Free Background Music

You can preview and download songs in my free background music series here. In each section, the download link appears below the preview video of each song. You can browse and preview the tracks by song number, by style of music or by duration. If you are not sure what song would best suit your purpose, you can refer to my recommendations or see playlists of videos (sorted by type of video) that use my music.

If you like the songs, it would also be great if you could spare a few seconds to help me out in any of the following ways: liking, sharing, adding to favorites and/or commenting on any of my videos or background music pages, adding a direct link to this page or subscribing to my YouTube channel. Any such support would be very much appreciated.

Latest Upload: Unfolded (Free Background Music No. 41)

General Terms of Use

You can use these original music compositions as free background music for any non-commercial projects that you are working on (e.g., video, animation, presentations, etc.); just provide a credit (if it is one of my song, write music by longzijun; if it is song a from a participating musician, refer to the information under the video). The songs may also be used for free in monetized videos (or videos under published under the YouTube Red program). The music may not, however, be used in works that are pornographic (or promote pornography) or that deliberately promote violence or illegal activities or that or incite hatred. If your intended use is not strictly non-commercial or you are running a small business that would like to use the music, check out the much more detailed terms of use: My songs have not been entered in YouTube’s Content ID Match system. If you receive a notification of a Content ID match (or any other kind of copyright claim) from YouTube, you should dispute it.The instructions are here: Disputing Content ID Matches.


1. Preview & Download Background Music: Browse by Song No.

Preview and download free background music tracks 24-41

Background Music 24-41

Preview and download free background music tracks 1 to 23

Background Music 1-23

Preview and download short instrumental tracks (5 seconds to 60 seconds)

Short Themes for Intros & Outros


2. Preview & Download Background Music: Browse by Style

Relaxing and Romantic Background Music

Relaxing & Soft: Sad & Romantic Background Music

Chill-out, Ambient, Relaxing Background Music

Relaxing & Soft: Rhythmic & Ambient Music

Rock Instrumentals - Background Music

Rock Instrumentals – Background Music

Dramatic & Upbeat Songs

Dramatic & Upbeat Songs

Electronica, Techno & Trance Background Music

Electronica, Techno & Trance




3. Preview & Download Background Music: Browse by Duration

if you are looking fo a song of a specific length, you can use this list of my songs arranged according to duration, to help you find the song you are looking for. Go to the list: Browse Songs by


4. Recommendations

Here are some song recommendations for a few specific categories of video or kinds of move. If you would like additional recommendations, please comment below and let me know; I will add them to the list.

Looking For Song
Most popular and versatile 12 Dreams
For vlogs or videos with a lot of speaking 23 Chillvolution
For intros Short Instrumental Track 6
A nostalgic mood 34 I Vow to Thee My Country
For AMVs 33 Little Hero (fast)
38 Somewhere Deep in the Sea (melancholy)
Gentle and touching 35 Broken
Upbeat 2 Versatile, 36 Buoyant
Rock 18 Rock Funk Beast


5. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

More songs will be added later, so check back soon or subscribe to my main YouTube channel. Just click on the subscribe button.


6.Videos Featuring my Songs

To see how other these songs are being used in other videos you, you can go to the Your Videos, My Songs page.


7. Featured Guest Series

The songs in the Featured Guest Series are compositions or arrangements by other musicians that have been included in the background music series as a way to (1) give my audience a wider range of songs to choose from and (2) give the participating musicians more exposure.

Latest Upload: Somewhere Deep in the Sea by Jessica Yip (Free Background Music No. 38)

8. Free Background Music by Other Composers

This section lists different sites where you find and download free background music for your videos, presentations, websites or other multimedia projects. There are quite a few composers and musicians willing to let you use their music for free, especially for non-commercial purposes. It is important to distinguish between (1) music that you actually use for free and (2) music that is royalty-free (which means you can use the music but you have to pay a one-off licensing fee) and (3) music that you can download for free but that requires an annual licensing fee if you want to use it in your video (e.g., the deceptively named Freeplay Music offers this type). This page focuses on the first type and includes four sections.

