New 6 sec. Loopable Music Theme: Dreamy

This is a super short (six seconds) theme that can be used in a very short video or an intro. It can also be seamlessly looped (i.e., played repeatedly) to make a longer piece. The following video (I shot the footage at a beach near my home) shows how it sounds when it is looped.

If you are going to loop it, make sure you use the WAV or AIF formats. If you use MP3 files, they will no longer loop smoothly.

The song is free to use for non-commercial projects as well as for monetized (but otherwise non-commercial) videos on YouTube as long as attribution is provided (“music by longzijun”). You can refer to the more detailed Terms of Use.

Dreamy Loop (

Here it is as the six-second version:

Music Download Links


Google Drive


For more short pieces like this you can try out some of my short instrumentals:

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