Free Background Music Series: Arranged According to Duration

This is a list of the songs available in my background music series arranged according to duration (from the longest song to the shortest). The songs range in length from six seconds to over 14 minutes.

These original music compositions can be used for free for any non-commercial projects that you are working on (e.g., video, animation, presentations, etc.); just provide a credit (music by longzijun). For songs submitted by other composers/musicians, you should follow the crediting information given on that song’s download page.

The music may not, however, be used in works that are pornographic (or promote pornography) or that deliberately promote violence or illegal activities or that or incite hatred. If your intended use is not strictly non-commercial (e.g., monetization using AdSense) or you are running a small business that would like to use the music, check out the much more detailed terms of use:

Clicking on the link will bring you to the preview page. You can click on the video for a preview. Below each embedded video is the link to the download page. This will take you to the site where the file is hosted.

The Hidden Path11:00Chill-out
Dreams10:40Chill-out, new age, electronic
Dubtitution7:25Electronica, dub
Snacks & Watches7:21Chill-out, new age
Transect6:55Electronic, trance
Lock & Love6:24New age
Arpology6:10Ambient, electronica
Wild Illusion by Niklaos Taramanidis5:43Acoustic Guitar
Safe Harbor5:12Chill-out
Almost a Love Story5:00Gentle, melodic, soundtrack
Elegy4:53New age
Chillvolution4:45Laid-back groove
Snacks & Watches (short version)4:42Chill-out, new age
The Sea Withdrew 4:22Gentle piano song
Ravenchanter4:04Chill out, ambient, acoustic
Unfolded3:56Chill-out, electronica
Safe Harbor (drumless version)3:48Chill-out, new age
Rock Funk Beast3:33Rock
Versatile3:28Mix of pop, funk, jazz and reggae
Summit (by Gary Ames)3:36orchestral, pulsating, dramatic
Broken3:17Sad and gentle piano song
Tale of the Forgotten Forest Kingdom
by Kate Kwok
3:00Piano instrumental
GIS3:00Chill-out, new age
Echoes & Fragments3:00Gentle, minimalist piano
Little Ape3:00Alternative, pop
Little Hero2:58Dramatic, Anime-influenced theme
Holly’s Theme2:47Solo piano, soundtrack
Sonicidence2:48Soundtrack, trailer music, electronic
Rachmaninoff Prelude in E-flat Major (Performed by Tong Chi-ling) 2:47Classical
Somewhere Deep in the Sea
by Jessica Yip)
2:42Solo piano instrumental, melancholy mood
Memoryne2:30Classical, piano
Mime This2:27Alt rock
SD SFX (chill)2:15Chill-out, new age
As long as a word remains unspoken2:14New age
I Vow to Thee, My Country:
Performed by Kate Kwok
Cool Jazz Vamp in D Minor
(short version)
Untitled, by Jessica Yip62 sec.Piano instrumental
Holly’s Theme Reprise60 sec.Orchestral and electronic
Dreamy Loop (looped version)60 sec.Ambient
Memoryne (Music Box Version)55 secondsMusic box, minuet
The Mercury Tale by Jessica Yip53 sec.Piano, gentle
Intro 03: Just Be40 secondsReggae
Intro 25: Sonicide (long version)36 secondsElecontric
Intro 02: Happy Virus36 secondsTrance, electronic
Intro 07: Soft & Hard33 secondsElectronic, rock
Intro 1732-34 sec.Electronic
Intro 12: Equinox31 secondsAcoustic
Intro 25: Sonicide (medium version 1)30 secondsElecontric
Intro 25: Sonicide (medium version 2)28 secondsElecontric
Intro 04: Love & Time24 secondsClassical, new age
Intro 25: Sonicide (short version)20 secondsElecontric
Intro 0618-20 sec.Classical, Electronic
Intro 2318-19 sec.Ambient
Intro 10: Upbeat Jazz Intro18 secondsJazz (8 different arrangements)
Intro 2416-17 sec.Electronric
Intro 0514 secondsChill-out, electronica
Intro 08: Orchestral Sunset13 secondsClassical
Intro 2012-13 sec.Aggressive, piano, guitar, drums
Intro 0112 secondsChill-out, electronica
Intro 189-10 sec.Gentle, melodic
Intro 228-9 sec.Techno
Intro 218 secondsElectronic
Intro 197-7.5 sec.Electonic
Intro 09: Dreamy Loop6 secondsAmbient

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