  1. YouTube’s Free Music
  2. Composers/Performers Offering Free Music: Songs to Download and Go
  3. Sites with Some Free Music with Other Songs that Require Payment
  4. Sites where you Search for Public Domain Music and Music Issued under Creative Commons Licenses (if you want to know more about public domain and Creative Commons, you can check out my page here:

If you are a composer and would like to be added to (or removed from) this list or would like to change any information provided, please let me know.

8.1 Free Music Library at YouTube

YouTube has a lot of free music you can use (Vimeo used to provide a similar service, but recently stopped offering free music). In YouTube you need to have an account and be logged in. Go to Creator Studio and select Create (see the left column) and then Audio Library or simply go to this link:

When the audio library page opens, you can browse by genre or search using key words. As far as I can see, you can use the music for just about any purpose; according to the terms of use, the only restrictions are that you cannot distribute the music by itself and that the music cannot be used in an illegal manner or with any illegal content. However, the page now has a disclaimer stating that YouTube is not responsible for any copyright issues that may arise from your use of the content outside of YouTube.

Select and download free mp3s

Select and download free mp3s

8.2 Free Background Music to Download and Go

If you are a hurry and need something immediately, the following composers allow you to use their existing work as long as you follow their term of use (e.g., by linking to their homepage, providing a credit). For many of the composers, the songs are free for non-commercial use. However, you should note that if you are making monetized videos, these would NOT fall under non-commercial use.

Composer Style and Influences Listen, Contact & notes
Dan O Over 50 free songs in different kinds of pop, soft rock and ambient styles.
Use for free if you provide a link/credit. Pay $10 for non-credited use
Audionautix Includes acoustic piece, film scores, rock and electronic Audionautix Homepage
Use for free if you provide an attribution or link
Teknoaxe Over 200 free songs in different genres—electronica, dubstep, rock, orchestral, etc
Provide attribution and link to your video
DST A few hundred songs with an emphasis on electronic, ambient and and dance styles DeceasedSuperiorTechnician
The songs are issued under a Creative Commons attribution license (commercial use is also OK); you just need to provide an attribution
Incompetech Hundreds of songs in different genres, lengths and styes incompetech
Just provide an attribution that includes the licensing terms. You can see an example here
CeeeX Mainly dramatic songs and upbeat electronica
Available for non-commercial use. Add a credit, notify the composer (e.g., send a link)
Accelerated Ideas Around 15 short electonica intros/outros (12 sec. to 35 sec.)
Add a credit (e.g., a link to the website)


7.3 Some Free Music, But Mainly Royalty-free Tracks

These channels offer some free music, but mainly deal in licensed music (i.e., you pay a one time fee)

Composer Style and Influences Listen, Contact & notes
Jewel Beat (various) Around 100 free repeating loops (10 sec. to 30 sec. in different styles.
(the free music is located at the bottom of the page)
SophonicMedia InstrumentalsFree Mainly rock, but includes some other styles This is a new site, so the selection isn’t very large at the moment. Some tracks are free (as long as you provide a credit) and some are royalty-free (which means a small payment is required). YouTube channel: The free songs are here (as long as appropriate credit is given):


7.4 Other Sites to Get Background Music

Caution: The following sites focus on Creative Commons licensed music and Public Domain music. There are two things you need to bear in mind.

First, people will sometimes upload their songs and mistakenly state that the music is in the public domain or available through a Creative Commons licence. One example, would be someone uploading their piano only arrangement of a hit pop song and being unaware that the composition itself (melody, harmony, structure) is protected by copyright. Therefore, if you were to use that arrangement, you would be in violation of copyright law. You should familiarize yourself with the concepts of Creative Commons and public domain (see the links in the preceding paragraph) so that you can assess whether the music you use is really OK.

