever harassed anyone. There are alot of complaints from Viewers and Youtubers of YouTube removing their channel or account. Now more than ever. I know that I’ve been targeted by a big time Youtuber. Why? Because I told the Teuth. And what really gets me? YouTube have all these community guidelines for viewers but Their Youtubers who post videos don’t have any fikters, they curse, degrade, defame people, and can be totally outlandish and disrespectful in their commentary/video posts that are monetized BUT yet if we as a viewer make a valid comment to check them for their commentary WE get our channel terminated or suspended?😲 That’s total b.s. and is a total violation of free soeech. I’m filing a complaint with the ETC because it’s totally hypocrisy for a viewer to have guidelines but the Youtubers aren’t held to the same standards wirhbtheir uploads. This is a violation of my first amendment rights. Period! Free Speech is being targeted by YouTube and it’s going past ridiculous to be able to to have THIS goings on a such high numbers of complaints I’ve read in comments by viewers. I hope YouTube is replaced real soon they need a competitor. Like Yesterday! Damn Youtube! Their playing social media God in my opinion.

  3. YT runs by BOTS …..
    we got suspend by bots and humans(workers on YT) can’t find out WHY !!!??

    “”Hi there,
    It looks like your account has been suspended for YouTube’s Terms of Service, specifically section 4H.
    This section has to do with spam practices or using robots, spiders, or other automated systems to gain views, subscribers, etc.
    Repeated violations of this or other Community Guidelines may result in exclusion from the partnership program and termination of your YouTube account.
    If you think this was a mistake and you’d like to appeal your suspension, you can submit an appeal using this form.

    If you have additional questions, feel free to reply to this email.

    Yuuki “””

    LoL :>> “using robots, spiders, or other automated systems to gain views, subscribers, etc.
    i dont have any clue about this !!?

    • Oh, that is the worst notification to receive. I get the impression that it is sometimes used randomly in place of other alleged violations. Therefore, it is very difficult to appeal.

      One relatively common thing that would fall under that notification would be providing a link to an email registration page (that would be harvesting user information).

      When you are appealing you would want to cover those areas (bots, spiders, harvesting data), but also mention other area where there are no violations. Normally when you appeal, you should focus on only the things mentioned in the notification. However, I think appealing a 4H suspension is the exception to this rule.

    • I got suspended for no reason. I went to YouTube to see I was logged off and my account said “action not allowed”. Tried to search videos, but nobody spoke English. So I went the the YouTube website to see my account was terminated, here is the message “This account has been suspended for violating Community Guidelines”. I was super confused, I never did anything wrong. I tried Gmail for some info to see messages I got when I wasn’t using my device. One said my account was disabled then the other recovered. I have a easy password for me to remember and for somebody to password guess it. I changed it immediately after that. Please help.

        • Hello Long… I’ve noticed you’ve been very helpful in helping commenters get some info or direction to follow up…

          My issue is most recently Google had a breach/system down issue that I read today happened again.

          Well after that I received two conflicting messages… via my YouTube channel it says “Couldn’t log in try removing and readding your acct” try again! Hours later I recieve a message from YouTube my account is permanently terminated😲 For what?

          Now I am a known commenter and I am subscribed to many Youtubers and am known in the YouTube streets to bring substance and truth to a video post to Youtubers.

          I’m also clever with words not to make a comment that would be harrassing, threatening or vulgar. Because I don’t have to do so although from a person’s interputation they may feel a certain way like in they feelings. Oh well right!

          I said ALL THAT to say… Most recently a blogger did a very disrespectful posts with obscenities and degrading commentary that made me as woman feel like he took it too far and based on his video alot of people in the thousands mostly women unsubscribed and so did I! However I did so with a comment to my reasons why,also with a check towards him for being so disrespectful. He deserved every word. He didn’t have a filter and at least I had IT with am emoji here and there 😉.

          Anyway… He us working for in contract another big time blogger who is currently being sued by Cardi B and is known to be Notorious with her harassment and defamation towards celebrities and other bloggers and she gets to monetize and make money from such posting and as a viewer WE can’t comment without our account being suspended or terminated?

          Again bull💩! That’s unfair and should be considered a violation of free speech in YouTube’s case selective targeting of viewership. They should be fined, sued, and held accountable for their violation to free speech! Period!

          Finally, my issue besides wanting answers to why I’ve been permanently shutdown is how do I appeal it because The url they gave me was invalid and therefore I couldn’t and can’t submit the form to appeal it per their appeal process. I personally think my acct has been hacked if that’s the case. The url isn’t valid that they gave me to submit an appeal?

          Question? What does that mean? Also what other measures can I take besides and before reporting them to the FTC that you can provide to actually give Google the opportunity to get tge answer to the wth from Youtube. I consider myself an VIP with my connections in the Youtube community to get help and understanding to THIS and all my concerns.

          And btw… Thank you in advance for any and all advice you can render with my issue.

          One Love❤ Also Happy Holidays to You and All postees🤗😗

      • Same. I mean, come on YouTube! Also, I got ZERO notifications AT ALL except when I logged on, it was signed out. I tried to log on, and it sent me to appeal screen. I checked my email connected to the account. nothing at all. The only things I really watch are family-friendly channels like Laurenzside and LDshadowlady. My channels video are still up though. IM CONFUSED!!!

      • i have same thing exactly the same they email me and say ur account is unbanned and then after they send saying its still banned. and my one account un banend and main one banned same as you even though i never posted any video just watched videos so how can i be in breach of t&cs? I think we got hacked or something

      • I actually think it’s funny that I got suspended, yet I dont say anything inappropriate, while someone who says something nasty especially about a child, still gets access. This is a joke.

        • I cried and still can’t stop crying. I used my account for 5 years and they took all of my stuff away, when I was the one abused.

          The one who harassed me is still online, but he threatened me 2 times that he will make YT cancel my channel and he succeeded.
          Maybe he works for them?

          I don’t know whom to talk to. I appealed and they rejected me and told me not to appeal anymore.

        • Lona, what did the message YouTube sent you say was the reason for your channel being terminated? I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess “Hateful and/or harassing comments” Yes? If so, then you are like me and the million plus others who had their channels terminated between September and now so YouTube could have an excuse to roll out some new feature that uses a bot to block “hate comments” based on what users flag as “hateful comments”. According to YouTube, the claim to have banned some million plus accounts for “hateful comments” this quarter, claiming YouTube is plagued with “hate speech”

    • To whom it may concern,

      I too had my channel very recently terminated for what YT claims was multiple violations of its TOS, without actually given any explanation regarding what content I posted meets the criteria of said violation(s). I have had my channel only 6 weeks and the playlists that I uploaded were only of songs as well as a few clips from concerts. I am extremely green (new) to YouTube and was unaware of the changes in their TOS. Certainly the administrators can make an exception.

      If I’m not mistaken, such violations warrant only a warning or strike; unfortunately, YouTube chose to bypass the strike rule and permanently terminate my channel. That’s contradictory to their policy! I intend to appeal, possibly also seek legal remedies to have the termination reverse (uphill battle notwithstanding).

  4. HI longzijun ,

    I don’t have any idea, maybe is my account hacked ,i don’t know :s

    Google had my acc suspended , they asked my tel.number, i give them my tel.number to verify my account
    And from then, everyday calling me RUSSIAN numbers with land code +7 from burundi +257, Hungary +36……etc ,(all sex call centers)…

    -Before i didn’t have never such calls …I assume that GOOGLE aka YT sells our phone numbers !!

    -I’m investigation this matter further with state bodies in my country, If its shows that GOOGLE sells the tel.num, or maybe the GOOGLE SERVERS hacked by Russian hackers ,than they have a BIG problem with EU law.

    have nice day .

        • I don’t even post videos or rag on people too hard. I don’t use slurs. No clue how my shit got nuked. Its annoying.

      • I totally agree Mr. Steve. Same here! I’ve posted my concerns throughout today. This just happened to my acct when they had their outage the other day. And after seeing posts? I’m beginning to think they were actually hacked and aren’t being truthful or concerned to do anything about it. If I don’t get answers soon from Google I’m filing a complaint with the ETC and if enough people do so we may be able to get YouTube investigated for unfair practices along with withholding breaches to our accts as a targeting mechanism to silence the masses. My humble question is how can we as viewers be held to this strict policy without the proof if infraction to any post? No warnings no proof and just permanently shutdown? Also IF you view videos of various firms they’re are alot of disrespectful, rude, notorious bullies to other Youtubers, celebrities , and other people blog via YouTube and they are even monetized and they along with Google getting paid millions and billions off their channels everyday! They can be as ugly, nasty, curse, harass other tubers, talk about others like A dog, give hate or opposition rhetoric and so on and they KEEP their channels? And we the viewer commenter get cancelled? REALLY? Theirs a law or laws being broken for sure if free speech is being revoked and selective targeting is the rule of their tax payed homeland! So again? I totally agree Mr. Steve and thank you for your service Sir. Bless you and yours and stay safe! One Love❤ night Update Long: Yes that is the same page BUT as I mentioned it won’t allow me to submit it because it’s saying the url is invalid and it’s the url they gave me in the email to me to submit with my appeal? Again? Isn’t that a big indicator for some of us having the same exact issue since their little outage aka breach my say😉 allegedly speaking quite suspect? Alot of people are having the same issue, just since that happened? I’m just trying to reach out? Do you think writing a letter would get an answer?

        • I am in the same boat. Was suspended last night for no specified reason beyond “violating community guidelines”, wherein they do not even specify any reason why. I cannot even effectively utilize their own appeals process because I literally have no clue what I was “suspended” aka banned over. I post no videos, so it had to be a comment, but I have no idea what comment or even it was even a singular comment that got me suspended or when it occurred, or on what video, or even how my comment was supposedly so egregious that it warranted a no-warning “suspension”!

          Witnessing some strange stuff on my end as well since:

          On my end the Youtube comments sections are not even loading at all, for ANY video. Its a perpetual loading loop that never stops, yet the Chrome tabs do not show them as “loading”. I saw a few times a message in the bottom left corner saying “returned error” but that’s it.

          The recommended list also does not load beyond the initial set of videos if I scroll down, but the videos that are there do work if you click on them.

          And the generic sidebar which should be on the left even if my account is disabled is not even showing up on the main page of Youtube.

          The videos themselves play perfectly fine, the search engine is fine, and pretty much all of the other functions related to the videos themselves are fine, but those things are not working ever since I restarted my computer since I was “suspended” yesterday.

          I know its not a problem with my internet or computer since other sites all appear to be fine, and load in fine, and my connection is perfect, and over on Bitchute all comments are fine, so it must be something on Youtube’s end.

          But I have no idea what the cause is.

          And I am finding countless people all saying the same things about being suspended for no reason. They have no clue why they were suspended, many like me have been on for years, never had any issues, and many of us are no strangers to “heated” discussions on Youtube. But suddenly now BAM!

          Some are theorizing its on account of recent political events in the US and commenting on them in particular ways, but there doesn’t seem to be a firm commonality, and doesn’t make sense why this would somehow be the ONE issue that Youtube mass-targets comments over when quite literally they have done this for NO other political issue on Earth of this kind, to my knowledge, and have made no official changes to their policies with regards to comments! They have for videos, but they have not done this for comments.

          Unless we’re to assume that the message they put out to actual partners or people producing monetized VIDEO content wherein they supposedly cannot question or otherwise promote the opinion that Donald Trump lost the election on account of fraud or any other reason on any NEW videos (meaning it would not be retroactively applied), applied to ALL comments from ALL channels as well even if they do not make ANY video content. Which was not what was implied, nor does it seem to be what Tim Pool (a Creator who does political commentary who reached out to Youtube for clarification) got in his response, which was that (apparently) in your videos you can STILL claim that there was widespread voter fraud, or you can still say that Trump won . . . but you CANNOT say that Trump lost because there was widespread voter fraud! . . . Which regardless should openly violate section 230 anyway because they’re openly dictating what content you can and cannot make without being banned on the platform. But that’s besides the point.

          Because here is the thing: This is total theorizing! I was never notified of any changes in my email or account as to what I was allowed to COMMENT on with regards to that topic, not even on the date that everyone else who makes video content supposedly got that email if they were a content creator making videos. And not merely, “Oh I didn’t get an email the day of”, no I have NEVER gotten an email from Google or Youtube with regards to any changes about what I’m allowed to post in comments, and certainly nothing these last few months.

          Not to mention, if that WERE the reason, why couldn’t they have specified what comment that was that was apparently so egregious that I deserved an immediate ban on those grounds?

          It makes no sense, and its an outrage regardless.

    • My account was suspended after Google services went down and came back up recently. The url they gave me to file an appeal wasn’t even valid according to their message error and I wasn’t even able to file an appeal. I really think YouTube/Google was hacked and their not reporting IT as such. They have no valid reason for terminating my account. And if their going to flag your account they should at least tell you what comment post they consider a violation. And also if they are going to suspend/terminate based on commentary they should start with terminating comment options with viewers. I watch wayyy more videos than I comment on. To me they are out of order for such a infraction towards free speech. I’ve seen threats, I’ve been threatened to a degree but I never reported IT, it’s free speech and they don’t know me like THAT to do such a thing. In short? You got all sorts of crazies who make weird comments or no brainer comments. And some who get sensitive if you reply back and tell them to kick rocks or something. YouTube is out of control and they need a revamp and a replacement. Period!

      • I’m in a similar situation, as well as many others, and many of us are not even US citizens.

        Had an account on Youtube for years, probably nearly a decade, I cannot even remember its been so long. Never had any issues, never posted any videos, merely made “liked” playlists of other creators’ works for my private viewing and posted comments. Never used slurs, never threatened anyone, never promoted hatred against any minorities or religious groups, nothing. I would swear and sometimes get into heated discussions in political channels, but never to a point where I ever felt I went beyond what was considered to be “the norm” for such channels, and certainly not to the degree some people with channels where they actually produce videos have gone.

        I was suspended yesterday evening, no explanation beyond “you violated community guidelines”, no specific instance(s) cited, no warnings, nothing. Just a list of their community guidelines of what content they don’t allow, nothing saying what I specifically violated. And if I try to go to the “sign in” page, I get redirected to a Google page where among other things they say they can suspend any account for no reason at all. (Although to be noted, it is merely my Youtube account that is suspended, not my Google account).

        I don’t even see a point in their appeal system, because I don’t even know what I specifically did that supposedly broke any rules! I have no idea what I did differently than anything else in my years of being online, I have no clue if it was a “repeated instance” or a “severe instance”, I have no idea WHICH guideline I broke, and I have absolutely no clue what comment to what video it was in regards to or even when it occurred! (Nor can I seem to access them, because ever since I restarted my computer since last night, I cannot even see ANY comments on ANY Youtube video at all! The videos play fine, but the comments sections are just perpetually in a loading loop and the sidebar is blank. And I know its not my internet because again the comments play fine on other sites like Bitchute and other sites, and functions that involve my internet in general are no different. SOMETHING is up with Youtube specifically.)

        Imagine if this were a real-world scenario with a cop: They pull you over and charge you with a crime, but they give you absolutely no details as to what crime you actually committed, and just throw the entire criminal code at you saying: “Yea we’re not gonna tell you what crime you committed, even though you’re being charged with a crime. And if you want to appeal it. you’re gonna need to figure out what you did yourself because we won’t give you any information on what you did. Oh, and you better damn well hope you guess correctly, because you only have a limited number of appeals and a limited space in which to fill them out, which may or may not warrant a boiler-plate response from a machine, just like our boiler-plate order here.” . . . Yea, it would never happen, would it?

        How about they just tell me to go screw myself? Because that’s essentially what they’ve done in more polite terms.

        If this not a hack, or a higher-up employee with access going off the deep-end for some reason, then the only other conclusion I can draw upon is that Youtube is abusing a significant section of its own user base and just assuming they can get away with it because they are largely targeting relative “nobodies” like us and they have a clause in their own rules that says they can do whatever the hell they want. Not to anyone with any big channels or massive fan-bases, but people who just have accounts purely for commenting and other metric involvement like subscriptions and likes.

