Equinox: Short Instrumental for Intros, Outros and Credits

Here is a new addition to the Short Instrumentals Collection. These are short pieces suitable for use as intros, outros and credits and can be used for free in non-commercial projects as long as credit is provided (Music by longzijun). You can also use the music for free in monetized YouTube videos (that are otherwise non-commercial in nature).

For more information about the terms and conditions regarding using the music (including terms for commercial use), you can refer to the Terms of Use. The download links are below each video.

Short Instrumental 12: Equinox

Equinox (www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsQG0jITrr0)

I finished this 31-second composition on March 20, which is the day of the Spring equinox (Yay, Spring!); hence the title. This song is mainly built from loops, with the piano part being played on a Korg MicroX.  I started with an acoustic guitar base, but went for a jazzier feel with a hint of reggae.

The video is of commuters going though either Central or Hong Kong station after work. I changed the footage into a line drawing in Premiere Pro. 

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