Second, sometimes people change their mind and ‘withdraw’ the Creative Commons licence or ‘remove it’ out of the public domain. Such actions are wrong (Creative Commons cannot be revoked, and once something is legitimately released into the public domain the copyright holder, it stays there), but people still do them. To e safe, when you download Creative Commons or public domain music, you should jot down the download date and the source and also get a screen capture that shows the song is under Creative Commons or in the public domain.

Archive Org:
Video, music and text in the public domain or issued under Creative Commons licences

Music recordings issued with Creative Commons licences

Music recordings issued with Creative Commons Licences

An audio uploader that features many Creative Commons licensed music tracks. Try searching for a style of music (e.g. dub step) and then select one on the Creative Commons attribution qualities on the right. Not all music uploaded here is under Creative Commons

A site of Creative Commons licensed music tracks

9. Why do I Offer Free Music?

I started writing and producing songs for my own use on video projects related to my work (I am a teacher) and for projects some of my students were working on. One of the difficult parts about making videos is finding background music that can be legally used, and a lot of people, such as students working on projects, charities doing promotional videos and people just making family videos, don’t really have a budget for licensing songs, so I thought it would be a good idea to share the songs I had already produced. The songs were doing nothing but sitting in my computer doing whatever it is that unused files do on a hard drive. Why not make them useful? Once I uploaded my music, the feedback was positive, so I also started writing songs just for fun and also making these available for people who need it.

I don’t sell any of the songs at the moment for the following reasons: 1) My work contract explicitly forbids taking on additional jobs without permission (which is fair enough); 2) As mentioned before, there are some people who don’t really have a budget for songs. Why not help them out? 3) Offering free downloadable background music has turned out to be a fairly effective way to attract listeners. Perhaps in the future, I will start licensing new songs, so it be to my advantage if I already had a good reputation and there were people who had already used and/or knew about my work.

Sometimes I am asked to do custom-made scores. Unfortunately, at this stage I am unable to do this. First, my normal day job keeps me busy, so I can only work on music projects when I have some free time to spare. Second, as I am not a very skillful musician or songwriter it takes me a long time to produce each song. I generally play around with ideas for a few months before a concrete and complete song concept emerges, and and then it takes quite a while to record the different parts and mix the whole song. As an extreme example, the basic musical ideas for the song Memoryne were first developed eight years before the song itself was completed. I don’t think many people would be willing to wait a few years for their custom-made music or be able to afford the huge fees I would have to charge to make it worth my time.

10. How Can You Help?

As mentioned at the top of the page their are many easy and quick ways that you can offer your support.

  • You can like, share and/or comment on this page
  • You can like, share and/or comment any of my music videos
  • You can subscribe to my YouTube channel
  • You can add any of my music videos to a favorites list or other playlist
  • On your website or blog or in your video description, you can add a link to this page or to any of my music videos
  • You can even help by playing my song(s) all the way to the end

Every little bit of support can help and would be greatly appreciated.

~by longzijun


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85 thoughts on “Free Background Music

  1. Hi there,
    I found your music in youtube and it bring me to here.
    I downloaded one of your music and gonna to use it for my school presentation’s background music.
    thx for creating such a wonderful music!
    wish u all the best =D

  2. Hi Ando, I’m not sure where you got that e-mail address from.

    The music is free for non-commercial purposes–just give a credit (music by longzijun). I also allow its use (also for free) for commercial purposes for smaller organisations (depending on the nature of the business).

    If you want to use the music somewhere on the kronplatz site, that would be fine.

    I would appreciate it if you could send a link (I am curious about how the music ends up being used.

  3. I love “Dreams” and plan to use it in a group presentation video for class. Your name has already been listed in my credits. Thank you so much for offering such lovely compositions!

  4. I down loaded your composition “Dreams” and am planning to use it for a video some friends and I are making right now. It was great to find a awesome song like this for free. Thanks and I am adding your name to the credits. I will send a link to you when the video is finished.

  5. Helloo! You are amazing :). I am planning to use a few of them for a big school project. I will of course add your name to the credits, and if by any chance i post it on YouTube, i will add you to the link. Thanks!

