Free Background Music Songs 24-39: Preview & Download

Here are songs 24-38 in the Free Background music series. These songs can be used for free for non-commercial projects as long as they are properly credited (for my songs, add the credit “music by longzijun”, but for songs in the Featured Guest series, you follow the crediting guidelines below the video).

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Free Background Music Series Songs

The download links for a particular are one that song’s information page (refer to the link below the video).

Summit by Gary Ames (Background Music 39) 3:26

A new song! A pulsating, dramatic, orchestral piece (128 bpm). The kick drum comes in at around 1 minute and 10 seconds. It works well with action scenes.
For MP3 and WAV file download links for the two versions, go to Background Music 39: Summit by Gary Ames.

Somewhere Deep in the Sea by Jessica Yip (Background Music 38) 2:42

A new song! A solo piano instrumental. A beautiful, gentle piece. There are two versions available: the one in the video (which is slightly compressed) and a version with the full dynamic range.
For MP3 and WAV file download links for the two versions, go to Background Music 38: Somewhere Deep in the Sea.

Holly’s Theme (Background Music 37) 2:47

A solo piano instrumental. The first and third sections are fast and have a propulsive feel, while the middle section is sparse and melancholy. At the end of the video, there is also a 60-second orchestral version of part of the middle section (and a no-drums version of that is also available)
For MP3 and WAV file download links for the three versions, go to Background Music 37: Holly’s Theme.

Buoyant (Background Music 36) 4:20

An upbeat song with lots of sonic variety. It has elements of EDM, acoustic and pop music styles. For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 36: Buoyant.

Broken (Background Music 35) 3:17

A three-minute gentle and sad song played on piano. It is influenced by classical minuets but is more minimalist and contemporary in feel. For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 35: Broken.

I Vow to Thee My Country: Arranged and performed by Kate Kwok (Background Music 34) 2:12

A two-minute piano arrangement of this lovely, nostalgic song.

Crediting Information
I Vow to Thee My Country: composition by Gustav Holst and Sir Cecil Spring Rice (1921); Piano arrangement and performance by Kate Kwok (2015).

For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 34: I Vow to Thee My Country. Please note that it is common to get false Content ID matches and copyright claims on original performances of public domain work. The linked page contains information on what you should do if you get such a claim.

Little Hero (Background Music 33) 2:58, 134 bpm

A three-minute dramatic theme song suitable for anime, AMVs (Anime Music Videos), anime and animation. It features nice melodies and a variety of textures and sounds—from classical strings to rock guitar to electronic synths. For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 33: Little Hero.

The Hidden Path (Background Music 32) 11:00, 115 bpm

An eleven-minute song with a mysterious atmosphere and a percussion-heavy rhythmic feel, The song is influenced by East African music styles.A shorter seven-minute version of the song is also available. For MP3 and WAV file download links for both versions of the song, go to Background Music 32: The Hidden Path

Dubtitution (Background Music 31) 7:25, 95 bpm

This is a bass-heavy dub-inspired electronic track (think of the Jamaican dub of Sly & Robbie as opposed to dubstep). I wanted a lot of sonic variety in this song (a lot more than is normally found in dub), so there is a lot going on and the would be best suited to wordless videos (e.g., speed drawing, gaming, photography, sports montages, etc.). For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 31: Dubtitution.

Echoes & Fragments (Background Music 30) 3:00, 70 bpm

This is a short and slow piano piece in a minimalist style somewhat in the vein of the songs of new age composer Ludovico Einaudi. It starts off (and ends) very quietly and features a crescendo in the middle. With this dynamic contrast, the song isn’t very suitable for use in vlogs. It is more suitable for ‘silent’ videos where you want to create a somber mood. For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 30: Echoes & Fragments.

Ravenchanter (Background Music 29) 4:04, 90 bpm

New age, ambient (acoustic guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion and woodwind instruments). This is a mysterious and hypnotic piece that is a combination of folk and ambient music. It has a steady rhythm. For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 29: Ravenchanter.

Wild Illusion by Nikolaos Taramanidis (Background Music 28) 5:43

An acoustic guitar ballad with faint echoes of Pink Floyd.

Crediting Information
Music: Wild Illusion by Nikolaos Taramanidis

For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 28: Wild Illusion Nikolaos Taramanidis.

Sonicidence (Background Music 27) 2:48, 120 bpm

Electronica. This is designed as movie trailer music. It has a soft and hypnotic opening, a thumping bass and drum middle section and crunching rock final section. There are two different versions (the last section features a slightly different mix and arrangement. For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 27: Sonicidence.

Almost a Love Story (Background Music 26) 5:00, 110 bpm

Pop, new age, folk. This is a wistful, melodic ballad influenced by the soundtrack music of Joe Hisaishi (who frequently worked on the anime of Hayao Miyazaki). For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 26: Almost a Love Story.

