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  1. Great site you have and great music – thank you.
    I have used a piece for this 3D flash photo presentation –

  2. I wish you had a donate button, these are great peaces for my vids , thanks

  3. Hi there,
    I found your music in youtube and it bring me to here.
    I downloaded one of your music and gonna to use it for my school presentation’s background music.
    thx for creating such a wonderful music!
    wish u all the best =D

  4. Hi, tryied to contact you through the e-mail but the mail returned back. Please give me a valid e-mail adress in order to contact you for the use of your songs. Very beautyful and inspiring music!

    • Hi Ando, I’m not sure where you got that e-mail address from.

      The music is free for non-commercial purposes–just give a credit (music by longzijun). I also allow its use (also for free) for commercial purposes for smaller organisations (depending on the nature of the business).

      If you want to use the music somewhere on the kronplatz site, that would be fine.

      I would appreciate it if you could send a link (I am curious about how the music ends up being used.

  5. I love “Dreams” and plan to use it in a group presentation video for class. Your name has already been listed in my credits. Thank you so much for offering such lovely compositions!

  6. I down loaded your composition “Dreams” and am planning to use it for a video some friends and I are making right now. It was great to find a awesome song like this for free. Thanks and I am adding your name to the credits. I will send a link to you when the video is finished.

  7. Helloo! You are amazing :). I am planning to use a few of them for a big school project. I will of course add your name to the credits, and if by any chance i post it on YouTube, i will add you to the link. Thanks!

  8. Hey man, I was wondering if its possible to use your track (Background Music 02: Versatile) for my school project, its a promotional video competition for my university? I will add your name to the credits.

    Great music btw ;)

  9. Hello,

    Can i use Free Background Music 12: Dreams as a background music for a video presentation of an IT project? The video will be sent to kickstarter.com and posted on the website.

    Best Regards,

  10. Was wondering if I could use one of these for a short promotional youtube clip (1 min) announcing an event for my not profit trade association. Don’t really know how to provide credit (mixing video myself and I’m an amateur) and would prefer to pay something nominal (or gain advanced permission).

    • Hi Matt, it is simple to provide credit. You just put a title/subtitle at the very end of the video (music by longzijun). All video editing software, even Windows Movie Maker, has some function for putting text onto a video.

  11. Longzijun = Thank you for the BEAUTY!!!!!

    I getting feedbacks how great is the music in my video! Really good job, and I must say I was searching for days to find the right one! Love it!
    Susa Dosa

  12. Can i use one of your songs for a school language arts project? I will give you credit, Thanks.

  13. Thank you so much i loved and i used some of your background on my video music!

  14. Thank you very much! Your music is wonderful, and just what I needed for an animation I’m working on for an art class.

  15. Thank you. I’ll keep your name in mind. :)) I’ll use this for my school projects. :))

  16. Hello Longzijun, this is James Harris of Harris Promotions Inc. I just heard the background
    music 12 dreams and man it is just the sound I’m looking for. Iwant to use it for a background sound for my ebook; it’s a christian ebook. If it’s OK to use, could you contact me at the email below thank you jrh.

  17. I have read and understand all of your recommendations for music use. I would like to use your music for instructional videos at http://lifeandlimbgel.com . My business is a small family owned business offering an elite line of hot and cold therapy products. I have the videos ready to go up on my site, it would be great if I could use your music! Thank you,
    Chelsea Frank

  18. Recently, I used Snacks & Watches in a video of mine (link below). I gave you credit in the… well, in the credits, but I’m starting to think about becoming an AdSense member. If I do, do I still have permission to use the song, and if so, is there anything extra I must do to stay legal?

  19. What a gift. We have a small Breakfast/Lunch Restaurant (wife & me), we use Picassa to build a slide show of the foods we offer, and play it on a TV Monitor at out Counter. The slide show needs sound and I’ve been searching for something appropriate.

    We can’t afford the big time programmers so I’ve tried to do it myself. You can see it under “Gabby’s Restaurant” at odessabusinesspark
    I hope it would be alright to use one of your creations. I have not heard them all, but what I have heard would work well.

    Thank you.

      • Thank you for the permission. We will definitely contribute to charity because we do it regularly anyway. Our favorite is the Girl Scouts because we have a number of families that have children who belong, but it doesn’t end there, we also like Charity Newsies, as well as the cjhildrens baseball teams, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army to name a few. We also contribute to the childrens gift funds at Walmart at Christmas.

        I still have no idea which song or songs we might use, but we will pledge to meet your requirments.

        Thank you, Cliff & Sara

  20. Hi, I am Aditya, I am making my first short fiction film, the budget is very low so I was looking for some free music that I could use and I came across this website, My email is addywlcwala@gmail.com, please send me your terms and agreements, I must tell you that this film is not for commercial purposes but if in future if it generates any revenue then I agree to pay you according to your set terms.

  21. I really appreciate your collections here,you have really done a great work here.keep it up bro,i will share your page across.thanks for taking your time collect such great works in a single piece

  22. I have gone through so many different versions of background music, and have to say the free music 12 is one of the best i have heard and will be using it on all my presentations. Thanks you.

  23. I disagree that you’re not a skillful musician. You are very gifted, and that’s amplified with your generosity. Thank you so much! :)

  24. Great job! love the music! I am using it in course demonstrations etc. I however give credit, keep up the good work!

  25. Helloo! You are amazing :). I am planning to use a few of them for a big school project. I will, of course, add your name to the credits, and if by any chance I post it on YouTube, I will add you to the link. Thanks! if you interested to see all kind of music in one website visit here

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