        But as you said, its baffling, because there are channels on Youtube, many of them even partnered or at least monetized, that have committed just as bad of “guideline violations” (if we’re to interpret them broadly as is only natural since Youtube seems incapable of providing any detailed concrete explanation for why I and many others were banned) if not even worse because of the fact that they are actively creating video content for countless people to watch which is the entire point of the platform . . . some of them are even mainstream sources! Apparently THEY are okay, but a relative nobody comment-maker whose comments by and large are unlikely to be seen by the overwhelming majority of viewers on Youtube REGARDLESS of its content because of how its own comment system works, is such a threat to the “community” of youtube at large, that I deserve to be banned with absolutely no warning or detailed explanation at all . . .

        That’s the worst part of it for me, the fact that there is literally no specific explanation of what I even did to get banned that was so severe that they just did it. For all I know, they literally just hated my username, made an assumption of who I was, and nuked me. They couldn’t have even asked me to change my name in that case, nope, its just gone!

        • From a UK Youtube user. Suspended last Saturday morning [at least the Email arrived sat morn at 2.29 am 9th Jan 2021. Last used Youtube around 6pm on the 8th] ”We have reviewed your content [content ? None of the videos are mine] and found severe OR repeated violations of…etc.” I’ve Uploaded NOTHING – EVER, so it’s not a video. It must have been A SINGLE comment that must of been ”severe” or ”REPEATED.” If repeated then why no earlier warning for me to back off to avoid suspension ? If ‘severe’ then I’m being accused of being a stalker, racist, bully…i.e. Defamation !! If only I – WE – TOGETHER, had a Billion or Two to hire a lawyer…………

  5. Hello,

    We have looked into your request and found that you have recently sent an
    appeal. Please wait for the result of your current appeal. If it has
    already been decided, please refer to that outcome. Note: You cannot appeal
    a second time.

    The YouTube Team

  6. Hi I have a problem, I was suspended from my Youtube account and have no idea why. My account is only new and I have no video content on it and I barely made any comments on other channels. The ones I did make guaranteed were not offensive or worthy of suspension. I don’t know if it’s possible that accidental spam could be attached to the problem as I have posted the same comment more than once. But still….is that bad enough to get suspension? I also don’t know if it’s possible that my account got hacked as I was signed out of my google account suddenly a few days ago and I have no clue why. It said suspicious activity was detected from my account as in trying to sign in on more than one device. That was very odd because I did not at any point sign in on another device. I don’t know what to do. They say best chance of getting around suspension is to point out the problem but I genuinely don’t know what it is.

    • it is likely related to

      (a) What you just mentioned–hacking–so give as much detail about that as possible in your appeal or
      (b) Problems with a previously owned account (if you had an old or alternate account suspended in the past, the suspension applies to all accounts/channels you own or create) or
      (c) Copy-pasting comments can also lead to suspensions, but it would depend on what was in the comment and how many times you posted it. if there were any links in the comment, that could definitely cause a ‘spam’ problem.

      • Hello sir my account got suspended even thugh I didn’t upload anything zjust randomn comments, if one can’t comment and fear one can be suspended for permanently why one need tow este time on a platform like. Yt and create a circle of friends and know how abt channel that too. Without telling us which actually caused us banned for life? Isn’t there any way to get back account as I dojt know abt my account which for suspended it’s url that I can appeal and that I heard one have one appeal so how much chances of recovering it. Because if its so then I’d better leave nit to waste my time on yt, as I needed the channel and my subscription for years.
        I got an email later that I have recovered my email, so is this recovery will give me back my yt channel, as I had one other channel and its working so should I appeal or not to ban it even what is so far working, kindly guide me.

        • Hello sir my account got suspended even thugh I didn’t upload anything just randomn comments, if one can’t comment and fear one can be suspended for permanently why one need to allow comments without telling which code and comment is right and wrong as per yt standard?
          I got an email later that I have recovered my email, so is this recovery will give me back my yt channel, as I had one other channel and its working so should I appeal or not ?to ban it even what is so far working, kindly guide me.

        • You message isn’t clear. Was your Google account suspended first or was your YouTube channel suspended first? What exactly did the suspension message say?

  7. Hi Longzijun, thanks for your response.

    Firstly I can’t determine that my account was hacked into for definite although this notice that I received appeared odd. I cannot go back into my account to investigate if there is content on it I don’t recognize because I no longer have access to it frustratingly.

    However in relation to the same comment I posted, it wasn’t an abusive post, contained no foul language, threats or anything towards other users. The comment was posted in response to a debate over whether a certain actor’s comments “were gay” and I made a post explaining the irony of the whole actresses in Hollywood caught trading roles for sex and yet an actress is being labelled “gay and weird” because she is 23 and won’t date. I did copy and paste that response to a few people who said the same thing as food for thought. And honestly this is the only thing I can think of that I might have done wrong although I think YouTube took very extreme actions against me for that if so but if that’s one of the rules then I certainly wouldn’t attempt that again as I was unaware.

    My other channel was not previously suspended. The reason I made my second channel recently is because I had my other account for a long time with no content and I wanted a fresh start with a new account because I was considering building a channel. It never made it that far however and I have this account only a couple of weeks.

    My first account actually only got suspended when my second one did as they are both under my name.

    And I’m afraid I might have made the situation worse because I sent in an application already and I admit I didn’t go into much detail because I asked them to review it for themselves, thinking they would see I clearly wrote or did nothing to warrant that.

    Well now they sent me an emailing telling me my account is still suspended and I can’t try to appeal it again which I was surprised about to say the least. I also think I may have filled it out incorrectly because I didn’t put in the google account email, I used my gmail and I discovered afterwards that I wasn’t supposed to.

    I really am in a huge pickle and I don’t even know how or why I find myself in this situation. Is there any hope for me or an option to appeal again at all? I’m really desperate at this stage because the more I am reading about others’ experiences, the more bleak this sounds.

    Also I have to add there after what you said that I didn’t post links in any comments I wrote. It’s possible I was flagged by people who didn’t appreciate me calling them out or that my copy pasting was seen as spam or bot behavior.

    I’m even more frustrated that they suspended my old account too however because it had all my channel subscriptions and people I followed on it.

    If you have any advice I would be grateful.

  8. Oh and one other thing, I just read on the YouTube support site that you are supposed to get warning emails when you get a strike for doing something wrong. And if you get 3 strikes your account gets terminated for multiple breaches. Well I never received a single email to notify me that I even got one strike on either of my accounts. It was just automatically removed.

    • YouTube could make it clearer. On this page, however, it is stated that a single violation can lead to a channel termination (in this case, there is no warning or strike) : https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2802168

      “Community Guidelines terminations
      Reasons accounts are terminated:

      Repeated violations of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service
      A single case of severe abuse (such as predatory behavior or spam)
      Accounts dedicated to a policy violation (hate speech, harassment, impersonation, etc)”

  9. So it’s possible that just one case that they consider spamming can be deleted without warning? That seems a little harsh to be honest. I know it’s their rules but I never intended for my comments to come across as malicious spamming. And as I said, I never threatened anyone or used abusive language, they can check it out for themselves and see that.

    I decided instead of filling out that form again that I would reply in email form to try and explain the situation and the fact that I left out important info in the appeal form. If I don’t get any reply I don’t know what to do because apparently it’s forever.

    Would you recommend that I fill out a second appeal for my old channel? I haven’t done so yet but if they wanted to investigate both of them it might help. I haven’t used my old channel in a good while but the last comment on that was the owner of an avian channel liking my comment.

    I think I deserve an explanation at least.

    • pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me I’ll do anything I have so much ideas I’m just trying to become a popular artist so bad it’s been my dream all my life what is it that I have to do I’ll do anythingggggg my biggest challenges have been just being able to be comfortable filming myself and being filmed and being myself and getting over depression to have the will and motivation to make this art and it’s all that I’m insanely passionate about and I’m trying to be active and completely change that now bc I’m starting to make a lot better music I’m just so desperate right now and I didn’t really violate any terms and am willing to make any necessary adjustments just please someone really look into my channel and talk to me my life is literally in your hands and I’m not AT ALL someone that wants to break rules and violate terms pleaseeee work with meeeee ILL DO ANYTHINGGGGGGG

      • I contacted team youtube on twitter for my suspension and they said they’ll re review my channel after denying the appeal

      • Yeah, & even I just wanted to finish off a made up movie on my YouTube channel (which was just a long gaming video in actuality), before it got suspended for claims of multiple or severe violations on nudity or sexual content.

        I even gave this movie a title…

        The Woman and the Fourteen Men

        This fake film was on Roblox, of course. It took place on the game called Doctor Who: TARDIS Flight Classic (because I’m a Whovian, as you can see).

        There was more I was going to add to the movie, before YouTube completely fucked if up for me; introductions to other characters; a big battle; a sacrifice; an entire epilogue; a regeneration at the end. But YouTube ruined my chances of finishing this masterpiece of mine! & thanks to them, I haven’t been adding more scenes to my movie, FOR 2 FUCKING MONTHS!!! Especially considering they won’t stop rejecting my appeals, even though I have told them EVERYTHING they need to know, about a number of times already!

        I’m desperately wanting my channel back!

        I have explained to YouTube that my outfit only disappeared in a Roblox video, with a complete lack of tits & cocks & that I didn’t make it happen; I have explained to YouTube that I was only given a warning, but was never given any Community Guideline strikes; I have explained to YouTube that I once criticized this user called Rennie Williams, whose content actually WAS violating their nudity or sexual content policy; I have explained to YouTube that I’ve never done anything sexual on my channel, because I’ve looked up sexuality on the internet & it sounded very crude for something I would’ve uploaded to my channel. But I just get the same fucking response, claiming they reviewed my channel & have confirmed that it violates their sex & nudity policy!

        This might not even be humans sending me emails… It might be bots, for all we know.

        So I’m going to need explaining for the situation I’m in… How to get my appeal accepted, & how to get a human to review it.

  10. Oh and actually in the email I got it mentioned multiple breaches of the community guidelines, it didn’t mention singular. That’s actually quite confusing for me because like I said, I haven’t used my old account in a long time and haven’t engaged in any malicious behavior and my new account is the same. I only had it running a couple of weeks and commented on 3 videos with the most “controversial” if you like being the video debate I mentioned to you.

    If I did have “multiple breaches” why did I get no warning? Although none of it makes sense to me in all honesty.

  11. This is probably important to mention actually. My Google + account is erased too. I got this email just before the YouTube one but I presumed the reason why that was erased is because it is linked to my YouTube account. I don’t and never have used Google +. But since you have to submit your google + specific email in your application rather than gmail, this has been impossible for me to find.

    • It should be the other way around. A YouTube suspension doesn’t normally affect the Google account. However, if the Google account is taken down it always takes the YouTube channels with it. The first step would be to appeal the Google account termination.

  12. Hi Longzijun,

    Just thought I would let you know the good news that my account that was accused of being at fault for spam has been unsuspended.

    The Google + by the way was a false alarm, I was using it on desktop and I think I had not logged in. It’s automatically working on my phone.

    Thank you for your advice. I found out that the error was actually with my old YouTube being accused of spam and as I had not logged into my emails in a while, I thought that my new channel was the one at fault.

    So I appealed on my old channel. I knew that I had not engaged in any of the scams or spams or deceptive actions that my account had been accused of so I carefully included every rule and explained how I had not participated in these practices.

    My email came today saying that it had been reviewed again and unsuspended. It just goes to show that humans can make mistakes too and that it’s one of those things.

    Thank you for being supportive throughout this. It made me doubt myself quite a lot but I knew that I had never committed multiple rule breaks of the description they said and was careful to review this myself.

    My newer channel is still terminated however due to my old account being terminated. Will this lift now that the issue has been resolved or does another appeal need to be submitted?

    I would also be concerned that in the future, they might confuse this as being the violating channel and suspend others in the future. I want all my channels cleared.

    Thank you for your help and patience. Also thank you for answering my questions directly. YouTube help can sometimes ignore your question.

    • Yes, you need to get all channels cleared. It should be done automatically. If the new one doesn’t get cleared in a day or two, you better appeal that one as well (BTW, there is still the slight possibility that the two channels were suspended independently of one another).

      • Thank you Ling for replying to one of my posts via here. I’m just learning how to navigate through THIS forum and may have closed it? Idk… But hopefully you remember my post. No I don’t see that link as the link to file the form… it says something different but has the YouTube association in regards to the page. Can you resend the link so I can try it again via the link for disabled accts. Thank You! Btw… YouTube needs to hire you to be a part of their team to resolve concerns and mediate for them in reversing suspensions via a probation terms si😁 They really are losing millions in revenue possibly billions to their bottom line by doing so. Like I said… I see all kinda Youtubers who violate their guidelines everyday in everyway! So I have an issue with them targeting someone who isn’t threatening, harrassing, or being like pervertly foul or disrespectful and major so on’s. But freedom of speech oh hell no! They riding both animals on their policy and guidelines and what’s good for the goose should be fair game to the gander! Ijs… But SERIOUSLY though there is something afoot, foul, whacky and Jacky about all these people even before NOW I’ve read in commentary that are having serous issues with YouTube and their blatant terminations without rhyme, reason, or proof to the viewers or channels being targeted from behind the vail. Ijs… Thanks for the reply and also I subscribed. I think😉 Confirm please if I did do IT!

  13. Hi great blog you have some great info for fellow youtubers and you seem very knowledgable on how to approach YouTube… can you please advise me on what to do my YouTube channel has been demonetized for resubmitted ineligible videos but I didn’t resubmit videos because those videos I got a review because of yellow doller sign were manually approved and green doller symbol was applied I really do believe this is a mistake on YouTube’s part is there any way I can appeal it as I’m losing out on a lot of money £200-£300 per day for something I believe I have been caught up in, my channel does not break any rules please I need your help. I am willing to pay CASH to anyone who can help reinstate my monetisation as I have done nothing wrong channels that’s produce the same content as me have still got ads why me I am innocent. Also I have started a thread on YouTube product forums and I’m getting told it’s usually permanent but I know of at least 10 channels that had channel demonetizatun and are now having ads on there videos please I’m desperate for your help I can provide a email address if you prefer to contact me that way Thank you in advance I have nowhere else to turn PLEASE

    • For that message, it usually means YouTube suspects you did not own the commercial rights to everything you were trying to monetize (the word ‘resubmit’ may be misleading).

      • Thank you so much for getting back to me…ok we didn’t have a email when we were demonetized it says in the YouTube dashboard “monetisation is disabled due to repeated submission of ineligible videos and or insufficient documentation “ what do you advise I do will deleting the videos reinstate monetisation even though I havnt gone against YouTube TOS . I really do appreciate your time thank you again

        • Oh…that channel does not seem to be monetizable. YouTube implemented new guidelines a couple of months ago dealing with the use of trademarked characters and weird videos for children (e.g., in your thumbnail for the most recent video, you have a crocodile emerging from the stomach of a man).

          This was in response to an ad boycott known as ‘elsagate’.

          View at Medium.com

          In terms of monetization, that channel is basically finished. In my opinion, basically, you have a choice of deleting everything, keeping the subscribers and starting from scratch (and hoping the monetization ban isn’t permanent), starting a new channel or simply continue what you are doing (without monetization). In any case, you will need to tone down the weirdness a LOT and not rely so much on trademarked characters.

  14. Thank you for taking a look at my channel and sparing your time to look into it for me, I still don’t understand why they would just demonetize and not terminate if we were breaking rules. Thanx again

    • The channel isn’t breaking any rules (as far as I can see)…it is just not totally suitable for the target age group (and that whole genre is being demonetized).

