CMe Creative Media Studio

In 2009, I set up the CMe Creative Media Studio, a small low-budget multi-media production studio at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School. The main goal of the studio is to provide resources for students and staff to work on a wide variety of digital media projects, including:

  • Video recording, editing , post-production and special effects
  • Audio and music
  • Graphic design and photography
  • Websites design and flash animation
  • Computer game design, 3-D animation and storyboard production
Studio team members: Cherry, Evan, Winsome, Maggie, Stephen & Veron at an Awards Ceremony
Student recording team: Tracy, Amy K, Jacky, Any L., Johnson, Eric
In the studio

The student studio team helps work on projects and they tend to focus on video production. They have awards for a documentary (Pages of Life) and mock advertisements. To see the student projects, you can check out our website here:

As a lot of our students love music, and I know a little about music recording. I’ve used the studio to help students record their original songs and covers in English, Japanese and Cantonese. You can view the videos here: Student Music – Originals and Covers.

Here is a lyric video for Daphne’s cover of Vance Joy’s song Riptide.

In addition to supervising student work, I also use the equipment there to create videos for the school. There are links to these videos here: School-related Videos.

Equipment and facilities can also be booked by students and staff members for their own projects. This was a more important service several years ago. Nowadays, you can shoot a reasonably good quality video on a smartphone and most computers can handle the demands of basic video editing.

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