Little Hero: New Background Music Composition

Here is the 33rd song in my free background music series. This is a dramatic three-minute instrumental that is suitable for use in projects like Anime, Animation and AMVs (Anime music videos). This isn’t in my usual style—which is a lot more laid-back—so the song took a long time to put together. I wrote the song for a friend of mine. She helps me a lot in different ways and is always there for me. Thus, to me she is a kind of hero. She is a big fan of exciting anime like Clash on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul, so that is why I ventured into this new anime-influenced style. I guess it is good to try something new once in a while (though it took me FOREVER to actually finish the song!). She also enjoys drawing. Here is one of her pictures:

Drawing by skyblue

Drawing by skyblue

As with the other songs in the free background music series, this music is free for non-commercial use as long as credit (music by longzijun) is provided; for other uses, refer to the terms of use).

The video was created by turning nature videos into silhouettes using stylize filters like Cartoon, Threshold and Brushstrokes in Adobe After Effects.

More about the Music

The song was performed on a Korg M50 synthesizer and a Korg MicroX synth and recorded using Cakewalk’s Sonar Home Studio. Loops were used for the drum and percussion parts as well as the bass part in two sections. The music includes a variety of sounds—from orchestral instruments to rock guitar to electronic synth sounds. One thing I should try next time is to include more harmony parts. When I have different ‘instruments’ playing the same melody together, I tend to just have them play the same notes. In future compositions, I can try to add more variety by having some instruments playing in harmony (e.g., a 3rd or a 6th apart).

I hope you enjoyed this song. For more songs, you can visit my main music page: Music by Longzijun

The same video on NicoNico:


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