      • Well that’s the annoying part my target age group is 13 plus as I cut up squishy toys as this was a trend and still is and thought adding in the mr doh toy was different to most as a huge YouTubeer toy genie did the exact same so thought oooo this looks fun let’s give it a go I never thought that the mr doh itself would mean targeting younger children the thing that’ grinds on me most is that a whole bunch of huge youtubers have jumped on the bandwagon and guess what they still have ads on the exact same content as mine do I delete and hope to regain monetisation? Thanks again you have been amazing taking time to help :-)

        • That is exactly the genre that is being demonetized (videos more appropriate for 13+ but using kids toys and characters and therefore drawing in a large audience of very young children). In the next few months. YouTube will be doing a lot of channel monetization reviews, so I expect a lot of the channels you are talking about will be demonetized in the process. The demonetization process for your genre started late last year.

          You will need to think about where you go from here.

        • Right ok I’m starting to understand abit more now so say I did just cutting up squishy toys would this too be demonetized? Its so disheartening that people who have copied my videos are earning on videos I created and my expense as they have ads but they are my videos on fake channels but I can’t earn. Thank you again much appreciated really is :-)

    • It will likely be demonetized. It is ‘better’ than your channel in that it doesn’t feature so many trademarked children’s characters and the thumbnails are more appropriate. It is ‘worse’ than your channel in that it treats scissors as a kind of toy and models a kind of destructive behavior to children.

      To be frank, this whole genre is problematic and the videos really should not be monetized. The main focus of such channels is on things like views, thumbnails, ease of production, tags and monetization. The videos are mainly viewed by young children, but there is very little attention paid to things like intellectual stimulation, creativity, socialization skills or moral development. Children’s programming should be more responsible (think of shows like Sesame Street, Blues Clues, the Electric Family, Dora the Explorer and the Wiggles, etc.). That is why I said you need to rethink your channel concepts.

  15. My account was suspended and I still don’t understand why!
    I appealed and was told it would remain suspended. All I did was publish my portrait art and I got suspended. No nudity, vulgarity or gore. It’s sad, actually.

  16. Excellent article although if YT still don’t tell you exactly why they suspended the account even after making an appeal to find out why? then whats the point – you really are at the mercy of someone who just clicks “ban” for something to do? – terrible service and now Im off to upload on Vimeo and Daily Motion – I relly hope YT’s new streaming service does well !!!!

  17. My name is ‘wayne cabrera’ has channel channel/UCb-o4N29MDlC8qGKq85bpdQ) has been suspended due to someone complaining I violated the copyright. Actually, my videos made by myself have a lot of content that people love and follow. I followed the steps of following the instructions but received an automated message. I have all the evidence to prove but I do not know how to do that when youtube just respond to the template automatically. is considering . 7 days. YouTube responds to my videos that violate the community. But actually those videos have content that helps children learn and entertain. has been censored by the youtube staff and has reported that the content is friendly. When I asked to restore the channel, YouTube created a new channel for me. I feel so disappointed. until now I no longer get feedback. I do not know what the outcome will be. All my friends who are watching me are wanting youtube to recover their account. I need to talk to someone so that I can prove my account is not infringing. Look forward to the support of somebody. thank you

  18. My account got suspended with no content on it at all – no video uploads, no playlists, no publicly liked videos, no logo or pictures used as avatars. Nothing. So I can only assume I got suspended for a comment I made (no idea what, though, as I don’t use profanities nor make offensive, abusive or judgemental comments). Freedom of speech…

  19. Unfortunately, it looks like there is nothing more to do, though you can try to appeal again (as it won’t hurt). It looks like you are permanently suspended, If you want to run a channel again, the usual workaround is to get someone else to take care of all the administrative work (e.g., setting up the account and channel and adsense, uploading videos, commenting, promotion etc), with your job being to produce the videos only.

  20. Respected youtube team.
    Sir my channel is suspended without any reason i dont know the reason of suspension of my channel.fo please sir help me i promise to you i never do any thing wrong and i dont do anything mistake.sir i have do any thing mistake please sir forgive me and give me my channel back i was statrting work on my channel original work original videos i uploaded sir you can check my account again i have no copywrite.sir now i requst please sir give me back my channel please sir please

  21. Respected youtube team.
    Sir my channel is suspended without any reason i dont know the reason of suspension of my channel.so please sir help me i promise to you i never do any thing wrong and i dont do anything mistake.sir if i have do any thing mistake please sir forgive me and give me my channel back i was statrting work on my channel original work original videos i uploaded sir you can check my account again i have no copywrite.sir now i requst please sir give me back my channel please sir please

  22. Hi longzijun. Thanks for the article. Today I mistakenly changed the birth year on our google account connected to our YouTube channel to 2016. Google promptly suspended the account thinking that I was a 2-year old. I followed their restoration process quickly using a credit card and everything seemed back to normal. Upon heading to YouTube, I found that all of our videos were gone. I can still see our channel, and our subscriber and viewership numbers are still there, but the videos are gone. My wife submitted the appeal request but I would really appreciate some insight as we wait. Does it seem like we will get our videos back?

  23. My YouTube account was blocked because i criticaly commented on a blasphemic video and a video that seeks to damage a person – phedophilia – without any hard proof. i have plenty of YouTube video and comment experience. You can get strikes or be blocked for reasons that lack any rationale because of that it is best to put not to much energy in your YouTube stuff, and don’t make to much of it when you are blocked, those in control are confused and out of touch with reality.

  24. Hi, Longzijun.
    Thanks to your writing, it helped me a lot. Thank you very much.
    I have a question.
    I heard that I cannot have a channel on the same account, same number.
    Is it impossible for my family to start YouTube at my home IP address?

    Here’s my situation.
    I posted a thank you comment on all the comments that morning to thank my friend for leaving comments on my video.
    I think I recognized it as spam because I wrote thank you comments on all the comments.
    Without warning, my channel was shut down for violating the Community Guide.
    I appealed, but. it was decided that your account would remain suspended in accordance with the YouTube Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.
    I got this answer. I know there is no way to recover.
    And I’ve heard that I can’t have a channel all my life.
    Can’t my family have a YouTube channel, too?
    Thank you for reading it.

    • Posting thank you comments on your own channel shouldn’t cause a problem. To prevent potential misunderstandings, you can have a friend set up a channel (rather than a family member with the same IP). Your friend would then be responsible for all things related to channel management and your job would be to supply videos for uploading.

  25. Thank you for your answer!
    My sister wants to start YouTube. Then can she have trouble making channels because of me?
    “To prevent potential misunderstandings” you said.
    You mean this has a high probability of a problem?

  26. Well, I can tell you for certain that YouTube isn’t following it’s own rules. I read every word of this blog post, and I watched every second of the posted video. A week ago, after February of 2019 when they say the strike system is in place, my account mysteriously gets suspended. I appealed twice, and both times was denied by bots (if they weren’t bots, they were humans with HORRIBLE reading comprehension skills). It took me a week of prodding to find out that they’re claiming one of my videos violated community guidelines. None of them did. I only posted about six videos in the 11 years I had the account, and they were all docile. The last video was me reviewing a book. No music, no graphics, just my talking head for 40 minutes talking about the book and its author. That’s it.

    But, my account gets suspended. No strikes, no warnings, no nothing. Nothing even close to an explanation until a week after it happened, and even that is very vague. So, whoever decided to ban my account obviously never watched the video in this blog post.

  27. Same thing happened to me this morning. We bought another chromecast last night, set it up, and used it to watch a 1986 movie called Space Camp that popped up as a suggested video after I watch a video I uploaded of my time at adult Space Camp. This morning, my google home mini never started the morning routine I had set up. When I tried saying Hey google, she kept telling me there was something wrong or a glitch had happened. Found out that both my google and youtube accounts were suspended because I supposedly violated the community guidelines. Google restored my main google account quickly but youtube won’t!? Why!? It won’t mention what the actual infraction was. Same thing with the appeals response. They just stated that they are sticking to the suspension without telling me what rule I am in violation of. I can’t view the infraction on my account because I can’t sign in on my youtube account. With the new strike system in place, how come I didn’t get a warning or a strike first? It sucks getting punished when you don’t know why. There is absolutely no transparency here, which is funny because they posted that they will be transparent about strikes or account suspensions. It’s like the police putting you in jail and only saying that you broke the law, without context. I don’t monetize anything so that better not be the reason. I create videos of our family trips, playstation 4 uploads, and Make A WIsh reveals/send-offs.

    After reading forums and the guidelines, it may have been for multiple tags, but each of these have to do with the video in question. There are some copyright marks but I’ve disputed every one and they stayed on my account as monetized by owner but no restrictions. I have received a strike back in 2013 due to multiple videos being uploaded on my account. These vides titles weren’t even in english and the appeal worked. However, when I asked them to remove the strike as a reply, I got an undeliverable message from google. That’s it!! Since then, there are 0 warnings or strikes sent to my gmail or yahoo (backup) accounts. These videos are mainly intended for friends and families but are open to the public as well. The only video that has a good amount of views is my space camp video as the US Space & Rocket center loved it and shared the video on their own website. Because of that, I have well over 1000 views (relatively small compared to 80% of youtube users I am sure. I’d be surprised if I even have 100 views on any of my other uploaded videos (most of the views were probably from me rewatching them….lol). I’d like to know what I did wrong so I can challenge it if I know I didn’t violate it, or if it’s something I somehow missed. I will always own up to a mistake, but only being told I am in violation is ridiculous. How do we know that this isn’t YouTube’s way of removing accounts that they don’t make money off of?

    • I assume you mean trusted flaggers that will help people try to recover suspended accounts. I don’t know who is doing that now, Apparently Ben got removed from the program. You will have to look around on Twitter and Reddit.

  28. Hello dear YouTube Sir my channel suspended many days please open my channel I already accepted my mistake but please believe me dear sir this is not a sexual content this is only tagline for viewers uploaded content but I am accepted my mistake next time I never uploaded this type tagline and this type videos please open my channel sir this is one and only my personal channel I need your help and I know I am really big mistakes but sir please I have only one this is channel please understand me and please help me sir please open my YouTube channel next time I uploaded only original content please I hope you understand me I am waiting your answer sir.

    • Hello Machad,
      You already tried a lot of time to submit appeal for recover your channel but YouTube decided to keep your account terminated based on their Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.
      Don’t lose hope. I’ve a permanent solution to recover your terminated channel. I’ll help you until restore your terminated channel.
      If you want to then contact with me for more details via Skype “Mokhles19853”
      Thanks in advance

      • Hello dear YouTube Team
        Sir my channel suspended many days please open my channel
        I already accepted my mistake but please believe me dear sir this is not a
        sexual content this is only single video link uploaded to others channel’s comment session but I am
        accepted my mistake next time I never uploaded this type tagline and this
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        please check it once more

  29. I got ejected from YouTube over a year ago, looked at all the rules, the Do’s and Don’ts. I didn’t violate anything. I asked for an explanation… What did I get, NOTHING. I asked to be reinstated today all I recieved was a “No” without a reason or explanation.

  30. My YouTube account was either suspended or terminated for literally no reason or any letter before I got terminated, I only got a letter after I wrote an appeal.

  31. My YouTube, Gmail and YouTube TV were suspended for something my 7 year old child posted that YouTube that violated the Community Guide.
    I appealed, but. it was decided that my account would remain suspended in accordance with the YouTube Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. I’ve requested a copy of the video they still haven’t sent it. I asked them what was the content of the video they couldn’t answer. This beyond frustrating. My child knows nothing about porn etc when I questioned my child what was posted it was tour of the inside of our residence so I’m still trying to wrap my head around what was so inappropriate about she posted! This is absurd on so many levels. I know this is a mistake because what my child posted didn’t harm anyone and I’m quite sure it didn’t go against their community guidelines. I want my pictures off a my gmail account they are irreplaceable. I want a refund from YouTube TV that I already had paid just before they suspended me. They stated suspensions are reversible. They also stated suspensions are the same as termination how so? By what definition? They both mean two different things.

    • YouTube terminations generally don’t lead to gmail account terminations. It is normally the other way around. What exactly were the messages sent to you by YouTube and Google?

      I doubt the problem was with the video itself. if the notification you received mentioned anything about sexual content or child endangerment, the termination would likely be related to pedophile-related comments or requests made by viewers. It is the channel owner’s responsibility to deal with those in a timely manner. In this case, it seems you didn’t even know that your daughter had posted a video. How would you know what sort of comments may have appearing?

  32. Hello, my channel have been unsuspended but the videos of the channel are still impossible to watch and i didnt found them when i go to my chanel account. Is this normal ? Did I lost all my contents permanently ? Or I have to wait for the video to be avaible again ?
    thanks you for your time

  33. I think I just accidentally got someone’s channel suspended. Last night as a gag I kept refreshing a short vid they have (bringing it from 10 views to 200) so they would think “okay, this is the video that people want more of!”

    This AM I went to see what the views were, and it wouldn’t show – just an err mssg. I went to his other vids, and they have the same mssg. After that, I went to a different channel, and it played, so it’s definitely this guy’s channel.

  34. Hello Machad,
    Don’t lose hope. I’ve a permanent solution to recover your terminated channel. I’ll help you until restore your terminated channel.
    If you want to then contact with me for more details via Skype “Mokhles19853”
    Thanks in advance

  35. Hello LongZiJun,
    My YT account was just suspended for “spam, scams or commercially deceptive content”, and since there was no time period stipulated, I assume it’s permanent unless I appeal and it’s successful. I use my account for personal use only, so the only videos I post are entries for competitions/homework stuff etc thus the only reason I can think of is that I copy-pasted-posted a question I had in a live chat for a music video premiere. I’m not sure how many times though, but it was over a period of approx 30mins. It’s a live chat with 48K people online at once, so I did it to have a chance if my question being answered and not buried in all the comments. That was the reason for the live chat anyway, for fans to ask questions so the artist can reply to some of them. My question was simply a genuine question I had, no links or anything to scam/mislead others and I didn’t see the need for me to retype nor rephrase it considering the fact that that would be really troublesome and that I saw others doing the same. I’ve read the YouTube community guidelines page after I saw the email and I assume it’s the “Repetitive comments: Leaving large amounts of identical, untargeted or repetitive comments” guideline I broke and I feel like my chances of a successful appeal are bleak. While I do get that YT is trying to keep their platform a safe space, I’ve read many posts on the community page about similar situations and I personally think it is quite unfair for someone with zero intention to harm and just genuinely commenting their thoughts etc. to have their account suspended permanently. In conclusion, I’d like to ask – what should I do? Do you think I should submit an appeal anyway, and is there any chance/way of getting my account unsuspended?

    Thank you :)

    • Of course, you should appeal, but yes the chances are bleak.

      I m not sure why YouTube is so strict with copy-past comments. If I were in charge, For the first, offence, I would simply lock the person out of the account for a day and send a warning.

      You can also try the Twitter and Reddit appeals I mentioned in the article.

      • Hello, my channel was suspended yesterday, and i have no idea of why, I sent my appeal this morning and I Just got and email saying that it has Been rejected, without a clear explanation, I tried writing them back but all I got was a generic email letting me know that is not possible to appeal twice, is there anything i can do? Or should I let it go? I at least would like to know why, is there a way to find out? Anyways thank you for the article and any help is appreciated

        • You can try contacting YouTube on Twitter or finding an active trusted flagger on Reddit. I disagree that YouTube should have these backdoor methods, but it is worth a try.

      • Thank you for your reply!

        I did end up appealing on that day itself/the next morning – I can’t really remember. However, it’s been >2 weeks but I’ve yet to receive any reply. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  36. Interesting article, Longzijun. It’s tragic to see so many people experiencing the same thing that I just did. I was hoping I was a fringe case. Unfortunately it seems that this is the norm.
    I was terminated for impersonation. Essentially I created a channel with the name CNN and their logo when I was younger because I thought it was funny. I spent so much time on that channel and had built up a subscription list and some private playlists of music that I liked that I decided to just keep that channel as my main. I never posted any videos; I used that channel solely for watching videos of people that I had subscribed to.
    One day I get an email stating that my account had been terminated and that I was prohibited from using or making others. I sent in an appeal. Admittedly I did violate the guidelines – and I mentioned this in the appeal – but with no warnings or strikes I think it’s a bit severe of a punishment. A lifetime ban for something I did when I was younger? Seems extreme.
    In the appeal I asked that my account be reinstated but the specific channel that violated the terms remain deleted. I have other accounts tied to that email that are perfectly legitimate accounts – ones that I use for university and work. Now apparently if I even log into my other accounts on different emails they’ll likely get terminated as well.
    YouTube should really try a bit softer of an initial approach. A simple email like, “Hey, your channel is in violation and you need to change or delete it” would have fixed the problem. Instead I get a lifelong ban from the platform with no notice.