  6. Hey man, I was wondering if its possible to use your track (Background Music 02: Versatile) for my school project, its a promotional video competition for my university? I will add your name to the credits.

    Great music btw ;)

  7. Hello,

    Can i use Free Background Music 12: Dreams as a background music for a video presentation of an IT project? The video will be sent to and posted on the website.

    Best Regards,

  8. Was wondering if I could use one of these for a short promotional youtube clip (1 min) announcing an event for my not profit trade association. Don’t really know how to provide credit (mixing video myself and I’m an amateur) and would prefer to pay something nominal (or gain advanced permission).

  9. Hi Matt, it is simple to provide credit. You just put a title/subtitle at the very end of the video (music by longzijun). All video editing software, even Windows Movie Maker, has some function for putting text onto a video.

  10. Longzijun = Thank you for the BEAUTY!!!!!

    I getting feedbacks how great is the music in my video! Really good job, and I must say I was searching for days to find the right one! Love it!
    Susa Dosa

  11. Thank you very much! Your music is wonderful, and just what I needed for an animation I’m working on for an art class.

  12. Hello Longzijun, this is James Harris of Harris Promotions Inc. I just heard the background
    music 12 dreams and man it is just the sound I’m looking for. Iwant to use it for a background sound for my ebook; it’s a christian ebook. If it’s OK to use, could you contact me at the email below thank you jrh.

  13. I have read and understand all of your recommendations for music use. I would like to use your music for instructional videos at . My business is a small family owned business offering an elite line of hot and cold therapy products. I have the videos ready to go up on my site, it would be great if I could use your music! Thank you,
    Chelsea Frank

  14. Recently, I used Snacks & Watches in a video of mine (link below). I gave you credit in the… well, in the credits, but I’m starting to think about becoming an AdSense member. If I do, do I still have permission to use the song, and if so, is there anything extra I must do to stay legal?

    Video – (the credit and the song are both in the credits)

  15. What a gift. We have a small Breakfast/Lunch Restaurant (wife & me), we use Picassa to build a slide show of the foods we offer, and play it on a TV Monitor at out Counter. The slide show needs sound and I’ve been searching for something appropriate.

    We can’t afford the big time programmers so I’ve tried to do it myself. You can see it under “Gabby’s Restaurant” at odessabusinesspark
    I hope it would be alright to use one of your creations. I have not heard them all, but what I have heard would work well.

    Thank you.

  16. Thank you for the permission. We will definitely contribute to charity because we do it regularly anyway. Our favorite is the Girl Scouts because we have a number of families that have children who belong, but it doesn’t end there, we also like Charity Newsies, as well as the cjhildrens baseball teams, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army to name a few. We also contribute to the childrens gift funds at Walmart at Christmas.

    I still have no idea which song or songs we might use, but we will pledge to meet your requirments.

    Thank you, Cliff & Sara

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  18. Hi, I am Aditya, I am making my first short fiction film, the budget is very low so I was looking for some free music that I could use and I came across this website, My email is, please send me your terms and agreements, I must tell you that this film is not for commercial purposes but if in future if it generates any revenue then I agree to pay you according to your set terms.

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    smartly written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and come back to read extra of your useful information.

    Thank you for the post. I will definitely comeback.

  21. I really appreciate your collections here,you have really done a great work here.keep it up bro,i will share your page across.thanks for taking your time collect such great works in a single piece

  22. I disagree that you’re not a skillful musician. You are very gifted, and that’s amplified with your generosity. Thank you so much! :)

  23. Your style is really unique compared to other folks I’ve read stuff from.
    Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this

  24. Good day! I know this is kinda off topic however I’d figured I’d
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    I look forward to hearing from you! Wonderful blog by the way!

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  41. Helloo! You are amazing :). I am planning to use a few of them for a big school project. I will, of course, add your name to the credits, and if by any chance I post it on YouTube, I will add you to the link. Thanks! if you interested to see all kind of music in one website visit here

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