Riptide (Cover) & The Mercury Tale

Here are two new collaborations: an original piano instrumental by Jessica Yip and a cover version of Vance Joy’s Riptide by Daphne Choi. I helped them record the songs and create the videos.

Cover of Riptide by Daphne Choi

Original composition by James Keogh, aka Vance Joy (2013); Vocals, piano and arrangement by Daphne Choi (2015). Note: this is not part of the background music series.

This is a lyrics video of Daphne Choi’s cover of Riptide by Vance Joy. I really love Daphne’s voice. This is the latest song in our series of Original Songs and Covers by Students. She didn’t want to appear in the video itself, so we produced a lyrics video instead. The purpose of this series is to encourage students to develop their talents in music (Daphne is the first school alumni member to participate in the series). Of course, as the composition is copyrighted, we cannot include this recording in the free background music series.  

The Mercury Tale by Jessica Yip

The Mercury Tale by Jessica Yip (

We continue our free background music series of Short Themes for Intros and Outros with this flowing 53-second piano instrumental by Jessica Yip. She also composed the song Somewhere Deep in the Sea, so if you like The Mercury Tale, do drop by and listen to her other song.    

You can find download links for this song at: Short Piano Instrumentals by Jessica Yip.

Student Music: Original Songs and Covers

This song is also part of a series of music recordings I have done with students at the school where I teach: Student Music: Original Songs and Covers

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