  37. Hi I have been reading some of these comments and mine is very similar. I don’t even know if I have been suspended or if I can appeal no one will tell me anything. I have over 380,000 subs and my account has always been in good standing, then a few months back my channel was demonetised and I ended up waiting 30 days to appeal the reason given was misleading thumbnails but I didn’t think that was the case, I went through my channel and I had heard that inappropriate comments could come under this , so i went through them all and after the 30 days I appealed and I was given my channel back monetised. Each video was manually reviewed and my videos was deemed suitable for all advertisers, 6 weeks later the same again but this time the icons went from green to yellow in the space of seconds then within a week or so it went to black, not eligible for monetisation . I was never sent any emails or I have not been told why my channel has been removed from the partner program three weeks after having my partner program removed I received my very fist community guideline warning for nudity /sexual content, I was flabbergasted my videos are not provocative or rude they don’t look rude nor was they made to look rude, the only thing I can say is I had shorts on or skirts in some of my videos and after reading Youtubes interpretations of nudity, I decided then that I would remove them in order to try get my channel back , so I did and it has not made any difference my appeals have failed but I still have not received a reason why or been told if this is permanent or not I am now left wondering why my channel as actually been taken from the program The one and only reason on my monetisation page states repeated violations of uploading ineligible videos, all the videos are my own and the was all looked at 6 weeks prior to this . I have had some 50 or so emails to creator support, and got absolutely nowhere , I am no nearer to knowing anything than the very first day this happened .

    • I have commented on this channel in the YouTube forums a long time ago. The channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/meyers951) is obviously not suspended

      The viewership pattern of that channel is very strange, with most of the really popular videos coming when the video features a scantily clad girl with a dog or horse. Although the videos are non-sexual in nature, it looks like those videos have unintentionally picked up a fetish-oriented viewership. When I looked at a couple of your videos, the recommended videos on the side showed thumbnails from other channels that were very obviously going for a girl-dog fetish audience.

      This–inadvertently attracting a fetish audience–is actually a fairly common problem on YouTube. When that happens, there are two choices for YouTubers. (1) Quickly move away from whatever is attracting that fetish crowd or (2) do similar videos to keep getting the views, likes and comments. In most cases, the YouTuber goes for choice 2–and quite often the end result is community guidelines strikes, a channel termination or monetization problems.

  38. Hello, good night. My YouTube channel was suspended by mistake, specifically citing section 4H. This is an absolute mistake, since I never did what I specified, and my channel is in an optimal state and I was never notified for anything. I read your article and since it is difficult to appeal this situation, but how could I do it? 7 years in optimal conditions, more than 1200 videos and 100 thousand subscribers. regards

    • In your appeal, you can list out the things your channel did and didn’t do. Things like ‘never being notified for anything’ or ‘having 1200 videos’, however, are not that relevant.

  39. Hello!
    YouTube has taken down more than one of my playlists on multiple occasions. My playlists are just compilations of various categories of videos I like to watch. I use these playlists to keep track of my watch history in a more refined way than the “history” feature. So far, the same few playlists have been taken down at LEAST 7 to 8 times and I have appealed them every time. But YouTube gives me NO opportunity to even access the playlists because a few days later when my appeal goes through and the playlists are “reinstated,” they are immediately taken down again and I get the SAME violation email. All over again. My channel has 2 strikes at this point because a couple of the times I appealed, it was not approved. I feel like this will go on indefinitely, until my channel has been terminated. Should I stop appealing and just let those playlists go? This all started quite suddenly (around June 2019) after YEARS of using those playlists daily, and has been an ongoing back-and-forth of pointless appeals ever since. I am very troubled by this. If I stop appealing, will I get more strikes or do I have a greater risk of strike if I appeal the playlists yet again? I can’t lose my channel because my personal interests and hobbies all revolve around YouTube.

    • Having now had some experience of the insane and unjust way that Google handles these issues, I would be inclined to simply delete those playlists and not use playlists again in future. There’s probably something in them that is triggering these ‘strikes’, and you may never find out what it is.

        • Oh, you were asking the OP about his/her playlists, not mine. Sorry, it looked like you were replying to my comment.

        • In reply to what kind of playlist I had, it is just a big collection of all the pop music related videos I had ever watched, so I could refer back to what I watched about that particular subject. It had no description that I am aware, and included music video, live performance fancams, original videos by youtube meme/content creators

  40. You cant fight someone that has everything in their hands and they already think they are gods, since there is noone unbiased you can appeal to, the only option is through courts…

    Simply boycot their products. There are alternative providers and services out there and remember, theres no such thing as free meal…

  41. Thanks for finally talking about >Was Your YouTube Channel Suspended for No Reason? (A Guide to Community Guidelines-related Suspensions) – Longzijun <Liked it!

  42. longzijun,
    I came to this blog searching for answers regarding Youtube’s sudden termination of my account. After a little jumping around to see what was here, I began reading the post and I was surprised by what I found here in that there is being an honest effort made to help those with terminated accounts and suspended channels understand why these suspensions/terminations have occurred and what options, if any, are available for recovery and/or reinstatement.
    I really wasn’t expecting to find anything more than the same generic answers on Youtube’s hard to navigate and uninformative help page. Instead, I found that the information provided here is, I believe, accurate, factual and current. There’s obviously been great time and effort spent on research and education of policies, guidelines and actions of Youtube and I think it’s a wonderful service that is being provided here.
    That having been said, I was signed in on my Youtube account at about 7:35am for a while and everything was normal and fine. I went back to Youtube at about 11:30am only to find that my account had been permanently terminated. I have been on Youtube for years and years, probably at least 15. I don’t post videos, I only watch them, share them on Facebook and make an occasional comment. I can’t think of anything I said or did to bring about these actions. I have never received a strike, a warning or any type of punishment for any actions related to Youtube yet suddenly and without warning, my account is permanently terminated.
    I went to the page to file an appeal only to hit another dead end. You are required to provide your channel URL in the appeal form and since my account was terminated, I can’t sign in or find any other way to locate it. What kind of guidance or advice might be available to me that could help me find the right direction to turn and the right path to follow in trying to get my account reinstated? And is there a way to learn what, exactly, was the reason for these actions being taken? It’s very frustrating to be disciplined on such a harsh level and not even know what offense was committed. At this point, I can’t even supply the URL number of my channel/account, only my email address. The Police are required to tell you why you were pulled over in a traffic stop. They must inform you of your rights and tell you what crime you are being arrested or detained for. Law enforcement officers must identify themselves to you by name and badge number. They must have a legitimate reason for pulling you over or they must have reasonable suspension that you have committed a crime and they must inform you of what their reason or what their suspicion is. It’s wrong that Youtube can conduct the business of managing the accounts and channels of those who are regularly using their platform in such an iron fisted way and that they feel no obligation to said users to tell them why these actions are being taken. Youtube’s approach to the people who frequent their site and thus attract their advertisers and contributors is worse than rude, it’s arrogant and it’s just plain wrong.
    I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance available to me and again, this is a very informative and helpful blog that, I’m sure, has helped many others find peace of mind. Please and Thank you. Godspeed.

    • Well, firstly, you should be able to find the url for your suspended Youtube page. It isn’t obvious, and I had to have it pointed out to me, but it was somewhere in the email that Youtube sent me informing me that the account had been suspended. (Did you get an email?)

      Secondly, you will never find out what reason they thought they had for suspending your account. Never. Not if it remains suspended and not if your ‘appeal’ succeeds and they reinstate it. You will never know.

      Thirdly, you have exactly one chance to put your case in your ‘appeal’, so don’t waste it. (I use inverted commas because how can you appeal when you don’t know the charges?) Just one chance. They won’t enter into any conversation with you. They won’t answer any questions.

      Fourthly, welcome to the Kafkaesque world of Google, where the ‘accused’ is never told what they are accused of, and yet is expected to defend themselves. A world in which the guilty are in a better position than the innocent because they may have a good idea of why their account was suspended, whereas the innocent will have no idea even where to begin. But even Kafka didn’t anticipate that these faceless and unaccountable accusers would be global commercial, profit-driven corporations which literally control access to all human knowledge.

      Fifthly, don’t despair. I used my one-and-only ‘appeal’ to ask what I was accused of, and didn’t include my url in that web form email because I didn’t know how to find it. I assumed I could ask for details and then respond to any specific allegations, but I was mistaken. I never got any response apart from a second email saying, “thanks for your appeal, but we have decided to uphold the account suspension and it will be permanently deleted. And by the way you are barred for life from ever opening a Youtube account again, ”

      However, I then hit the various forums, including this one, explained the situation, got all kinds of doom and gloom from contributors, but then someone offered to ‘petition’ on my behalf. (I think that may have been a Google or Youtube users’ forum of some kind, and I think there may be some kind of semi-official programme of trusted users who can actually communicate with Google/Youtube employees, but the whole thing remained unclear to me.) Anyway, that guy didn’t hold out much hope, but the next day the account was re-opened. No apology, no explanation, no reason given for the original suspension, but it was reinstated.

      If I were being generous I could say that these suspensions of innocent accounts such as yours and mine are bureaucratic errors, or possibly automated, algorithm-driven suspensions which are not then moderated by human employees until an account is closed and an ‘appeal’ from the victim is received. (And maybe not even then?) But being a cynical person, I suspect that this is a deliberate policy of persecuting innocent users chosen at random, so as to impress upon us all that we had better be careful and not do or say anything controversial that might for example provoke another user into maliciously reporting a comment as offensive or rude or aggressive or ‘fake news’, etc. I can say for myself that since the episode of my account being inexplicably suspended, I have been much less inclined to voice any robust opinions on Youtube on any topic. I don’t trust the platform any more, knowing now that it is liable to collapse under me at any moment for no reason.

      Good luck with clearing your name.

      That was actually the worst aspect for me. I have never used Youtube for anything commercial, have only posted up one or two insignificant videos just to see if I could, and have never even attempted to make any money out of my channel, even by legal and ethical means, so there was no ‘material loss’ for me. But my Youtube channel bore my actual name, and anyone searching for my channel, or even just searching for my name, would get a Youtube page stating that I had been barred from ever using Youtube again for gross violations of their code of conduct. There was no way for me to remove that defamatory notice attached to my name, and that was horrible.

      So anyway, good luck, and don’t give up!

    • Paulgato’s reply is pretty good. You may need to look around and find someone who has contacts within YouTube to help. For example on the YouTube help forums, someone called SubversiveAsset sometimes helps recover accounts.

      To find the URL…with no videos posted it will be difficult to find your URL. It should have been emailed to you when you opened your account (or received notifications). You can also search your browser history.

  43. ( I think the actual wording of the notice on my closed account, right up there under my name for all the world to see, may have been similar to what appears on the Youtube channel page of a previous contributor to this forum..

    “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”

    It was pretty bad anyway. This is a good reason for NOT using your own actual name in a Youtube channel name, as these erroneous account suspensions and closures can happen at any time, and that defamatory notice is liable to stay up there forever.

  44. Hello dear YouTube Team
    Sir my channel suspended many days please open my channel
    I already accepted my mistake but please believe me dear sir this is not a
    sexual content this is only single video link uploaded to others channel’s comment session but I am
    accepted my mistake next time I never uploaded this type tagline and this
    type videos please open my channel sir this is one and only my personal channel
    I need your help and I know I am really big mistakes but sir please I have only
    one this is channel please understand me and please help me sir please open
    my YouTube channel next time I uploaded only original content please I hope
    you understtand me I am waiting your answer sir.
    my youtube channel link is here…please look into my channel

  45. Sunil Kumar Verma says:
    DECEMBER 25, 2019 AT 10:02 AM
    Hello dear YouTube Team
    Sir my channel suspended many days please open my channel
    I already accepted my mistake but please believe me dear sir this is not a
    sexual content this is only single video link uploaded to others channel’s comment session but I am
    accepted my mistake next time I never uploaded this type tagline and this
    type videos please open my channel sir this is one and only my personal channel
    I need your help and I know I am really big mistakes but sir please I have only
    one this is channel please understand me and please help me sir please open
    my YouTube channel next time I uploaded only original content please I hope
    you understtand me I am waiting your answer sir.
    my youtube channel link is here…please look into my channel

  46. Dear Longzijun, greetings from Rio! Congrats and thanks for the excellent and enormous article. Professional level. I got my YouTube account blocked, email cat.celular@gmail.com. And shall use all the tips you gave us so generously. 1,000 thanks. And a Happy New Year 2020!

  47. Hi longzijun…my youtube channel has been suspended as it claims i was spamming – I am new to youtube chanel and didnt know of these community guidelines policy. I appealed and was suspended…i appealed 2nd time and received no response. Contacted @teamyoutube on twitter but no response. This was my first offense and have never received a warning or strike before suspension…all i’m asking is for a chance to rectify my mistake by reading up on the rules and complying to them…still no response…what do i do? so frustrated and hurt actually…regards Natassia

    • Everything I know about suspension appeals is already in the article, so I don’t know of any secret methods. Hopefully, your second appeal gets accepted.

  48. I don’t understand. I recently got the notification that I am Unable to access a google product-YOUTUBE. I didn’t do anything related to violating any terms of service etc. I only upload my personal family videos. I don’t do spam or hate speech etc that is in the article. I am an American living in China currently due to my husbands work. Could it be related to living here and you tube technically not being allowed here? I’ve been living here since August. I never received a warning or any kind. I have appealed the process but just received an email stating it would remain suspended. I also contacted Lightcodegaming on twitter who states he can’t help with these issues now. I don’t understand how there isn’t a phone number to call youtube about this. Is there any way to get my account back? How do I find out what I supposedly did wrong. Please help me in this manner or offer any guidance you might have. I don’t know what else to do!

  49. But the latest move was welcomed by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), a UK-based think tank.

  50. Islamophobia…i fight against ita nd my account like many anti-Isarel accounts was banned?

    Why is it that social media platforms like Youtube censor free speech?

  51. The account I had just posted with CG Richman is old and I hardly ever used it, but strangely now when I’m posting my old account name appears but it’s not from my old account that was suspended, but I had created a d Topazthecat years ago that I used for years with no known complaints, I just got a shocking email notification from youtube that my other account has been suspended for repeated or severe violations and repeated abusive, harassing and or hateful comments that violate their community guidelines, I have no idea at all about what they are referring to because I never did any of these things to anyone and I told youtube this in my appeal form.

    I forgot to tell them, not that it would likely make any difference, that I had 16 subscribers when I never even had posted any videos on my account channel, I certainly had some nasty comments from other youtube members, and I saw a lot of these kinds of nasty comments to others on here and these members are the ones that should really have their accounts suspended, I never read most of the comment responses to my comments though. My comments are gone from a few videos I checked on to see if this was the case,so obviously youtube removes all of your comments too. I had posted a lot of great important information too about different issues.

    I should have told youtube in the appeal form,that I have no desire to post anymore or have my old account back after being so unjustly and horribly falsely accused of terrible things I never did,someone or some people lied about me and youtube very unjustly listened to them.I’m a nice caring person who doesn’t abuse,harass or be hateful to anyone for no reasons, not people I know,and not to total strangers I don’t even know. The most I ever said was calling someone ignorant sometimes if they said very ignorant inaccurate things.

  52. So it’s really very strange and puzzling, that some nasty person or persons who just didn’t like my comments falsely reported my comments as harassment,hateful,abusive comments,but what’s so strange and puzzling is why the moderators listened to them,they clearly would have seen nothing of the sort in any of my comments.

