New 6 sec. Loopable Music Theme: Dreamy

I’m working on some longer pieces, but thought I would try this today—a super short (six seconds) theme that can be used in a very short video (like a Vine video) or an intro. It can also be seamlessly looped (i.e., played repeatedly) to make a longer piece. The following video shows how it sounds when it is looped. The song is free to use for non-commercial projects as well as for monetized (but otherwise non-commercial) videos on YouTube as long as attribution is provided (“music by longzijun”)


I shot the video at a beach near my home.

Here it is as the six-second version:

If you are going to loop it, make sure you use the wav or aif formats. If you convert them to mp3 files, they will no longer loop smoothly.
Download 6-second wav file: Dreamy Loop
Download 6-second aif file: Dreamy Loop
Download one minute mp3 pre-looped file: Dreamy

For more short pieces like this you can try out some of my short instrumentals:

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