Classical Background Music

classical background musicIn addition to the original series of background tracks, I will start a small collection of classical music tracks featuring student performers. You may use these for free as background music for non-commercial videos and other non-commercial multimedia-projects; simply add the appropriate credit as shown under each video.
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Download Problems

If you are having downloading problems, please refer to this page for possible solutions: Downloading Problems (Free Background Music Series).

I Vow to Thee, My Country (2:12, Featured Guest Series 02 & Background Music 34: Piano arrangement and performance by Kate Kwok)

Download WAV: I Vow to Thee, My Country (WAV)
Download MP3: I Vow to Thee, My County (MP3)
Piano arrangement and performance by Kate Kwok (2015)
Song composed by Gustav Mahler and Sir Cecil Spring Rice (1921)


Rachmaninoff Prelude in E-flat Major, Op. 23, No. 6

Download mp3:
Download wav:
Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff (Date of Composition: 1901-1903)
Performed by: Tong Chi-ling 2012

The music composition is in the public domain in most countries, including America (for more information about copyright, public domain and classical music see

Echoes & Fragments

(Background Music 30) – 3:00, 70 bpm (classical, minimalist, piano)

Download MP3: Echoes & Fragments
Music by longzijun (2013)

Track 15. The Mercury Tale: Music by Jessica Yip (53 Seconds)

Download MP3: The Mercury Tale
Download WAV (for higher quality): The Mercury Tale by Jessica Yip
The Mercury Tale: Music by Jessica Yip (2015)


Download MP3: Memoryne
Music by longzijun (2013)

Love & Time: Romantic, melancholy, piano and synth strings  (24 seconds)

Download MP3: Love & Time
Music by longzijun (2012)


Orchestral Sunset (Brief Intro): Orchestral, Dramatic (13 seconds)

There is an alternative version with no drums in case you find this one too brash.

Version 2 (Without Drums)

Download MP3: Orchestral Sunset
Download MP3: Orchestral Sunset Version 2 (No Drums)
Music by longzijun (2012)


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