    I have reported youtube member’s comments that were horrible,abusive,and harassing toward other members,and or myself,and many of their comments only were removed temporarily,and then were back on the site not that long afterwards.

  53. I just thought about the fact that sometimes I said there are (whatever the number) of idiots who disliked this video,but a lot of people say this and much worse,that isn’t hateful,harassing and abusive and reason to have a years old account suspended.

  54. I got one more subscriber now too,and as I said I never posted any videos at all,I just watch other members videos and post comments

  55. I forgot to mention that I have had this account since February 2014 with no known complaints, and I’m very angry that the moderators listened to these totally baseless false accusations about me, and as I demonstrated with my comments history link I never wrote anything that was harrasing,abusive or hateful,and then youtube now put back my original Topazthecat channel, but all of my old posted comments are gone in the videos I had posted them in, because they unjustly suspended my account.

  56. Hi there, so like so many others my YouTube account of almost a decade was suspended/terminated for community guidelines violation. “Repeated hateful, abusive or harassing comments” is what the top of the account page says. This was most likely just me razzing republicans about the election results, as so many have to me for years. However I thought we were all adults and didn’t have to resort to tattling. I see much much worse directed at me and others on a daily basis. Guess I sort of used that as a guage for what was allowed or not. I think in this case it was more the opposing views themselves than anything particular hateful, harassing or abusive, unless it was about the president. Which I noticed heads of state are listed in the exceptions under the guidelines. I believe I was mass troll flagged because of all this. I have not yet appealed, as I wasn’t sure if this was the best defense for what could be my only chance. Do we get more than one? I’ve seen both yes and no for the answer. I just don’t think it’s anything close to the normal vile stuff I see on there. I never received any strikes or warnings or anything like that before. I’m even still receiving notifications for the channel, so it’s apparently not gone yet. Plus all my video info is listed on the YouTube dashboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can provide more details or information if needed.

    • There is only one chance to appeal, though if that fails, you can reach our to TeamYouTube on Twitter. The ‘seen much worse’ defense never works in any situation–termination appeals, speeding tickets, court cases–so don’t use that in the appeal. The ‘didn’t resort to tattling’ line is even worse. I would suggest arguing why your comments shouldn’t be considered hateful. abusive or harassing.

      • I would try but I have no idea what comments they were. Just assuming. Not all of that I was planning on using. Was probably some name calling and cussing at worst. Most likely return fire. With the current political climate it’s easy to get caught up, especially when I keep getting videos from them in my feed for some reason. I try to be aware of anything particularly bad. Maybe calling someone racist? But not just out of the blue. Typically because they either were promoting it or flat out being that way. I don’t run around calling people Nazis like most. They said in the guidelines that they expect some comments to be negative and kinda seems like they know how it can be. I didn’t think a lifetime ban was even possible, especially without a warning. Definitely don’t remember that in the guidelines but I do remember rules changing for warnings before strikes. Let alone suspension termination. Not sure what good it does if we not only don’t know exactly what we did but don’t even get a chance to do better. Just disable comments if that’s the issue. I know that’s not your area.. just frustrating when you give them so much business and know was likely just vindictive flagging more than anyone actually feeling that way. Seems like a abuse of the system. Punishment by user. I still understand I’m responsible for myself but basically it all comes with the territory on YouTube comments section. Worth at least a warning. Sorry for the rambling. Appreciate the help.

        • Well…two things. (1) Before and after the rule changes, YouTube often handed out immediate terminations for community guidelines violations (they can make that risk clearer). (2) Something must have changed recently. In the past, your kind of termination (harassment, hate) was rare. Any termination for that would have been well deserved (a person would have had to cross lots of lines). YouTube became stricter a few months ago. In the past couple of weeks though, it seems they are a LOT stricter. Therefore, I don’t know exactly what the situation is now.

    • Joe, Trump supporter here, my channel, one I made nearly some 14 and half years ago, got nuked for the same “reasons” as yours did. “Your account has been terminated as a result of repeated abusive, hateful and/or harassing comments that violate our community guidelines.” Thing is, I never said any thing that I would find abusive if done to me, I was never hateful nor did I go out of my way to harass people. Yet just to day 11/18/2020 my channel got nuked, no warning. I still get notifications when channels I’m subscribed to set up a live stream, I just can’t sign into my account.

      I don’t think this has any thing to do with being pro Trump or anti Trump, pro Biden or anti Biden. Think a lot of it has to do with YouTube being selective in who it applied the rules too.

  57. I just view videos and got a suspension message today. I have been binge watching an English fiction series called the Bill based on an East end of London Police Station back in the old days. Watched a couple of Rubin Report videos and Simon Sideways and Jimmy Dore. Cant understand this suspension. Awaiting a reply to my appeal. Seems I am one of many.

  58. I’ve been posting comments on YouTube for years, mostly political. I’ll be the first to admit I’m very opinionated, but I try to back my opinions up with facts or useful insight as to why I think what I’ve stated. I’ve never received any kind of warning from YT about being in violation of their policies, and I’ve tried to base my writing on my observations of what and how other people comment. After doing this for many years, with never a complaint or warning of any kind from Google, my account was suspended today for “repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines”. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m a very vocal Trump supporter. If I had ever received a warning as I’m apparently supposed to receive before a suspension, I would have toned my rhetoric down. Google seems to enforce their rules in a very capricious and arbitrary manner, and it’s hard to gauge what you can “really” say against what you can actually “read” being said every day. My notice of suspension doesn’t state what, if anything, I can do to restore my account. Seriously… does this mean I’m banned for life for thinking the First Amendment should apply to a public forum? Did I get caught up in the well-publicized recent escalation of censorship of conservative ideas? I really don’t know what to make of this, but I hope our legislature starts cracking down on the obvious political leverage being wielded by these monopolistic tech tyrants… this isn’t the America I grew up in!

    • Well, least you know it’s not just those on the right. I’m not so much a vocal Biden supporter as I am vocal about my dislike of the current president but try to keep it reasonable and not throw everything out the window.. just because so many others do. The youtube comments section is one of the worst cesspools of social media and it’s easy to get dirty. I even understand that we sign a user agreement upon making the account but seems like the rules and enforcement of those rules is forever changing. Even facebook gives a warning and timed out suspensions.. despite being far more social and almost all bot run. I can understand a warning or actual suspension but these lifetime bans with little to no explanation is about as pointless as it is absurd. Not like you can just afford to not watch youtube now days and pretty much everyone will find a way back somehow. Plus the very guidelines have “debates about about high profile officials or leaders” listed in the exceptions. I also try to keep things factual but suppose that’s another debate in itself now days. Unless they’re using frequency of comments or trigger words or people are just going flag trigger happy now. Seems like an abuse of the system really. Absurd.

      • YouTube’s “community guidelines” are worthless when you start reading the comments and realize the the replies aren’t anything like what YouTube’s stated policies imply are “allowable”. I based my replies on the standard of what I read every day from other subscribers. Their enforcement is quite obviously capricious and arbitrary. They even violated their own stated policy that everyone will receive one warning before a suspension. I never received one. You can’t have standards if you enforce them inconsistently. That’s a terrible business model, and banning someone for life without any warning or explanation is the epitome of arrogance.

        Clearly, Congress needs to get involved, but a Democratic House is unlikely to get serious about Big Tech and social media bias, as they’ve clearly benefited from it recently. I used to take having the benefit of honest and unbiased news services for granted, until four years ago, when almost all of them in unison started leaning to the left… not that Trump didn’t bring it on himself by antagonizing them constantly. It’s now become apparent that when a handful of billionaires control virtually all means of public information and discourse, Democracy is seriously crippled.

        If Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. want to keep doing things this way, eventually the problem might self-correct. I say “might,” because it’s easy for Google to simply buy out any competition that springs up.
        There are already new platforms springing up that promise unbiased, moderated content. Granted, with that approach you attract a lot of total garbage, but that’s always the price of free speech. It seems that no one has managed to find a happy medium between the two extremes.

  59. I was suspended today. I pay for Youtube premium too. I have no videos uploaded nor do I share anything. I don’t even share videos to my blog. I know people are probably trolling my comments though. I never look back on my comments so I don’t know. Also, I got no warning. If people were flagging my comments wouldn’t I get a warning? I don’t even say anything mean or abusive. I report anything abusive. I don’t like going into the comments on YouTube because it’s gotten abusive. It seems that YouTube is allowing the criminals to take over and the victims are being banned. I do understand the difference between a bot and human services, I do believe that Google is allowing their system to rule the plateforme. Unless the humans who are behind the activity are judging and suspending innocent people. Either way they are a bad company. Other countries are suiting Google for stealing money from businesses by the way. Youtube should be suied for breaking free speech and judging people for having faith. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t make it right to flag them. You should agree to disagree and move on. I never say anything about people or believes of others. I only share my thoughts and prayers. I guess that’s against the YouTube terms of service. Also, I commented on lots of videos and never got suspended before. That’s why I am thinking people are flagging me. I don’t know.

  60. My account was suspended indefinitely by Youtube today. I do not post videos but only make comments. I am political and guess I made a comment they didnt like. I said I thought the elections were rigged. The you tube policy is you are to be given a warning and I was never given a warning. I try to speak truth and dispel ignorance and lies of the MSM. I am very upset that they supended my account without giving me a warning.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Trumps Executive Order Banning Free Speech:
    In a country that has long cherished the freedom of expression, we cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to hand pick the speech that Americans may access and convey on the internet. This practice is fundamentally un-American and anti-democratic. When large, powerful social media companies censor opinions with which they disagree, they exercise a dangerous power. They cease functioning as passive bulletin boards, and ought to be viewed and treated as content creators.

    • That constitutional clause simply doesn’t apply to a company like YouTube. You have the right to post your opinions on your own website (for example, I have this website for my own opinions). YouTube has the right to moderate comments and behavior on its own platform. It has never been a passive bulletin board.

      The combination of (1) social media platforms that moderate content and (2) people posting all kinds of rubbish and disinformation on social media platforms and (3) very unreliable mass media creates a very serious problem.

      I would say the problem is with the mass media. Platforms have have the right to moderate content. People have the right to express their opinions. The mass media have the responsibility to inform the public without bias getting in the way. They are not fulfilling that responsibility.

  61. Youtube sucks, they deleted my channel for “repeated abusive, hateful and/or harassing comments that violate our community guidelines.” As far as I know I didn’t abuse any one, I wasn’t being hateful nor did I harass someone. Up until today, I’ve never even had a single community guideline strike. Youtube should give you a quote of the comment(s) they claim violates their guidelines so you can know what they claim is the offending comment(s) because as far as I know, I haven’t done any of the things they claim I did, and they expect me to give them a 1000 character summery of why they made a mistake on the appeals form. Well how can I if I don’t even know what it is that I supposedly done outside of some vague claims? And yes, without citing what comments “violated” their community guidelines, the claims that they did is vague at best.

    I appealed it but I have no reason to believe that this will be undone, especially these days when Youtube is selective in who “violates” community guidelines.

    • Google’s arrogance knows no bounds. YT published a video in 2019 saying everyone would receive a warning prior to an account “suspension” (it’s actually a termination, and usually it’s a lifetime sentence). I’ve posted comments for years and never received a warning, nor have many others. I appealed my “suspension” but to no avail. This kind of unbridled arrogance is the product of money and power. I can only hope that this creates a backlash that comes back to bite them in the ass. Our Democratic Congress isn’t likely to do anything about this blatant abuse of power, since their Party has benefited greatly from the obvious censorship.

      • Rick Sabian, yeap, no warnings when they got a 3 strike rule and they will either ignore you appeal or decline your appeal because “reasons” and apparently you don’t have the right to know why you are no longer allowed to have an account.

        I wouldn’t mind it, if not for the fact you need to be signed into an account to watch age restricted videos, the whole damned reason I made that account in the first place was so I could watch age restricted videos.

        • I’m getting used to not being able to comment. I’ve often felt like trying to carry on an intelligent conversation in the comment section was an exercise in futility anyway. Unfortunately, a suspension also denies you the ability to subscribe to channels and receive notifications from your followed channels. I’m pretty sure they have the ability to retain that feature IF they wanted to, but they probably get a kick out of wielding all that power.

        • Apparently a lot of the channels I watch are “age restricted”. Youtube can kiss my back side.

    • It’s pretty stupid when you’ve been posting consistently in the same manner, in my case, around ten years, and never had anything from YT saying you’re violating their “rules,” which are arbitrarily enforced anyway… and then one day they just kick you off, violating their own rules. If the rules aren’t consistent or predictable, they’re useless. In fact that sort of “policy” (or lack of policy) actually encourages people to assume there is some leeway, and then some little dictator nerd decides you’ve crossed the line and gives you a life sentence. I don’t know of any other company that operates this way. Even Twidder only suspends people for hours, or a few days.

      I recently heard that the various social media companies even share information with each other about subscribers they deem to be “problematic,” although I don’t have all the details on that. The Internet has always been a double edged sword, but the Dark Side seems to be evolving in some seriously troubling ways that should concern every American who doesn’t think that powerful corporations should have the power to restrict our Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech on a public platform… even if they’re providing that platform.

      • Like I originally posted, Youtube sucks. There isn’t even a phone number you can call. What kind of company doesn’t have a flipping phone number for their office?

        • That’s part of the game. They don’t want to hear from you, so they hide behind a wall you can’t penetrate. Facebook and Twidder do the same damned thing.

          A few years ago, I became aware that someone was using a registered Trademark of mine on Facebook. I tried to report it using their form, but the form would not go through. I had to join Facebook, which I’ve never had any desire to join, just to submit the Trademark infringement form. After I joined, it went right through. To their credit, they acted quickly to eliminate the problem. I then cancelled my membership. Supposedly, the account gets completely closed after six months. Years later, if I somehow land on a Facebook page, it still prompts me to log on. I never should have had to join to get a legal infringement problem resolved, and my account should have been completely closed out by now as per their own stated policies. I’m sure they’re still tracking me all over the Internet and sharing my information with their affiliates.

      • Friend, I never liked facebook or twitter, never used um. But a few years ago, someone made a facebook account in my name with a photo of me they had gotten off my mother’s facebook. I found out about it when a friend of mine called me up accusing me of bs-ing her about not having a facebook so she showed me it. Took me months to get control of that account, I had hoped that once I had control of it, I could delete it, instead all I could do was “deactivate it”. To this day I still get flippen emails, 1 to 2 every few days, from facebook asking me to come back or telling me I have “friends” looking for me. But what can you do? Facebook’s development was sponsored by the CIA as a spy program. No joke, if there’s an arrest warrant out for someone, go to their facebook and you will learn where they will be and when they will be there. Hell, they can even use it to create a list of people to send to the gulags if they so wished.

        Fortunately for me, a friend and I hade made a Youtube account together about a year ago, we had this plan to make a scary ghost hunting show where we would go to forests or abandoned builds to hunt ghosts only to be stalked by “mysterious people” and what not and upload weekly 45 minute long episodes, like a TV show like what you might have seen on the Sci-fi channel. Before we could get it up and going, he died. Apparently he OD’ed on his medication in a hotel room down in Texas, they still don’t know if it was an accident or intentional. Any ways we used his information to make the account and I stored the login info in a notebook of accounts and passwords I keep locked in a hidden wall safe. I gave it a try and it’s not banned. So I guess I’ll be using that account to watch creators who’s content has been deemed “age restricted” by our Youtube over lords. Oddly I still get notifications on my cellphone about youtube channels doing live streams that my banned channel is subscribed to.

        I really have no clue what is going on.

  62. I logged on today only to see that my acct was suspended for “Your account has been terminated as a result of repeated abusive, hateful and/or harassing comments that violate our community guidelines.” i have never been warned, nothing. i never harrassed anyone, wasnt abusive to anyone, and i did not say anything that can be considered hate speech. sure i called trump supporters idiots, and called trump a POS. my guess, those snowflakes will report anything they dont want to hear from others. i am sure there is going to be a lot of false reports made by those cry babies.