Memoryne (Background Music 25) 2:30, 116 bpm

Piano instrumental, classical. This is a gentle and melodic song that is somewhat in the style of a minuet. The mood is nostalgic; it is somewhat sad, but light at the same time. Though it is classical in style, the harmonic progression is inspired by the jazz standard My Funny Valentine. For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 25: Memoryne.

Memoryne: Music Box Short Version (Background Music 25b) 0:55, 84 bpm

Here is a version of the main theme of Memoryne but in a music box style.The middle part ended up being too busy (too many notes), so this arrangement features the main melody only. For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 25: Memoryne (select the music box version).

Lock and Love (Background Music 24) 6:24, 86 bpm

Classical, pop & folk. This is a romantic and melodic song with with flute, strings and acoustic guitar, bass and percussion. For MP3 and WAV file download links, go to Background Music 24: Lock and Love.

Some songs were created mainly using loops while other songs are mainly played using a Korg MicroX or M50 syntheszier. The songs were recorded together using Cakewalk’s Sonars Home Studio.

Read: Terms of use

Preview and download free background music tracks 1 to 23

Background Music 1-23

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Short Themes for Intros & Outros

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Free Background Music Page

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My Musc Homepage


28 thoughts on “Free Background Music Songs 24-39: Preview & Download

  1. I love your music but wish you could take some of the melodic 100-120bpm tracks and add nature sounds to it, birds, water, animals. I’ve been searching for music with nature sounds but most of it is tooo slow! I want something with a little tempo like the stuff you have. There is absolutely no one out there that puts out music with nature sounds that has a tempo.

  2. There’s a good reason for that: there’s isn’t a strong demand. You can produce such mixes quite easily yourself. For example, you can use the shareware programme Goldwave (it is free for the first few thousand actions)
    1.Open a nature sounds MP3 or WAV. Go to Edit – Select All then Copy
    2.Open a music MP3 or WAV select Edit – Mix. Reduce the volume a little in the Mix pop-up window and select OK. Then you are done.

    If the overall mix is too loud and you are getting distortion, undo the mix and go back to step 2 and reduce the sound some more.

    If either the nature sound or the music is too loud, start again and go back to the original file (the one that is too loud) and select: Effect – Volume – Change Volume and then reduce the volume (maybe 15-30%). Then do the ‘mix’ again.

    It might be even easier to use Audacity, which is totally free, but I am not familiar with the program.


  4. If it’s ok with you, I will be using your music for my makeup channel called Limelight Artistry. Of course, I will be crediting you on my video. Please let me know if that’s going to be an issue with you. Thanks, great music! :)

  5. Hey man, I just want to say i love your music and that you enable people like me to use it. I just wanted to say thanks for your work and I very much appreciate it c:

    (I use your songs but have not monetized any video. if that’ll happen, which i don’t think will be soon, i’ll try contact you)

  6. Hi, I would like to know if all I need to do is to donate $10 to a charity in order to use your music for my YouTube videos? I was a bit confused about the terms of use. I make beauty videos so I need at least five minutes or more of the song or songs.


  7. You haven’t clearly stated what you are doing (e.g. whether or not your videos are non-commercial), so I can’t really answer until you do that . If you are producing strictly non-commercial videos, the music is free as long as credit is given. If you are monetizing the videos (which makes them commercial), you are expected to donate at least 1% of any monetization revenue you receive (and credit the music). If you are a small business making a promotional video, you are expected to donate at least $10 to charity (and credit the music).

  8. Ok thanks for clarifying! Well, I got my monetizing privileges taken away because I was naive enough to buy views not knowing it was illegal. So, I would monetize but for right now it can’t be done. I make beauty videos and health videos on YouTube and I think your music is beautiful. Thanks again!!!

  9. your songs🎵🎵🎵 are best ever I heard🎧 !!! there ‘s lots of.,……….but this is splendid work of yours songs……..🎶
    thanks ……………..😊

  10. I Used your track – “Elegy” in the attached video I recently uploaded to Youtube. I think it fits perfectly with the film. I hope you agree.

    …Paul Knights, Isle of Wight, UK

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  12. I will be using one of your musical pieces in a commercial for my non profit organization, Little Warriors’ Dreams.

  13. hey longzijun: thanks for your very generous offerings!
    very good chance that some of your tunes will figure in video releases soon… keep up the good work!

  14. The site appears to be malfunctioning. No sign-in is required. Try it again now. I experienced the same problem 10 minutes ago, but it is working OK now. If it is still not working, you may need to clear your browser’s history, cache and cookies (and wait a few minutes). If it still doesn’t work, let me know.

  15. my name is aryan, can i use this background scores for my short film and it is not at all monetized we are a group of friends making a short film on indian king , of course the credits will be given to longzijun as music by longzijun, will it be ok, please do reply me. thank you.

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