    • Welcome to the club, Libtard. I used to say the same things about our apparent new Commander-Who-Cheats. I probably got turned in by a crybaby liberal… maybe even Aunt Teefa herself.

    • Boo hoo, welcome to the club. My account got banned for the same reasons listed. Stop crying and just accept that YouTube has been randobanning accounts for no reason what so ever.

      • I’m starting to think they did me a favor. Does anybody besides me think that trying to argue politics on YT was anything more than a waste of time? How many of you have ever heard anyone say “you know what? You’re right and I was wrong. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways!”

        • Youtube, offline, it’s all the same. No one ever admits when they are wrong no matter the subject matter, no matter the place.

        • This.

          I’m starting to think the same.

          Also, I will spend way less time on YT.

          All their normal customers will leave, while people denying Holocaust will stay. That’s the audience they want.

  63. Same thing, I never got a warning whatsoever and it’s completely absurd that I can be terminated for one (?) comment(s) after 15 years of viewership with not one problem prior. And, of course, TYT (i.e. Cenk Uygur et al) and their horrible lack of moderating – which in turns allows for a culture of constant political hate and abuse that creates an environment of political chaos. However, since they have 5 million subscribers nothing ever happens to them, but if YouTube was really concerned about hate speech they would have disabled their comment section long ago! I haven’t appealed yet, since I can’t even get the URL number because I can’t access my account, nor was it in the notification email.

    This type of authoritarian behavior is unacceptable and, like mentioned before, you can thank the corrupt politicians for allowing it to happen since they are bought and paid for by corporate America. Yet we, as a whole, allow them to continually get away with it by voting in the likes of McConnell, Graham, Pelosi and Schumer. You get the government you deserve!

    • Casey, the email notification they sent you that has your channel name in it as a link, click on that then copy the URL in the address bar of the page it takes you to, that’s your channel URL. Good luck with the appeal. Mine was rejected.

      • Jerky,
        Unfortunately the information disappeared after a day because I came back to it (since I wanted to be thorough in my response) and it said error with a little monkey icon. 😖

        • Casey, okay, so that page with the stupid monkey on it, that’s your channel home page so the address in the address bar on that page is your channel’s URL. Highlight it, copy it and past it in the appeals form where it asks for your channel URL.

          Hope that helps.

      • Unfortunately it’s an error link address instead, but thanks anyway. They make it as difficult as possible if they can – because I made an inadvertent purchase with Google Pay one time and in my haste to get it reversed I used the wrong form (I think). After a week of not hearing anything I looked through all the possibilities of what I might have done wrong and ultimately, after researching how to get a refund, I found the form I probably should have used. Long story short they denied me and said that it was a legitimate purchase, even though I explained it was accidental (in the second form; but used the term inadvertent in the first one). So I don’t know if my wording was wrong in the first form (because of not using the term “accidental” – until I found a YouTube channel explaining it that way and to use a different form than I originally used – or the form itself). Needless to say I removed the credit card from Google Pay and even tried to remove the program itself but couldn’t do it without removing Chrome entirely. They literally set up their policies and methodology in way that it makes it as difficult and UN-user friendly as possible. It’s really indicative on how so many corporations nowadays are treating not only their customers but their employees as well.

  64. 30.11.20 LONGZIJUN.The situation is much worse than people on here will be prepared to consider. The Scientolgy founder many yrs ago stated clearly what was going wrong throughout the planet. The key components are- Suppression. Appeasement. Journalists.. Wrong Voting. We are not part of Scientology. If you look at the sart of the 3rd Reich in 1933 you will find the key compoments. WE would add our own component- Cronyism. Art. Sport. Drama. Education. Heres the evidence that has caused Uube to use suppression. The same thing has happened to us in respect of Yahoo. F-bk. Twitter. Its about protecting Govt. Mainaining Crrptn.Money. Here is the text..Not spell chckd- UTUBE 15.11.20. From UK ‘Mental Health’. Back From The Edge. The following is what the Police told us can never be seen by the public. Not spell checked.We were told not to resove the publics MH issues cos the work was costing the system jobs and threatening the Charities and Universities and private Med Insurance fees..The Lottery Board carefully funds the MH system on grounds of cronyism so the scandle is covered up and profits maintained re drugs etc. We now experience poverty. Meanwhile 3 miles from here ten people have been given loads money ‘For Watching Movies’ When you add the other distractions you have an image of both the 3rd Reich and the Roman Empire tactics.. The formula never fails. If you add a bit of approved religion then you have the public enslaved. We ought to know, we bore the brunt of the violence aimed at stopping us exposing what we found. We spent many yrs involved with the media and we know what they think like. We knew 300 people in BBC and Cent London Theater BBC said this- ‘Hide the evidence abroad’ Heres some of the 1000pp evidence crrptn in UK which has been obstructed by f-bk. Twitter. Yahoo. entire Press.and Mental Health System Corruption The only media we found who was not suppressing evidence is Google..up to now) There is obviously a reason behind that but at moment we dont have time to look at it. A minor addition to this sorry story is, we had a leaflet thro the door which said if you are a victim contact Winchester Police HQ as they had been ‘HIGHLY TRANIED by the HOME OFFICE. We have 12-15 yrs evidence of being threatened in courts, councils. political orgs and medical services so we tried to outline the history. To our shock/horror after ten seconds. the character said THIS IS HIGH LEVEL INFORMATION SO IM PUTTING THE PHONE DOWN. To be honest we expected it as we had 12-15 yrs of their behaviour. This all started when we were sent mental health clients who were described as impossible yo cure.. Their med record was a roll about five inches across. They were full of drugs and not only that had been badly treated by people who at this time we wont mention. They had recd over 20 yrs of drugging but still had orig symptoms and cause. They needed 7 hours of techniques that work and we had to teach them how to deliberately revert if there were social services about otherwise they would be persuaded to go back to the abnormal state. Other clients had recd up to eight yrs private as well as NHS incompetence and if we had not got to them that nite they would now be dead. One of them a dancer from Covent Garden had been off work for a year and had a GP b/f. We had her back at work within two weeks after having done one 6 hour session . We then got police attacks. Previously the CHC has told us – “Mental Health Is Clean Floors And Startegic Toilet Rolls And No One Is allowed To know Anything About It So Dont Bother Writing To The Dept Health Because They wont respond”.( totaly true) All of these people were featured in huge photos in the local press but when we tried to tell the press what was the We are very wary of the publics vision of people. The local press in this area also owned the press in our former area. We noticed that the newspaper each week was publ huge phtos of councillors and others and painting a picture of mass heroism. We knew by then that most of the articles were lies and we caught up wiith one particuar hero at the Coucil inspired CHC meeting. The CHCs were hoodwinking the public on Mental Health issues so it baffled us how this particular woman was being hailed as perfect. We then started asking her questions and to our alarm she blurted out- ” Dont Bother About Helping The Public. I Used To Do That And Look At Me Now Im A Councillor’ We then found that the Educ System were doing cover ups re Mental Health. That continues to today. Another example of the being perfect hysteria was to do with the local Mental Hosp whose staff and clients were coming to us for remedial work. The Psych Mngr when we complained about this stated “Competence has no valuein MH’ .. We then got onto the staff at the Hosp, They said — “We dont blab but she has caused deaths here and its been hushed up by the local police. council. courts. coroner” We then moled the place by pretending to be religous and that kept the violent Police off our backs. Previously we had phoned the Police to ask then to stop abusing our eventual clients because they had not recd any competent help. This was the reply- Come here you FB.You wont come here will you cos if you do you know I will F Section you.You FB’ We went round there. They wont do that again to us.Then there was the usual stabbing. We knew the victim, a psych nurse ( we call them establ drug mill shepherds which is same as Social Services). and we also knew how clueless and dangerous she was but lo and behold the local press said she was a saint and better. The core issues incl- Appeasement. Suppression. Journalism. Art. Sport. Drama. Education. So far every HM prefix org looked at is corrupt. That means no Govt. So far 26 Universities corrupt and the students are backing it same as in 1933. Its a mirror image of that era. You never ever learn do you and you dont mind paying either. Why do you think the virus appeared.. So far no replies from any of the following- HM House Commons. HM Prisons. HM Bar Council. HM Coroners. HM CPS. HM Princes Trust. HM Lieutenants. Local Govt. 150 Councillors. 50 Parish Councils. Entire Media. 28 Police Areas. Dept Health. Dept Commuities. By the way after encountering the MH Hospital we accompanied a victim to a Govt Minister whose responsibility includes that and other such Hospitals. The victim had been going backwards and forwards to this character for 6 yrs. When we asked the clown what he had done about the victim being locked in a MH Hospital by force when he had no MH issues the clown said this- ‘I Did Not Know About It’ We then got the victim to show the idiot all the papers he had countersigned. He then offered to call the Police and stated this- ‘I am not responsible’. We exposed him and next minute he got a job at the EEC. Meanwhile the locals saids this- ‘Everyone round here knows he is insane’. We reported him to EEC who told us this- ‘Nothing can be done about crrptn because the EEC is only interested in money not people’ We took the story to the local press ownwned by famous family Dimbleby. The journalist refused to make notes then got up and ran behind a desk then she went thro a doorway locking the door on her side. e then found out she was the daughter of a friend who was a teacher and Councillor. We were then told by the system this- ‘Theres no one needing any help’. And so on and so on. Ots a very sick society who wants people dead. Wonder if the virus will cure them. Doubt it. Nothing else has.Ask about EBay.

    • LRH was a con artist and science fiction writer. His cult is responsible for a lot of the crap wrong with the world to day.

  65. I have just been suspended. I have never uploaded a video. I mainly comment on WW2 and technical videos. I do not got involved in hate speech or harassment. When they directed at men I attempt humour to deflate to issue. I do not promote any products, though I do mention book titles to support my comments. I have not a clue why I was suspended as I have not fallen foul of the guidelines.

  66. My Youtube accounts were suspended / terminated today.
    I did not post anything exaggerated or remotely vulgar.
    No email was sent as the account was from original you tube before google bouhgt it and was setup as a brand account.
    What a bummer. All my subscribed list is gone. What a brutal inconsiderate company.

  67. very sad to say but here i want to warn all of innocent creator,who work hard day and night for a “CREATION” and get some subscribers and YouTube brutal and very confusing policies suspend their channel…this is horrible act ,which they usually do day and night.
    they have two faces at all..where they allow some content and disallow same on another channel
    Now we must make our own community,own channel where we have liberty to avoid sinister minds.
    Please write directly to my email :israr.ahmed35@yahoo.com (for making our community purpose)

  68. I had my 14-year-old account terminated at the end of summer this year. Reason? Harassment, hate speech, or some non sensical boilerplate reasoning. Was it true? I hardly doubt it as I was not hurling hate at any group or anyone — that’s not me. I can think of a few comments I made questioning the legitimacy of the speakers’ stories or just shooing off abusive commenters without being abusive myself. But I mean, who knows.

    I lost all my bookmarks/favorites that I had gathered for over 14 years (an account from 2006). Thankfully, I’m not a content creator. I would never post (and never posted for that matter) anything on Youtube. Why should I give them my time, energy, and money through their predatory advertisement when I am the one doing all the work (I have never watched an AD on YouTube anyway). Apparently the termination is life time, which means, if you are banned, you cannot create another account what so ever. Obviously, you can, except that Google should not find out.

    The second account I created (mainly to just read funny comments, helpful tips, or view age-restricted videos), I decided not to use an Gmail account as I’m concern about them taking those away as well. I use another email provider to register my YouTube account. I made sure I never add anything to my favorites and disable tracking/history or anything. I normally just search for specific topics and content of all sorts and variety anyway.

    Fast forward two months later, that one was also banned. Like WTF! I had made a few counter comments on political videos that I think might have triggered that specific group to react. Nothing that could have been remotely labeled as harassment, bullying, or incite of violence against anyone. So that gave me an idea.

    I created the third account (a none Gmail again), didn’t associate it with any Google account, got a new browser, obtained a new IP from ISP, etc… clean slate. I started commenting and taking screenshots. Made sure I flag any comment that I deemed in violation of YouTube hate speech or harassment.

    I found several users who literally were inciting violence against others, statements such as, “I’m coming to this city… their days are numbered… get the body bags ready…” things in that line. I explicitly would ask these users what they meant, and they had no issue expressing their intend. I mean, how much more of a direct threat these statements could be!!! I flagged all of them.

    Bam… the third account got terminated — same reason (hate speech)!!! Are you kidding me? These are a few things I had said at some point:

    “Trump is a disease”
    “These state Democratic legislators are scum bags because X or Y or Z”

    Typical political bravado and expression of frustration… on different actions and policies from various parties. Then… I started reading the policies; guess what I found?



    Here are examples of hate speech not allowed on YouTube.
    “Everyone in [groups with attributes noted above] is criminals and thugs.”
    “[Person with attributes noted above] is scum of the earth.”
    “[People with attributes noted above] are a disease.”

    So… apparently if you say your politician is a “scum of the earth”, that’s a violation of YouTube policies. You don’t get a warning, or a strike… NOTHING. You are immediately terminated. Holy shit!

    Mind you, I can’t stand conspiracy theorists. I don’t go around spewing nonsense, I spent time researching and debunking non sense that people from many affiliations vomit on the Internet.

    So this is where we are. If you call a charlatan a “scum bag”, you need to be terminated… FOR LIFE. I was actually considering buying a Google phone… guess what? That ain’t happening.

    And about those accounts I had flagged that were directly spewing hate speech? Guess what… they are still there. They comments are there.

    I had flagged 2 dozens spamming/sexually provocative accounts that are obviously created, linked together, and dumped ads in comments… they are so obvious, that a 12-year-old can take one account, see the subscriptions to each other, review the latest comment of any of those users, and terminate them all together. Guess what? They are still there!!! It’s been a month since I painstakingly flagged them.

    On to the 4th account (no worries, I can create infinite number of them if I want).

    P.S. When your account is terminated, apparently, ALL your comments are wiped out too.

    • Vandox, I saw the other day that YouTube is trying to roll out some new feature to stop “hateful comments”. To justify it, they went out and deleted something like 54,000 channels for “hateful comments” starting in September. And with the number of people, like you, my self and many others who have been posting here since September, most of those 54,000 channels where banned for no other reason then to fill a quota by some pencil pusher who doesn’t even know what YouTube’s own policies and guidelines are

      • @Jerky – There is one thing to delete channels; there is another to delete what a normal person should consider a comment to describe someone’s action. They seem to not understanding statements in context.

        I’m literally compiling a list of statement of several people with blatant incitement of violence, quoting them, telling the moderator(s) that the comments I’m flagging contain these specific hate speeches, yet I get terminated and theirs are STILL up. All those channels that are created solely to spam are still up!!! How!!! This is just unbelievable.

        It doesn’t matter how hateful one’s speech is, apparently; as long as it doesn’t get mass reported by a group of people, nobody cares. Yet, they go after people with innocuous comments. Not content, not materials… just mere comments with no indication of hate.

        How is it that a “head of state” can say should be discriminated against, and their content stays, yet when I rightfully label that person “a disease”, I get my account terminated.

        My next plan is to create two separate accounts. One, just drop one line asking how everyone’s doing, and the other, continue my normal activities. I want to see if they ban both of them.

        I wonder why YouTube doesn’t ban channels that use pranks to blatantly violate other online companies’ policies (not that I want YouTube to do that, but reading through their policies lately, I can see clearly how that’s a violation of their rules, yet those channels don’t get dumped).

    • TYT has to be the worst on the left and I’m to the left of Cenk when it comes to Wall Street and Trump (when he had COVID-19). Cenk was wishing him well, all the while telling us how we’re heading towards a dictatorship if he wins reelection! So I called him out on it and said I want him gone and the threat eliminated altogether. My comment got shadowbanned and the next day; game over. So how can these channels be allowed to not police the comments adequately and not be held accountable for creating the toxic environment in the first place? Answer: 5 million subscribers!

      Welcome to Orwell’s 1984…

      • Casey, you think things are bad now, just wait until this new feature gets up and running, from what I hear, it will use a bot to monitor comments for “hateful comments” and it will learn what “hateful comments” are from people reporting said comments. So if enough people report something as “hateful” then it becomes hateful even if it isn’t. And I don’t much like the idea of YouTube channels being deleted for posting “hateful comments” because some easily manipulated bot decided it must be. I guess YouTube forgot about “Tay Bot” and how after just a few short hours “she” was posting anti-Semitic crap all over twitter.

    • Here’s the thing tho.. if you read on further.. under “exceptions” it basically says presidents or heads of state, ect (don’t remember the exact wording) are supposed to be the exception. I got booted for the same thing, likely after gloating on election night. I for some reason would constantly get right wing channels coming up in my feed (despite not searching for them) with headlines that were too ridiculous to pass up. Also those new things that come up which aren’t even videos.. be some ridiculous meme with the caption “thoughts?” … almost like they’re fishing for this crap. But like you, even when I’m commenting on these and despite the other vile crap I see, I try to not go too far. Not to mention most things like that, just aren’t me and definitely not according to the “intristic attributes” stated in the CGL. It’s funny when you read those, as it’s like they’re meant specifically for the majority of alt right users on there. But apparently not. I don’t understand why they even have CGL or warnings or strikes or anything like that if they’re not going to use them. To think they can govern a platform that big with billions of comments is ridiculous and properly is ridiculous. Why not just turn off comments for a year or forever or something? This is only hurting their own bottom line. But they probably know most of us will eventually get new accounts again somehow anyway. Hopefully they finally realize how ridiculous this is or eventually they won’t have any customers left.

      • I got booted over a month ago with no prior warning. It was my understanding that I could never open another YT account… for life!. Yesterday, my account had apparently been reactivated. I have no idea why. Has that happened to anybody else?

        • Crazy. Not that I’ve heard of. Had you filed an appeal and got your response already? And it happened after rejection?

        • I filed an appeal, and they said they weren’t going to reverse their original decision. After about a month it just started working again with no explanation. It wasn’t the same one they originally banned, but when they banned the other one, ALL of my accounts stopped working, so I don’t get it. They certainly know which accounts are mine. I’m just not going to “rock the boat” with this one, because when they ban you, you lose all notifications from channels you subscribe to, which is quite annoying. Plus, arguing with the meatheads in YT comments is an exercise in futility anyway.

        • If the channel is back, the channel is back. Usually there is a notification from the review team. The no-notification thing I have seen before–when YouTube wrongly terminated a bunch of channels based on keywords in their video titles. The keywords were being used by other channels as a kind of code for porn videos, but the terminated channels were actually just My Little Pony fan channels. Their appeals were initially rejected and sometime later, the channels were put back online without acknowledgement.

    • Hey Vandox, I just read your whole comment post over here and I have the similar problem as you. I just had my 13 year account on youtube by the name of RussX5Z terminated for the first time ever with no warnings or strikes for hate speech, abusive, and harassing comments just last week on Dec.15, 2020. I’m very shock about this because I’ve been the same way for 13 years, in fact I’ve actually mellowed down on my tone over the last few years on the way I comment and state my thoughts and opinions and this bullshit termination still happened to me!! I can’t fuckin believe it!! Anyways I made an appeal for my termination and this is what I wrote and tell me if you think if this is a good or bad appeal:

      Dear YouTube, I have looked through and read through all the Community Guidelines and copyright policies and I understand everything. And I know my channel was terminated due to leaving some hateful, harassing, and abusive comments. I also understand and respect your new policy of being respectful while leaving comments. And in my case most of the comments that I leave are mostly respectful, civil, and mature and I’ll admit that from time to time when I get upset I can be pretty blunt and I’ll end up cussing and yelling in my comments which will lead to offending some people. And to that I strongly apologize for that and I PROMISE that I’ll never let that happen again. Because due to your new policy of anti bullying/harassment which I respect and agree. From now on, to keep things on the safe side I’ll probably refrain from leaving a comment unless it’s for a civil and mature discussion for a important topic. So again please give me one more chance to re-open my channel. Thank you.

      Oh and by the way this 1st appeal you are reading now was just denied from youtube. Pretty fucked up huh? Anyways I heard you can go to teamyoutube on Twitter and ask them for help and I went ahead and made a Twitter account just to get help from them. What do you think about getting help from teamyoutube on Twitter? Can they help me? And what type of help did you turn to when you had your youtube account terminated several months back? Is it really the end of it and impossible once you get your youtube channel terminated? Or is there still hope for another chance? And by the way I heard you said that you made a 2nd and 3rd youtube account after a youtube termination. Is that really possible? Because I heard youtube said that once your youtube account is terminated you’re forbidden and never allowed to ever create another youtube channel again. Anyways if you don’t mind can you please show me and teach me how to create another youtube channel? And by the way I don’t own a cellphone. And do you think that creating another new youtube channel is a bad and risky idea? Anyways thank you for coming here to share your story. And sorry for asking you so many questions. As for now I’m just so pissed off at youtube!!! Anyways take it easy man.

    • Exact same thing here. I have had my YouTube account since 2006, so 15 years. The suspended my account because I had posted clips of a TV show to send to a family member. YouTube scanned these videos for copyright issues when I first posted them and said they were all good to go. Then, totally out of the blue, I got an email saying that these videos had all be taken down and that my account would be suspended in one week. I am PISSED. YouTube said these videos were COMPLETELY fine to post after it scanned them for copyright blocks, in which NONE were found. Now, I am about to lose 15 years worth of bookmarked/favorited videos and my own personal family videos from many years ago that I do not have the original files for. I am also a paying YouTube Premium member. To say I am livid is an understatement! I plan on contacting this ass hats tonight and demand to know what in the hell is going on.

      • In the beginning/at the start of my banishment from YouTube I was angry. But, after a couple of months I’ve decided to write to The Times {of London, England}, The Economist, and, some technical journal. I miss a lot of my favourite YouTubers, but I’ve found lots of other things to do. I’m so lucky that I find contentment in reading a book. YouTube ought to be shamed into admitting that despite their power/wealth they are not beyond reproach. Writing an appropriate letter may take me a few more weeks. ‘Too big for their boots’ is {to me} an interesting expression. Utterly applicable to the poor, yet rich, folk who own YouTube. Bless them!

      • Do not get pissed, and livid. Get even. ‘Pissed’ in English English means something else. Angry/crossed in American English? The word ‘fanny’ is used differently, also. ‘Divided by a common language’? The only ‘true Americans’ are native Americans, who were butchered, and, despised by {mostly} European immigrants. The Chinese built the railroads? The Japanese were interned after the 7th. December, 1941? Life moves on. Give YouTube time to reflect upon their obvious wrongdoings. Forgive them, they, probably, don’t know what they do.

  69. So I just found out my YouTube account was suspended for not following the terms of service I will admit there are things I have said in comments but this stuff was in the past months ago I have not done or said anything for 4-3 months I just now get my account suspended And it’s not FAIR but if I have to wait three months to get my account back I hope it’s worth it

  70. I woke up this morning and my channel has been terminated. I am so confused as I don’t upload anything, never have. I had set up a channel back in the day, but never used it. I literally just watch other people’s content. I have a paid subscription to avoid ads. I have commented on some videos, but I really don’t think anything I’ve ever said could be considered hate speech or inciting violence. If I did, I’m sorry. But I really can’t think of anything. I have shared videos on Facebook, but never in a, “This is my content” kind of way, more of a, “LOL, Buzzfeed has a funny Christmas video you should go and watch”. So I really am confused as to what I could have done that would warrant an immediate and permanent termination of my access? It really is frustrating when Youtube will not tell you what you did that has warranted this reaction, even more so when all it takes is one violation to be permanently banned. I have put in the request for review, but as I have no clue what I have done, I don’t hold out much hope that they will get back to me anytime soon.

    • This is the crux of the issue.

      We all have no idea what we’ve done to get “suspended” aka banned off Youtube because they don’t care to even tell us specifically what we said to get us banned.

      Meaning that an appeal is completely useless because you have no idea what comment or comments you are even appealing for.

      I suspect its an AI just randomly flagging all kinds of comments within some wide parameter, and some Supervisor up the line telling the workers overseeing it: “Ban all of these people”, but they’re not even giving you the ability to properly appeal it, and they don’t care because most of us do not have “big” channels.

    • My situation is basically the same. No channel, rarely comment, etc. Banned for “violating Community Standards”. Don’t have a clue why or even how they can terminate a channel I didn’t know existed, therefore never used.

    • If you can even do that(!), because apparently the link expires after a certain amount of time since I was never able to appeal my termination due to their “shenanigans.” And as another poster duly noted 54,000 channels have been terminated in the last quarter alone – and without any warning whatsoever, at least in my case and many others on here. We need to start a petition to at least get a second chance on channel reinstatement, because after almost 15 years of loyal viewership I deserved to be treated a lot better than just one day having my channel terminated without any warning or explanation at all! But should anyone be surprised by the corporate takeover of our country that they ultimately would be treated as expendable “human capital stock” (to quote a Trump financial adviser, Kevin Hassett). 🙄

  71. I was advised that my channel was suspended. I do not have a channel, and, I could not appeal because I do not have an ‘URL’. I have never been offensive, and, hate no one. I, now, cannot access YouTube. This is very wrong, and, unjust. The media will be contacted because this situation is not only wrong, but, it interferes with freedom of speech, and, is against everything any legal system would regard as being rational.

    • You DO have a channel. As long as you’re signed in with YT, you have your own channel page. Your subscribed channel lists and other video lists are there, but whether you upload video content is another story. But things got worse during mid-last year when YT moved the content management platform from YT Dashboard to YT Studio, which is not compatible with those running on older systems (and likewise, older browser versions).

      As for comment moderation, what YT did wrong was not having a proper comment moderation via email notification. If the system senses an “inappropriate” comment, notify the user in question and state the problem, then let that user voluntarily amend, or delete the comment in question. But what YT does is like operating inside the black box, flagging all questionable questions under the table, and thus killing off channels without clear explanation, causing way lots of collateral damage to the YT community. YT should be held accountable for such heinous user policy.

      • I like your command of language, but, I do not know what ‘the user in question’ means. Something very wrong is going on here. Thank you for responding, but, I’m no further ahead. I suppose that a snailmail letter to YouTube/Google CEO in the UK will be required.

        • Sorry for confusion. “The user in question” simply refers to the YT member who has made the “offending” comment in question.

          If you wish, you can take the matter to Twitter, where you can message Team Youtube directly, notify them of the problem and ask them to investigate further. This I believe would be the last resort but it also depends on how long it takes for them to respond. I would’ve done the same but I personally do not use any SNS, so I’m equally stuck here.

        • Thanks, again. I do not use Twitter {Twatter?}, but, Donald Trump did/does? So sorry – what’s ‘SNS’? I do not like to be ‘stuck’, and, I will try very hard to sort this matter out. Best Wishes.

        • SNS means “Social Networking Service” ie. social media in general.

          The problem with SNS is that, for example, when you open a Twitter account you’re basically stuck with that and need to commit to it. And why would I have to do so just to contact Team Youtube to appeal permabans? Meanwhile I tried to take this matter to Reddit but without much success. So YT Forums would be my last recourse — unless one day I eventually relent to Twitter.

    • Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to a private company like YouTube unfortunately. We all signed a user agreement, even if they decide randomly what rules to follow or not.

  72. Last week, my YT subscription was also terminated for harassments, hate speech, etc. which was untrue. I googled my name an my YT account was listed. When I clicked on my name this message appeared: This account has been terminated due to repeated abusive, hateful and/or harassing comments that violate YouTube’s Community Guidelines.
    I emailed Google multiple times because this message can effect me financially and emotionally, whenever someone Googles my name.
    Has anyone had this issue, how long will this appear and what can be done??
    Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    • So sorry to repeat myself, yet again. I did notice that your communication was from November, 2020. But, my inbox – email thing – indicated that I had a new message. Either shrug your shoulders, and, be philosophical about an obvious wrong, or, do what I suggested earlier: write to the CEO, etc. I tried, briefly, to find a quotation which fitted something unjust – but, all {from old memory} I could come up with was – something like: ‘The greatest sin is for good people to sit, idly by, and, do nothing {about a wrong}’. Keep on going.

    • Lots of us have had this same issue, myself included, and nobody seems to know what to do about it because Youtube gives you so little information to work with.

      Like, what is the point of appealing when you have no idea what specific comment you posted triggered the “suspension” (Last I checked a suspension with an indefinite time limit is equal to a “ban” but apparently Youtube doesn’t want to call what they’re doing “bans”), whether it was a single comment or a bunch of comments since they say it could be either, or what specific guideline it/they violated and therefore I have to assume it somehow violated the entire guidelines list.

      How is anyone supposed to work with that? Your chances of making a successful appeal are basically zero, at least IMO. What am I supposed to do? Appeal about my entire comments history!? Guess which comment (that I can no longer even see BTW) was THE comment in question? Better hope it wasn’t multiple comments!

      Not to mention its outrageous. Like, imagine if this situation were applied in any other similar scenario, like say a cop ticketed you for a bylaw, but they didn’t tell you specifically which bylaw you violated in the ticket and instead threw the entire civic bylaw code at you and told you to figure out for yourself which one you broke if you wanted to appeal it, oh and you have limited time and space with which to make the appeal so you better guess correct and you better do it reasonably quickly . . . That would be ludicrous, wouldn’t it?

      Especially ridiculous in Youtube/Google’s case since you ironically get more of a warning if you’re violating copyright law with their 3 strike rule for that, than if you make a comment that Youtube apparently doesn’t like for whatever reason they won’t even specify.

      As to what to do about it? IDK what we’re supposed to do. The only options I see are either making an entirely new account after deleting your entire Google account with new information (which ironically may be easier than it sounds if you weren’t using your account for much of anything anyway), or simply deleting the account and moving on to other services. I’m leaning towards the latter because frankly I’m getting fed up with Youtube/Google’s BS and upon reflection realized I don’t need my account for anything.

      Its a shame, because I’ve been on Youtube, commenting, for nearly a decade, never had any warnings for anything I’ve ever said, then this happens. But IDK what anyone is supposed to do, and Longzijun doesn’t seem to be entirely sure either as to even why this is occurring.

      Just know that you’re not alone in this situation, there’s tens of thousands of us all in the same boat.

      • YouTube is supposedly rolling out a new feature to deal with what they call “hateful comments”. This feature is supposed to use a bot to remove “hateful comments” when they are posted. The bot is supposed to work like Microsoft’s “Tay Bot” did in that it learns what is or isn’t “hateful comments” based on user reports. This started back in September when YouTube went and deleted some 1 million users from the platform for “hateful and/or harassing comments”, I can only guess it has something to do with the rumored new feature, an article I saw talking this new feature had mentioned all the channels being deleted for “Hateful comments” during the last quarter of 2020. I can only assume that they did this to justify their new feature which I don’t see being a goo thing for any one, as “Tay Bot” showed, any bot you put online with the ability to learn from the user base can and will be abused.

        • Your comment was interesting. Pleas allow me to describe what I believe led to my suspension. I had been watching a video about Royal Air Force Mosquito aeroplanes attacking German ships anchored somewhere in Norway, in 1944. The video was technically interesting, and, quite horrific. I was in awe of the bravery of very young men – both British, and, German. Before I made a comment, I noticed a comment by a lady admiring the courage of the men – including the Germans. I posted a very brief comment to the lady, simply saying: “Beautiful comment.” Then, another, male, commentator said to both the lady, and, I: “Bollocks”. The ‘male’ went on to say: “May the Germans rest in pieces.” I found the last 2 comments to be grossly offensive, and, disrespectful, so, I commented again, wishing the nasty person a peaceful 2021, and, telling him not to be ashamed to seek professional help in order to sort out his unfortunate mental condition. Did my last comment warrant a suspension from YouTube? I happen to be half-German, and, lost German family between 1939, and, 1945. I have made stronger comments, before, but, not for a long time. My last comment was, I think, made on 31st. December, 2020 – and, my suspension started within 24 hours. Thank you for your comment.

      • Many thanks for your efforts. It’s good {and, bad} to know that I’m not alone. My 6 years of studying English law do not help in this situation, but, I’m not giving up yet. I’ll try the common sense approach first, and, write to the relevant CEO in the UK, then – if necessary – contact the press. It would be good to know what it is I’m supposed to have done wrong, and, to face my accuser{s}. Thanks Again.

        • +simpsonicus Well, who knows what comment was the one that caused your channel’s termination, most likely it was due to someone flagging a comment you made as “hateful” and YouTube’s automated system simply reacted the way it was programed to react. In my case, my channel was nuked back in November and I still don’t know why my channel was nuked, out side of them claiming I “repeatedly posted hateful and/or harassing comments”. What they mean by “hateful and/or harassing” is any ones guess, I don’t think even they know. But this new rumored feature concerns me, it seems easily abused.

        • Where there is discretion there is scope for corruption. There is a vague chance that I could successfully sue YouTube, because I use my real name when commenting – but, life’s too short, and, ‘going to law’ is too expensive. All the Best.

        • Don’t make a scene by actually suing them. The easiest approach is to contact the press (tech media, to be specific) and explain the situation. Make sure you contact the trusted and reputable ones (some web media covering tech stuff can also be considered). Tell them to come to this blog and read all recent comments. Once a story/report is established those media will try to press YT hard on this very mess.

        • Great comment – most of which I’d figured out by myself; but, input from others is always welcome. I do not live in a cave/a bubble, and, I’m always learning from others, which is not a bad reason for staying alive. Life is, mostly, fun, and, nastiness ought to be eradicated – based upon ‘proper’ criteria. If YouTube have suspended me forever {a contradiction?}, then, I’ll have to read more, and, visit my splendid local library more often. There is life – after YouTube…. Stay well.

        • Hi Yawl, I’d forgotten how good some British/Limey programmes were until I was suspended/convicted – by YouTube. Conviction without trial. Never mind – I’ll find the strength to fight against injustice another day. All the Best to folk, everywhere, who have to struggle harder than I, against nonsense. 2021 will be better – given some effort, and, a desire to express oneself honestly. Cheers!

  73. I didn’t incited hatred against any group. I never attack anyone except for the occasional mockery of the immoral guys who posts hateful discriminatory comments first. Google’s arbitrary termination of my YouTube account has made it impossible for me to restore or export my years of subscriptions and video lists.
    Even Chinese social platforms give warnings when they delete user contents, telling me which comments violate government‘s “regulations”, and some even would send me a backup of the deleted comment.

    Content moderation is just a fancy word for censorship. As a matter of fact, so called harassing or hate speech simply a subjective judgment. People who have been immersed in echo chambers for a long time will instinctively resist hearing uncomfortable critical views to the point of reporting them. Fostering such behavior is very harmful to maintaining an open mind and healthy democratic community. The leftists in the West who have lived in a moral hothouse all their lives have become very sick.

  74. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this but that Andrew S guy on that YouTube “help” forum is a real fkin Twat

  75. Folks, I followed the suggestions from this blog post and tried to contact YT via Twitter, but failed. For some reason I cannot send TeamYouTube a Direct Message (Error message “TeamYouTube can’t be messaged”). Can someone tell me what’s going on?? Very desperate right now……

    • So sorry. I empathsize, but, am of no immediate use to you. Never underestimate the power of the press. This may be a challenge for a ‘pro bono’ lawyer, but, I believe that even they would wring their hands over this basic injustice. Letters to CEO’s may be binned? Best Wishes.

  76. You are a genius. Thanks for your time and commitment to carefully explain this. You should get a job at Youtube’s PR department lol.

    Although, I haven’t been able to get my account restored but you shedded more light to my confusion as to why I was suspended and I thank you for this.

    What do I do if I find that I was guilty of such offences. Can I plead for a reinstatement that I will rectify all misdeeds with my newly affirmed knowledge of how things work?

    If I change get a new youtube channel with my name, but a different Youtube channel name and may be logo/avatar. Will the new account be suspended because of my repeated uploads from the previous suspended account?

    What do you advise is the way forward to these things

    • The best bet is probably to work with someone else. The other person would be responsible for all the management duties (setting up the channel, uploading videos, applying for AdSense, replying to comments) and you only be responsible for creating the videos to be uploaded. This is because if you go ahead and set up a new channel and if YouTube ever figures out it is related to the same person who operated the suspended channel, the new channel will be terminated.

      • Thanks for your prompt response.

        What do you mean by Youtube knowing it is the same person?. Do you mean the avatar image, my full name or what? because the previous account was created with my company name Princesage Online Branding. Like what if I create it with a different company name but the same avatar or something

  77. Like many others here my YouTube channel was suspended with no warning due to “Community Violations”. I sent an immediate appeal which was denied. I waited the two weeks I was told I had to wait and sent a more explanatory appeal. It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve heard nothing other than the email that they received the appeal and will review it.

    Here are my issues:
    1. To the best of my knowledge I don’t have a YouTube channel. I did try to set one up about 3 years ago for my Pampered Chef videos but I didn’t think I was successful. Regardless, I have not posted any videos on YouTube. I also rarely comment on videos and usually just watch crafters. When I tried to add the channel url included in my email from them, I got a message that it was invalid.
    2. I have YouTube TV at home and I set it up, therefore I am the Family Manager. However, because my account has been suspended I can’t sign into YouTube TV. Thankfully, my husband had linked his account so at least we are still able to watch tv. However, I can’t use any of the services for myself. Also, although I am supposed to be able to cancel or pause the service at any time, I can’t do anything because the Family Manager is the only one that can do it. I am the Family Manager but can’t log in. Oh, and you better believe they have no problem pulling the monthly payment from my bank account!

    I really like YouTube TV and would like to keep it but am burned that I am paying for services I cannot use. I’m sure $65/month is a drop in the bucket for them but it’s still a service I’m paying for and not fully able to use as advertised. But I also don’t know let how to cancel it.

    Any advice on how I should proceed?

    • “When I tried to add the channel url included in my email from them, I got a message that it was invalid.” – this part references the appeal.

    • How sad it is that a genuine cause for concern is blighted by utter nonsense, and absurd quasi-legal words. ‘Treason’? There are many legal systems upon planet Earth, but – despite its numerous failings – the ‘English Legal System’ has been adopted {adapted?} by many countries. I have massive respect for ‘other cultures’, but let us not corrupt the word ‘law’ in order to justify abhorrent human rights abuses by too many – whether in the name of religion, freedom, or self-aggrandizement – by nation-states, or individual human beings. My banishment from YouTube is nothing, on a personal level. But, a far more important factor is at issue – the abuse of power. ‘Treason’? Words are not important?

  78. I just got my channel terminated for ” What our policy says
    Spam, scams or commercially deceptive content are not allowed on YouTube”
    I just don’t get it. The channel is games streaming with no voice over so no bad words or anything, interviews with game industry people, and game trailers. I honestly have no clue at all wtf is happening or why my channel got taken down. I just sent the form to appeal, but i really cannot understand what or why this is happening :/

    • I know every community guidelines roled by YouTube and im sure that There is no Violation of YouTube community guidelines I think this can be done by mistake Please make a Deeper preview of it and give me back my suspended account
      I am making contents with full of efforts and in right manner
      Please review my youtube channel please
      Youtube team

      My channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCTBdxf4qklgYnPgG_1Xa_w

  79. Hello,
    Am not sure if anyone can still see this my YouTube got suspended few days ago after I apied for monetization only to get a message back saying they v terminated my channel.. I have appealed but they v stood by their decision

  80. BEWARE: YouTube and Google Discriminately Terminate Accounts Without Warning | Curls Understood says:

    […] by getting to know YouTube’s Policies and Google’s Policies. I also found this amazing article that breaks down YouTubes policies in a way you can […]

  81. Sad thing is that youtube suspends smaller channels for little or no violation for lifetime but if a bigger youtuber violates the guidelines they only get suspended temporarily, why is that?
    How is that fair ?!
    No seriously please tell me how is that fair?

    My channel got suspended for tag stuffing which I wasnt aware of the rule, and I haven’t been well ever since, its affecting me mentally since for me it was a traumatic experience

  82. The same happened to me: account terminated for no reason whatsoever, permanently removed by Youtube.
    The reason? “Repeated abusive, hateful and/or harassing comments that violate the guidelines”.
    And yet I had never received a warning before (the channel was terminated instantly), never a video taken down, never had a strike (either copyright or community guidelines violations).
    How could it have been a “repeated” violation only YouTube knows.
    But I suspect these reports are not even reviewed by human personnel (how woke would they have to be?). The bans are probably just bestowed by some algorithm.
    I have never been abusive, hateful and definitely not harassing, never threatened anyone, never posted adult material, but, as for others here, I had only commented on (even sensitive) topics always civilly and respectfully.
    Unbelievable to think that, with the many haters, trolls, charlatans and extremists in the platform, they banned me for life for some comments related either to politics/history or to the current pandemic (to make it even more laughable: I’m a doctor).
    How come that there are animals who deride syrian mutilated children, others who laugh at the Bataclan dead and I get banned for my opinion on Eurozone monetary policies?!? Or maybe was it for my opinion on compulsory masks in open spaces? Or over XVIII century african artefacts?
    As everyone, I’ll never know which comment triggered them anyways. So frustrating…
    Fortunately I wasn’t a content creator. I’d have really hated to lose my content in that case.
    But still it’s a pity: I had many playlists and subscriptions for an easy access to educational material, news and curiosities; and also many comments, which I had written in the hope to share knowledge and help other users, are now gone.
    Curiously, also, after my appeal to YouTube, I had received an email from their Support Service, that they had reviewed the circumstances of my suspension (actually a termination) and that the account was to be reinstated:
    “this means your account is once again active and operational”…
    All ok then? No.
    Despite this, my account was still not accessible at all and, when I contacted the Google Help Community to ask the reason for it, I didn’t even get a reply. Others in my same situation only got a late answer telling them that “the email about your account’s reinstatement was a mistake” and that the account was effectively terminated.
    Absolutely mocking, isn’t it?
    There are no other chances of appeal.
    Theoretically, I couldn’t even be making another account, but I do have another and they are so inept that they haven’t banned it yet (they probably will soon) and the issue could be circumnavigated anyways. Yet I don’t feel like doing it.
    I was even considering uploading educational material, but I guess that’s off the table now.
    It’s not a big deal, but it still feels sour if you have put any effort into it.
    Had there been a serious alternative to YouTube, I’m sure many would have flocked there.

    • I doubt you’re other channel will get nuked. I had two channels when my first channel got nuked for the same thing almost a year ago. My second channel hasn’t been nuked and it’s been almost a year. So I wouldn’t worry about losing your other channel.

  83. Dear Team,

    I am working from Last 3 month on YouTube,

    I got (322) Subscribers on my YouTube channel (Famous Tiktokers),

    I Have lots of experience that how to work on YouTube,

    also I know all policy and YouTube guideline rule

    and I am 100% sure I never upload any sexual content on my channel

    but my YouTube channel (Famous Tiktokers) terminated without any reason.

    I can say that it’s an only bug,

    Note: – If I mistaken on my channel for any particular video,

    please provide the VDO link OR Screenshot

    I am sure that i didn’t break any Community Guidelines policy

    and also don’t any mistakes on my channel,

    I think this is wrong with me,

    So i request you to please recover my YouTube channel,

    It’s not a channel,

    it is my future and my whole family depend on that,

    I know that you have good experts in YouTube internal team,

    believe me and i should say that my channel will be recover,

    So we are waiting the good news for over channel,

    Channel Link:-http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtH62wSEB-yPb0B_T2CXGWw

    Thanks & Regards

    Irfan ullah

  84. Thank you for the post. My appeals didn’t work. I miss my channel every time I watch youtube. The thing is I didn’t get any warnings, how could youtube be so cruel? How can mistakes made of careless thoughts have same punishment with those who upload sex content. i hate youtube. my videos has no descriptions but I leave them in unlisted mode, just to edit them later without knowing that caused youtube shut down my channel. wish you all the best

    • YouTube selectively enforces its rules. I know 3 individuals (who I shall not name because I don’t want them to get the attention they crave) who should have been yeeted off YouTube a long time ago. One guy is constantly making videos directed at women he’s been stalking and harassing. No matter how many times he’s reported, he’s still got a channel and he still posts these stalking and harassing videos. Then there’s this fat chick, if you don’t give her money to buy weed, she threatens to kill herself and has even posted a video of herself trying to cut into her arm. YouTube did nothing about this, she’s still making videos and still live streaming. And then there’s the skinny women who lives in her car. She’s threatened to kill her ex-husband, she’s threatened to kill her unborn baby as soon as it’s born, she’s stalked her ex-husband and his family, and even posted her underaged daughters personally information (including what school she attends!) and told people to go there and kidnap her own daughter! YouTube does nothing. But heaven forbid you post FBI crime statistics.

  85. I didn’t have any YouTube channel.
    I just watch a few YouTube channels
    I m confused about what happened.
    I m in complete darkness.
    I suspect someone played any mischief ?
    Do I need to give any police complaint reg this ?
    I m a responsible journalist. Need to know what happened when ?

  86. hi
    YouTube sent me the following message, please help me recover my account

    We’re sorry to let you know that we have terminated your channel because we concluded that it was linked to a channel that was disabled for having three or more Copyright strikes. You can find more information by checking the email inbox of your linked account.

    Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts unless the linked channel is reinstated. We realize this might be disappointing news, but it’s our job to ensure everyone on our platform plays by the same rules – and you can find more information about account terminations and how we enforce our Community Guidelines by visiting our Help Center.

  87. Family oriented ? LMFAO Any 12 year old can type Naked Yoga in search and watch porn. Liberals support child exploitation and pedophiles. I expect that from those holier than thou, hypocrite pieces of shit.

  88. Well, I honestly WAS terminated for no reason! I mean, my channel is not dangerous just because of a naked Roblox player! YouTube is too fucking stupid to tell if a person is filling their content to the brim with porn, sex, maturbation, & people getting raped, & if a person is just showing an unclothed figure on an online game, & that’s it!

    & they also won’t stop denying my fucking appeals, no matter how many times I keep telling them that I HARDLY showed any nudity on my channel!

    • The issue is likely caused by the choice of game. In terms of demographics, 9-to-12-year- olds form the main core of players. Though Roblox is played by people of all ages, it’s core demographic group is little kids, so nudity in Roblox-related videos is going to cause issues.

        • & it just pisses me off that YouTube had got rid of my account, for something that I didn’t even cause & wasn’t even TOO harmful!

          Just because my outfit disappeared in a fucking Roblox video, does not mean I’m some sort of pervert! Can’t YouTube just get the fuck over a little bit of nudity, if it was by accident?

  89. I have tried to appeal to the form about my suspended account due to 3 copyright strikes by this link


    but it keeps showing this:
    “Thanks for contacting us about being unable to access your Google Account. It looks like the email address you asked about isn’t associated with an active Google Account.

    If the email was used in the past with a Google Account, that account has since been deleted. A deleted Google Account can only be recovered within a short period of time.

    It’s possible that the account you entered in the form never existed. If needed, you can create a new Google Account.

    If you’re having other problems signing in, please try our troubleshooting tool.”

    • You can’t use that form to appeal terminations due to copyright strikes anyway. You need to either contact the copyright owners and ask them to remove the strikes or, if there is no copyright infringement, fill out a DMCA counternotification.

  90. I tried appealing using the form https://support.google.com/accounts/contact/suspended?p=youtube&rd=1

    but it keeps giving me this response:
    “Thanks for contacting us about being unable to access your Google Account. It looks like the email address you asked about isn’t associated with an active Google Account.

    If the email was used in the past with a Google Account, that account has since been deleted. A deleted Google Account can only be recovered within a short period of time.

    It’s possible that the account you entered in the form never existed. If needed, you can create a new Google Account.

    If you’re having other problems signing in, please try our troubleshooting tool.”

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